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    You don't have to like Jaco to get something out of this video. Jaco approached technique differently. His chops were impressive and he had a cool way of practicing technique musically. His insight and examples got me to think about different ways to approach scales, intervals, and modes, and challenged me to earn a better understanding of the fingerboard and theory. He was strictly fingerstyle, but I believe if you develop good chops and musicality with fingerstyle, other techniques will benefit. The interview is cool, to listen to Jaco and Jerry Jemmott talk bass is something any bass player can benefit from. Jerry is one of the greats whether you know it or not!

    One problem I have with technique books is that they work on the physicality of playing, i.e., hand strength and dexterity, but they aren't necessarily musical. For example, there maybe an exercise that plays a semi chromatic scale in one position, keeping one finger on each fret as you switch strings, but skip certain notes so that you stay in the same position. This isn't musical. When you play a chromatic scale in music, you don't get to skip notes, so why practice something that doesn't translate into real playing? Jaco's techniques were musical and bridged this gap between technical development and musicality.

    After I got the video, I ordered the book with the examples off ebay (I paid 2.99 plus shipping for the book only, used without the CD). It was refreshing to see that there is no tab in the book, it is all bass clef. While I think Jaco's approach and understanding were PhD level, anyone at any level can execute many of the exercises and see why Jaco was different. That is the beauty of Jaco and this video, he took new ideas and made them economical and executable for anyone willing to put the effort it.

    The "DVD with overpack" is nothing special. It is simply the DVD case in a large cardboard frame that allows it to be stacked with magazines. There is no special material or anything that doesn't show up on the regular DVD, so go with the best deal.