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For Than Two Decades, Players Have Led The Zerg, Protoss, And Terrans Into Battle For Galactic Dominance In StarCraft, StarCraft II, And Multiple Campaign Expansions The Cinematic Art Of StarCraft Offers A Detailed View Into The History And Philosophy Of Blizzard S Revolutionary Cinematics Team Focusing On The Craft And Storytelling Of Cinematics And Filled With Anecdotes From The Creators, The Cinematic Art Of StarCraft Gives Fans A Unique Peek Into The Cinematics That Have Wowed Millions Of Fans Across The Koprulu Sector


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    This is the book I have been waiting for all these years It only covers The second iteration of the franchise, albeit with all the expansions, but it is an ArtBook packed with some of the most beautiful art I have ever seen The book is quite big, almost 300 pages long and it s a bit pricey, but worth every cent I paid for it What I like about this artbook is the fact that it has quite a LOT of background info about most of the art pieces that are in this artbook It is a definite must have for a fan of the series and even if you re not a fan of the series it is still a piece of Starcraft collectible you should definitely get, it s absolutely packed with content.