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At , I Pretended To Fall In Love With Alyssa Meet James And Alyssa, Two Teenagers Facing The Fears Of Coming Adulthood As Their Story Is Told Through Chapters Which Alternate Each Character S Perspective, However, This Somewhat Familiar Teenage Experience Takes A Nihilistic Turn With James S Character Becoming Rapidly Sociopathic, They Are Forced To Take A Road Trip That Owes As Much To Badlands As The Catcher In The Rye, And Which Threatens Both Their Futures ForeverOne Of The Most Talked About Graphic Novels Of Recent Years, The End Of The Fucking World Marks Charles Forsman S UK Debut ❴LIVRES❵ ✫ Gens de Pékin Auteur Lao She – Gsagency.co I Pretended To Fall In Love With Alyssa Meet James And Alyssa [Lireing] ➮ Beijing coma ➶ Ma Jian – Gsagency.co Two Teenagers Facing The Fears Of Coming Adulthood As Their Story Is Told Through Chapters Which Alternate Each Character S Perspective ➶ [Lireing] ➸ Dictionnaire de littérature chinoise Par Collectif ➫ – Gsagency.co However ➹ [Télécharger] ➵ Impératrice de Chine Par Pearl Buck ➼ – Gsagency.co This Somewhat Familiar Teenage Experience Takes A Nihilistic Turn With James S Character Becoming Rapidly Sociopathic ➲ Quatre générations sous un même toit, tome 1 Lire ➺ Auteur Lao She – Gsagency.co They Are Forced To Take A Road Trip That Owes As Much To Badlands As The Catcher In The Rye ➽ [Télécharger] ✤ La Cage entrebâillée Par She Lao ➲ – Gsagency.co And Which Threatens Both Their Futures ForeverOne Of The Most Talked About Graphic Novels Of Recent Years [Lireing] ➶ Le Pousse-pousse ➽ Lao She – Gsagency.co The End Of The Fucking World Marks Charles Forsman S UK Debut

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    Y all younguns probably knew the acronym TEOTFW was the End of the Fucking World Cute Like the YA novel TTYL But not really I had this on my TBR see what I am doing here so hip with my use of acronyms list for a long time, had tried and failed to get it through my library system and forgotten altogether what it was about At first glance it looks a bit like the simply and sketchily drawn diary comics I had just read, Jeffery Brown and Charles Schultz influenced Looks like and is a coming of age story for two disaffected teens, James and Alyssa.Then it turns dark Bonnie and Clyde Badlands Natural Born Killers territory, but without much of the warmth humor love story of those precedents for this tale Criminal road trip It s a short, stripped down version of the above, a story of a sociopath and a somewhat younger girl, operating out of widening contexts of malaise sadness badlands The Killer in Me Thompson noir territory Alternating between boy s and girl s perspectives, ending sadly with Alyssa s perspective More brutally realist than those movies, in one sense, in that the kids are so sadly inarticulate and listless and clueless, but finally there remains a bit of pathos for Alyssa, the victim of James This was unsettling and powerful and nasty and not exactly likable and yet admirable for its unromanticized achievement Forsman s first graphic novel, and a good one.

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    Impressive gonzo violence comes in such a sweet lethal package This gives a wicked jolt of invigorating life energy to squiggles and shapes and letters on white paper This is a true pictorial achievement.The Netflix show looks promising.

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    TEotFW reads like an updated, rougher version of Terrence Malick s 1974 masterpiece Badlands While Malick s movie is narrated by a teenage girl who runs away with a charming but violent young greaser, Charles Forsman s comic book alternates the perspectives of its two young runaway protagonists In both cases the narration is at the same time strikingly honest and fatally inept, and in both cases the female teenager turns a blind eye on the increasingly antisocial and brutal behavior of her male partner Yet the beauty and poetry Malick finds in the lives of his anti heroes is almost completely absent from Forsman s cold and ugly world.Forsman s artwork is clearly influenced by early newspaper strips such as Gasoline Alley and Thimble Theatre, but has a cruder, grittier, basic edge that reminds me of contemporary alternative cartoonist Jeffrey Brown The artwork perfectly matches the protagonists bleak lives and abrasive, unsophisticated mindsets.

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    English review at the bottom Todo c mic esta compuesto por dos aspectos historia y dibujo, y en este caso ambos tienen mucho potencial que en realidad nunca llega a ser explotado.Vamos primero por la historia y personajes Dos adolescentes escapan de casa y terminan siendo v ctimas de la Ley de Murphy aderezada con sangre y satanismo Si bien mi resumen es bastante escueto, representa bien lo que pasa en el c mic y hasta suena interesante Qu es lo que sale mal La falta de desarrollo, tanto de historia como de personajes Los cap tulos son bastante cortos y en cada cuadro hay una m nima parte de historia, pero conocemos a los personajes de manera taaan superficial que no llega a importarnos lo que les suceda, por m s intenso o atrapante que pueda ser lo que realmente nos narra No puedo decir que sea malo, solo que no es tan interesante como me esperaba.Ahora bien, el dibujo El dibujo es muy b sico, funciona por que la falta de color y las expresiones un est ticas dan un toque grunge al arte, es decir queda bien para una historia tan poco desarrollada, entonces Cu l es el problema Que me recuerda bastante a la ilustraci n que se utiliza en Peanuts, de hecho siento que si estuvieran coloreadas ser an los personajes de Peanuts en su versi n adolescente disfuncional Mi decepci n con este libro es que se siente como que falta algo, nunca explota el potencial que promete, falla en realmente atrapar al lector y permitirse proyectar la historia o conectar con los personajes No quiero compararla con el show de Netflix peeeero, debo decirloel show lo hizo mejor y la raz n es que, a pesar de ser muy corto, desarrolla los personajes, les da facetas y nos permite realmente conocerlos, cambia algunos aspectos de la historia para que sea m s veros mil lo que sucede y como todo es descubierto, engancha y da una narraci n muy buena, adem s de que promete lo suficiente para que quieras saber m s.En conclusi n se lee s per r pido, te va a dar un momento de entretenimiento pero, si viste y amaste el show, vas a quedar decepcionado.___________________________________________________________Every comic is composed of two aspects history and drawing, and in this case both have a lot of potential that never gets exploited Let s go first through the story and characters Two teenagers escape from home and end up being victims of Murphy s Law seasoned with blood and satanism Although my summary is quite brief, it represents accurate what happens in the comic and even sounds interesting so, What goes wrong The lack of development, in both aspects The chapters are quite short and there s a minimum part of the story in every panel, but we know the characters so superficially that we don t care what happens to them, no matter how intense or captivating the success may be I cannot say it s bad, just that it s not as interesting as I expected Now, the drawing The drawing is very basic, the lack of color and static expressions works because gives a touch of grunge to the art, I mean is good for a story with so little developed, so, What s the problem That reminds me a lot of the illustration used in Peanuts , in fact I feel that if they were colored would be the Peanuts characters in their dysfunctional teenage version.My disappointment with this book is that it feels like something is missing, never exploits the potential that promises me and fails to catch the reader, disdn t project the story or let us connect with the characters.I don t want to compare it with the Netflix show buuut, I must say it the show did it better and the reason is that, despite being very short, it develops the characters, gives them angles and allows us to really know them, it changes some aspects of the story to make plausible what happens and how everything is discovered, hooks and gives a very good narration, also promises enough to make you wish to know .In conclusion it reads super fast, will give you a moment of good entertainment but, if you saw and love the show, you will be disappointed.

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    Have you seen the Netflix show The End of the F ing World If not, then you should definitely check it out I loved that show It was based on this graphic novel about two murderous cinnamon rolls, James and Alyssa and their seemingly innocent and simple teenage life It quickly turned somewhat morbid as James realized he s a sociopath and acts on his violent fantasies Blinded by young love, Alyssa remained ignorant as long as she can Their story somewhat reminded me of Bonnie and Clyde and the art inside is reminiscent of the drawings in the Peanuts comics by Charles Schulz This is a quick and enjoyable read I highly recommend

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    If I ever come across kids this rude and ill mannered then help me God I ll strangle them.

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    The dark side of the lifeSono in libreria, giro tra gli scaffali Mi colpisce questo libretto di piccolo formato, dalla copertina nera rigida dal titolo particolare Non capisco bene di cosa tratti, quindi apro la prima pagina e inizio a leggere E bang, ci che leggo esattamente l opposto di ci che immaginerei debba esserci in una graphic novel Linguaggio diretto diciamo cos , autolesionismo, droga, sesso, violenza Ma non mi riesco a fermare e continuo a leggere le duecento pagine una dopo l altra, fino alla fine vabb , in libreria non si dovrebbe, vero, per The End of the Fucking World da cui stata tratta la serie tv che porta lo stesso nome racconta la storia d a di due adolescenti disadattati che fuggono in modo sconclusionato da un esistenza tranquilla che non riescono a sopportare Una fuga che non pu che terminare male, contrariamente a qualunque logica di lieto fine Ci che mi ha colpito di pi la velocit della narrazione, fulminante, fatta di disegni minimali, di descrizioni ridotte all osso un ritmo quasi martellante che rende efficacissima la narrazione.Plauso all autore per la bravura ma non nego di avere qualche dubbio sui contenuti Ma che fatica essere adolescenti

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    First of all amazing title Second of all AMAZING BOOK The End of the Fucking World or TEOTFW is about two teenagers, James and Alyssa, who decide to run away from home together Their journey starts out somewhat romantic then becomes increasingly desperate and tragic until they become like the modern Bonnie and Clyde I read Charles Forsman s Celebrated Summer a couple months ago and loved its quietly devastating intensity in such a relatively short comic about a couple of friends whose friendship dissolves over the summer and they never see each other again afterwards But that doesn t prepare you for how chilling TEOTFW is, which is a much, much darker read Told in 8 page chapters these were originally published separately as micro comics with alternating viewpoints of our two protagonists, we see the same story from two perspectives James, who we learn early on displays sociopathic tendencies and only gets worse as the story continues, and Alyssa, the girl who falls for him and does her best to turn a blind eye to his disturbing behaviour The story explores the two characters loneliness from their remote families to their small town, and the despair they feel at their encroaching adulthood as well as their frustration and fear at their aimlessness and the unknowns of the future James and Alyssa s actions slowly become foreign, at least to most of us, but Forsman reminds us of their humanity and their youth in scenes like when Alyssa meets her estranged father for the first time in 10 years suddenly, she s just a kid wanting to be with her dad Other times, like the title, express the kind of heightened drama teenagers feel what could be fitting for a pair of desolate teenagers than to star in a book entitled The End of the Fucking World On a surface level it could be read as a crime drama as the two start out stealing things like cars and breaking into houses to James turning to much destructive acts It s a twisted love story between two people who don t really understand what love is, having never experienced it before, but feel something maybe the only thing they ve ever felt between them, and Forsman questions whether James, who is clearly a sociopath, is able to find redemption in the end.Forsman draws the book in the style of Peanuts, almost like he s bitterly chuckling at the juxtaposition of the subject matter to the cutesiness of his characters appearance It makes the one panel, where he draws James realistically for the only time in the book, all the powerful and shocking an image when you see those eyes I hesitate to call a book so bleak wonderful but it is enormously entertaining and artistic at the same time and, yes, that is wonderful I rifled through this, not because it s short, but because Forsman told a great story and told it well he genuinely knows how to build the tension in a comic so perfectly that you re breathlessly turning the pages by the end, wondering just how it ll play out And it surprises you too, in the best possible way Both the story and the characters have stayed with me days after putting the book down it really is an immersive and unforgettable experience If you adore comics that tell a great story and pack real emotion in them, The End of the Fucking World is a howl of raw fury at an uncaring and empty world from a truly original creator.

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    My head is still spinning in circles These teenagers, these youngsters are miles away from me, from my life I had a happy adolescence if such a thing exists I thought I had problems but the truth is I inhabited a bubble, maybe I still do The great thing of art la That it forces you out of T hat bubble and makes you see that people experience life in different ways, that sometimes isolation hurts people and it makes them crave for violence as a weird sort if retaliationthat everybody can have lights and shadows and they battle and they win or lose depending on the social environment I don t know if I like it I know it makes you think, it is disturbing, it leaves you restlesstherefore it is good

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    The Netflix series of this took me by surprise and left me in the deepest of feels and absolutely shook It was that good I absolutely loved it and got excited when i realized it was based on this graphic novel Netflix really did a great job of bringing the vision of this book to life and foreal y all need to read AND watch the tv show