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I won't tell anyone Echo I promise Noah tucked a curl behind my ear It had been so long since someone touched me like he did Why did it have to be Noah Hutchins? His dark brown eyes shifted to my covered arms You didn't do that did you? It was done to you? No one ever asked that uestion They stared They whispered They laughed But they never askedSo wrong for each otherand yet so rightNo one knows what happened the night Echo Emerson went from popular girl with jock boyfriend to gossiped about outsider with freaky scars on her arms Even Echo can't remember the whole truth of that horrible night All she knows is that she wants everything to go back to normal But when Noah Hutchins the smoking hot girl using loner in the black leather jacket explodes into her life with his tough attitude and surprising understanding Echo's world shifts in ways she could never have imagined They should have nothing in common And with the secrets they both keep being together is pretty much impossible Yet the crazy attraction between them refuses to go away And Echo has to ask herself just how far they can push the limits and what she'll risk for the one guy who might teach her how to love again

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    I stopped at page 16 16What he says Her blue cotton shirt dipped below her beige tank What I say What she says“Oh God” I moaned She thought I was doing “it” with himWhat I say What he says Her silky red hair had glimmered in the moonlightWhat I say What she says Wow I thought I was the only person at this school faking every momentWhat I say What he saysI loved the sound of her sweet voice Part angel part musicWhat I say What he says Damn she smelled like cinnamon and sugar fresh out of the ovenWhat I say So yeah I can't I just can't

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    “Fuck me and the rest of the world I was in love”— Pushing the Limits Katie McGarry And I'm in love to I FUCKING LOVE THIS BOOK I FUCKING LOVE NOAHAND I FUCKING LOVE KATIE McGARRY I have officially read this only about OH a MILLION times How do you get sick of a book that draws you in from the first page every single time There's so many different views of this book it's like reading a new story each and every time I read it 'His lips curved into a sexy smile and I became lost in him “I love you Echo Emerson”I whispered the words as he brought his lips to mine “Forever”'This book is just there's no words It's so friggin awesome I am going to have to worship itNo one can possibly understand how obsessed I am with this whole storyI have been waiting to read this for months and boy was it worth the wait “I’M BUYING YOU A COAT” And I meant it I opened the car door and slung my leather jacket around her shoulders “It’s February Why don’t you ever have a damn jacket on?”Echo slid her arms through my coat closing her eyes as she inhaled When she finally opened them she fluttered her eyelashes giving me a look of pure seduction “Maybe I like wearing yours instead”I swallowed I had plans and those plans did not involve kissing her against my car Dammit she was going to kill me “Congratulations it’s yours”Her laughter warmed me in ways a jacket couldn’t “Are you going to be a big pushover now?”Appeared so I entwined my fingers with Echo’s and walked her across the empty street toward the fountain Red and pink lights lit up the water trickling from the three flowered tiers“It’s beautiful” Echo stared at the fountain her eyes darting to the different flowers etched in the metal No she was beautiful Noah is just AHHHH The things I would do to himHe is just so damn attractive He may as well put a collar and lead on me because I would be his 'pet' anyday Echo is just amazing Sarcastic gorgeous and feisty She and me were besties from the first sentence Amazing heroin People would constantly be asking her if she was 'ok' and instead of lying and saying 'fine' like the other millions of people out there she says this “My father is a control freak I hate my stepmother my brother is dead and my mother has well issues How do you think I’m doing?”I laughed and I knew I was going to love every minute of this book I love the way the author split Noah and Echo's POV's They were perfectly timedSo well written and addictive Theres so much I could say about this book but right now I'm like a drug addict and this book is my crack I've spent too long writing this and now I'm shaking to get back and uite possibly read it all over again I know it's only come out today but damn I'd have to advise you to drop whatever it is your reading and start with this because my friggin god you will not be able to PUT IT DOWN The story that lies in between the covers are sad emotional lovely sweet romantic and breathtakingly heartwarming My heart aches and grieves for both Noah and Echo whom have lived such hard and sad lives and have had to grow up so fast and make descisions people as young as themselves shouldn't have to make Hell their my age and I don't know what I would have done in their positions They are so admirable and anyone would be lucky to have them as role models Their strong loyal honest and good people who just needed guidance and Mrs Collins was there supporting them the whole way through she never gave up My god I loved this I can't tell you how much I love this There's not one bad point I can think of And that NEVER happens Not to me I'm so fussy and will pick over the littlest things But this is the exception And I wouldn't have it any other wayUn freakin believable that's the first word that came to mind when I finished this This book blew me away and this has definitely barged its way into my top 10 This book is worth 5 big fat stars and I am now going to go and make it known to everyone about how much they should read itHere's some More of my favorite parts; My song ended my finger stopped tapping the beat and we ceased swaying from side to side She held perfectly still keeping her hand in mine her head resting on my shoulder I nuzzled into the warmth of her silky curls tightening my hold on her Echo was becoming essential like airShe opened her mouth her tongue seductively touching mine almost bringing me to my knees Flames licked through me as our kiss deepened Her hands massaged my scalp and neck only stoking the heat of the fire“Because” I said as I felt the familiar twisting in my stomach “You saw me lose it You saw me almost go insane”The muscles in his shoulders visibly tensed “I watched you battle against the worst memory of your life and I watched you win Make no mistake Echo I battled right beside you You need to find some trust in me in us”Noah inhaled and slowly let the air out His stance softened and so did his voice “If you’re scared tell me If you need to cry and scream then do it And you sure as hell don’t walk away from us because you think it would be better for me Here’s the reality Echo I want to be by your side If you want to go to the mall stark naked so you can show the world your scars then let me hold your hand If you want to see your mom then tell me that too I may not always understand but damn baby I’ll try”I stared at him and he stared at me It doesn’t get better” I said “The pain The wounds scab over and you don’t always feel like a knife is slashing through you But when you least expect it the pain flashes to remind you you’ll never be the same”This book is just so intensely real I could just read this over and over and over again

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    Noah 3 Luke used to give me butterflies Noah spawned mutant pterodactyls This was such a sweet and heartbreaking story with both MCs having some serious problems but I still loved it 3I am not a fan of angst and drama and there is both here but not too much so I don't think it'll be a problem for anyone else DDA few things you need to know1 What the book is aboutA bad boy and a troubled girl are forced to work together to solve their problems and in the meantime they manage to fall in love 3Echo is trying to remember a repressed memory from the night she almost died and Noah is doing whatever he can to get custody of his brothersI won't say cause you just have to read to find out Anyway there are both POVs in this book and I really love that I'll talk about Noah and Echo in their sections 2 Something about EchoShe has terrible scars on her arms and doesn't remember how she got them She isn't doing well and has to go to counseling with her familyShe is an outcast in school ever since the incident her friends have given up on her and she isn't the popular one with a hot boyfriend anyShe is desperate to find out what happened to her that night and unwillingly makes a deal with Noah a student she's been tutoring to get both their files from the school counselor3 Something about NoahHe is very mature for his age but it isn't surprising considering everything that's happened to himAfter the death of his parents he got into foster care and of course it didn't go well Now he's a bad boy with a bad reputation but all he really wants is to get his brothers in his custody the moment he turns 18 The best way to do that is to excel in school so he starts the tutoring lessons with Echo 4 Noah and EchoI love them together 3They are perfect for one another and I loved every scene they had 3Anyway Echo's remembering was really REALLY tough to read and I am so glad Noah was there to support her most of the way 3Noah and his family I knew how it would end and it's the way it's supposed to be although a bit idyllic but oh well DNoah gave me butterflies like he did to Echo he's sweet and swoony even though he's a bad boy D Loved the scene when he meets her father and takes her to his place 35 It made me cryThere were a few very sad scenes but one hit me most and it didn't have anything to do with NoahEcho It was about Noah and his little brothers the scene when view spoilerJacob won an award for writing a story about Noah hide spoiler

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    Holy Sh—Oh my What the For the love of Sweet baby MOTHERFUCKER This book was fabulous greatwowfan♦freaking♦tasticdeep breathI would just like to go on the record and THANK Katie McGarry for creating Noah Hutchins And for creating a book that held me captive until the wee hours of the morning Holy SHIT Your book’s good ma’amSo without further ado Allow me to introduce you to “Pushing the Limits” ; ♦ This is a story about a boy with a past in ashes who fell in love with a girl whose memory was consumed by what she couldn’t remember ♦ ♥ Echo ♥ Young girl tragically scarred attempts to return to her normal life only to find out her normal life doesn’t want her back With nothing but stained glass memories the only thing Echo knows is that her mother tried to kill her two years ago Her mother was beautiful and had every talent known to a paintbrushJust like EchoBut Echo doesn’t remember that night two years ago She doesn’t remember her mother trying to kill her and the last time she tried to recall those memories; she landed in the hospital due to mental trauma for trying to force her mind to bring up something it was trying desperately to repress Her dad knows what happened Her step mother knows what happenedEven Echo’s highschool counselor knows what happenedBut no one’s fessing up Everyone wants Echo to remember on her own So without those memories Echo sticks to the facts• Her mother did try to kill her and she has the physical scars to prove it• She’s now the school freakshow• Her father cheated on her mother with Echo’s baby sitter• Her best friend of an older brother is dead• And she’s falling fast and hard for someone who she should stay the hell away from♥ Noah ♥ This was Noah Hutchins The Noah Hutchins that refused steady relationships or even dating The Noah Hutchins that only wanted one night stands A stoner My opposite And right now everything I wanted His past went up in flames Literally And it took his parents along with it leaving him with nothing but once a month visitation rights to his younger brothersAnd Noah would give anything to have his brothers back But when you’re a teenager thrown into the foster system it’s hard to live life on the straight and narrowIt doesn’t matter that he was once at the top of his class It doesn’t matter that he was an MVP on the basketball team It doesn’t matter that at one time in his life smiling was once just a reflex kind of thingAll he has now are girls who only seem to remember his name when they’re moaning it; a family who consists of two friends he would do anything for; an annoying high school counselor who for some unknown fucking reason believes in him; two younger brothers with smiles that he would literally move heaven and hell for; andAn irritatingly gorgeous red head tutor who has scars on the outside that perfectly match the ones he carries on the insideAnd despite everything Noah can’t help falling in love with her Soon the pen she held in her hand drummed in time with her foot I understood her rhythm That feeling of everything inside twisting to the point that if you didn’t find a release you’d explode I craved to grant her peace I wanted to blow her mind with every touch and every kiss so her very thought always came back to me I would never touch anyone else again without thinking about her But sometimesNo matter how hard you try to fix someone;No matter how hard you fight their demons;No matter how hard you guard their sleep; You can’t

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    Normal She wanted normal and so did I If I could summarize this book with one okay technically two sentence that would be the one Nothing else needs to be said You can figure out from one simple sentence that this is a book about two people who have lost everything and are trying to figure out how to get normalcy back in their lives 325 stars If I was judging Pushing the Limits solely based on the journey of the characters and how they struggled to reach their own personal victories I would have gone 4 stars on the book This was a great story I like to see characters with depth and grit It's always fascinating to watch people push past their inner demons and come out on the other side to start their healing process Both Noah and Echo were inspirational characters who learned not only how to work on themselves but also learned how to encourage each other to trust againWhat lost me just a little was the execution There were several trigger words and generalizations which had me cringing 1 The over use of nicknames such as baby siren goddess nymph etc as well as the always sure to cause an eye roll note of likening another person's presence to a drug As well the mention of Echo smelling like cinnamon was excessive after about the third time She smells like a bakery I got it 2 Stating that foster kids and kids from bad homes lay low for a reason this is a stereotype that isn't always true I've known kids from foster homes and bad homes who were popular and good students Statements like this always seem to make me want to cue the dramatic music in my head because these appear to be written for the purpose of trying to invoke a feeling which isn't always necessary3 Assuming that someone is on a bad path because they smoke weed or drink socially and therefore that person needs to expel this from their life immediately otherwise their entire future is in danger Well crapI feel bad for than 50% of today's teens then They're all screwed It's a wonder I have such a productive life today being a former weed smoker and social drinker4 Using the word forever to describe a fledgling relationship Did Judy Blume teach us nothing? This is HIGH SCHOOL Yes some people meet their spouses in high school but I hate when books want to predict futures which aren't necessarily predictable Anything can happen after high school We don't need to tie these kids down beyond possibly continuing the relationship into college Not unless you're going to do a Perfect Chemistry epilogue where it shows them married years down the line and believe me I could live without thoseWhat really did shine about this book 1 The characters Both Echo and Noah were smart and cautious about many things Echo was a great example of showing how it's okay not to have sex if you're not ready Noah was a great example of how a teenage guy can be horny and hormonal and wanting to get laid yet still respectful of a girl's wishes if he cares about her His honesty was refreshing He didn't stop wanting sex even though he let Echo have her space when she needed it Her beautiful breasts were right there for me to see but I wanted to do than observe I wanted to 2 As mentioned earlier the story Other than it being a little on the long side and having a few moments I could have lived without I enjoyed the read The story did have a few similarities to Perfect Chemistry but wasn't an exact mirror either so I wasn't bothered by it The problems of the main characters in Pushing were not gang related yet the problems were still just as emotional and tough as what Alex and Brittany had to go through in PC Overall I think this would be a good read for people who are huge fans of love conuering the greatest of problems I watched you battle against the worst memory of your life and I watched you win Make no mistake Echo I battled right beside you

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    When I rate a book three stars it usually means indifference that the book was neither especially good or bad That I probably won't even remember it in a few days time With Pushing the Limits that is not the case it's that I feel the positives and negatives eually balance each other out and the overall book falls somewhere in the middle of the rating scale because of it I will say though the issues that I felt sure I'd have with it were not the reason I gave it such an average ratingI approached this young adult romance with the caution I always approach young adult romance novels with Plus an extra shot of it because of the bad boygood girl cliche we are promised As far as these types of cliched stories go I'd say Pushing the Limits is one of the best and is far better than those of Simone Elkeles I personally think McGarry has written a great debut and the novel would have fully achieved excellence had she not played in the safe zone and used the same old format and character types Everything was a little too predictable However I see enough promise here to want to try her next novel Dare You To and see if Beth's story can avoid the same mistakes based on her character I think it mightSo bad boys Just a few years ago I wouldn't have hesitated to say that I love a bad boy The kind of man who promises a wild adventure with his smile and exciting sexcapades with a raise of his eyebrow But the definition of this sexy creature has changed or perhaps it was always the same and I just didn't notice it as much but either way a bad boy is now someone like Patch Cipriano from Hush Hush and others like him men or boys who push women around attempt to control them become violent when they don't get their own way Noah Hutchins is nothing like that Noah is what I mean when I say bad boy he is fun and likes to break a few rules but he always respects Echo's wishes he is kind to her and you won't believe it actually leaves her alone when she metaphorically gives him the fingerTo get down to the real problem it is uite simply the angst McGarry is a good enough author to realise that she needs to give her characters issues and imperfections especially if they're going to be of the cliche variety But I didn't think the execution of either character dealing with their problems was done well it felt a bit messy a lot melodramatic and it was all wrapped up in what I felt was a rather unsatisfactory way I also think the sizzling chemistry uickly gave way to the usual romantic natterings of the deeply forever in luuurrrve Don't get me wrong I wanted Echo and Noah to be together right up to the last minute but I would have preferred a little less I love you than anything in the world baby There's only so many times calling someone baby is cuteIn the end this book had two characters with amazing chemistry who I genuinely cared about They were flawed and interesting but there was too much doom gloom and angsting going on Some parts were sad until I passed through the sadness and into eye rolling territory I feel conflicted about the novel as a whole but I do believe in the author's potential Let's see where she goes from here

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    45 starsA heart wrenching YA book about two broken teens struggling to put the shattered pieces of their lives back together and finding love along the way “Her shoulders never shook No tears streamed down her face The worst type of crying wasn’t the kind everyone could see–the wailing on street corners the tearing at clothes No the worst kind happened when your soul wept and no matter what you did there was no way to comfort it A section withered and became a scar on the part of your soul that survived For people like me and Echo our souls contained scar tissue than life” From the first line of this book I was drawn right into Echo’s world With a mentally ill mother an overly controlling father and her beloved older brother dead Echo’s life is far from perfect Its stifling And you can totally feel it The story just grabs at your heart stringsNoah was an amazing character He’s a bad boy but only on the outside He seems to be that way because that’s what everyone in his life labels him as A stoner one night stand player under achiever thats how the world sees him But no one sees what led him to become this way To the depths of his pain and the tragedy of the events in his life “ I could tell he was looking at me The stubble on his face moved as he smiled Noah had muscles looks and trouble stalking him Somehow he made jeans and a t shirt look dangerous Not that I was into girl using stoners Yet I took another peek at him while sipping my drink” He really stole my heart – like all the way His parents died in an accident a few years back and he and his little brothers were put into the foster system and separated and now he is fighting to get them out of the system and to put whats left of his family back together Every SINGLE one of his scenes with his little brothers made my cry a lot and just made my heart ache with wanting them to be happyBoth Noah and Echo are intensely angry and miserable in their lives honestly it was hard to say which one made my heart break at times This book is so well written that you understand their frustrations and anger at the systems and rules which are screwing up their lives as though they were your ownThe book is told in alternating POVs with serves to show how different the worlds they come from are The romantic relationship in this book builds slowly Its not an undeniable love at first sight instant relationship kind of book The personal journeys of the characters are the main focus of the storyline although they do end up together Both of them have been betrayed by life and watching them learn to trust each other was really sweet “If you’re scared tell me If you need to cry and scream then do it And you sure as hell don’t walk away from us because you think it would be better for me Here’s the reality Echo I want to be by your side If you want to go to the mall stark naked so you can show the world your scars then let me hold your hand If you want to see your mom then tell me that too I may not always understand but damn baby I’ll try” The issues this book deals with are very serious Abuse Neglect Truth Lies Love Healing The intensity of the bond between siblings There is nothing lighthearted about this book Its deeply gut wrenchingly emotional As I was reading I’d literally have to take mini breathers to calm my heart between some of the scenes ”Tell me you chose me Echo”“I chose you”“You will never regret it I promise” I think fans of Slammed might like this book It’s by no means the same storyline but it shares a similar feeling Although its 'tame' very strongly YAThere were a few things that bugged me a little about the book Echo’s reliance on her ‘popular’ friends at school and her need for their approval didn’t really sit right with me but at the same time I guess it was an understandable feeling for someone in high school I just wish it hadn’t been so important to her And I also would have wished for an epilogue The book has a happy for now ending and a seuel featuring some of the secondary characters on the way but after all the heart ache in the book I still would have liked a glimpse maybe 5 years into the future so see how things had worked out for themAll in all though I really loved this read if you are looking for a new YA book this is itHow I see Noah and EchoFor of my reviews visit Aestas Book BlogAnd come join the Aestas Book Blog Facebook Page

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    This is the story of a former popular girl and golden boy finding each other in their uest for different lives and freedom after they've lost everything that matteredEcho Emerson has lost her dad to her nanny turned step mother her mum to bipolar disorder her brother to the Marines and her friends and social life to one terrible night that gave her deep physical and psychological scars She's erased the night from her memory to the point where flashes of those painful hours make her uestion her sanity I admit I'm not really generous with sympathy for angst ridden teens but Echo's story shook me She was dealt with so many conseuent shitty cards I didn't know which one to feel bad for For all his claims of love for his daughter Echo's dad could have been there for her better instead of hiding behind his guilt and his young wife's pregnant tummy Not touching the topic of the human wrecking ball that is Echo's mom And some of her 'friends' woke my inner bitch up with the urge to slap them Repeatedly Everything was made doubly worse by Echo's authority issues as she put it and her ridiculous people pleasing tendencies Noah Hutchins has lost his parents in a fire accident his brothers to the foster care system and himself to the need for making his family whole again His distrust of adults was understandable but his insta connection to Echo made no sense to me given his guarded nature There was attraction in the beginning yes To some extent I'd even say they were kindred spirits But there was absolutely no chemistry Nada The romance scenes seemed forced and mechanical They would have been better off as friends But the plot would have taken a hit so I'm gonna let that one go Some of the scenes involving Noah's interaction with his brothers were extremely moving And I really liked MrsCollins She was the only decent adult in this book I'd recommend this book for YA fans but not if you're looking for an epic romance or a swoon worthy love story I'm looking forward to read Isaiah's story though Biker chick Beth was an absolute delight

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    When try­ing to find a way to describe this book – I set­tled on this Push­ing The Lim­its is the clos­est I’ve ever got­ten to read­ing a Machetta bookFor any­one famil­iar with me or Machetta – that is the high­est praise I giveVery rarely does a book make me laugh and cry at all – let alone mul­ti­ple times But that’s what this book did And really what the hell kind of badass reviewer am I when I’m brought to snivel­ing snotty tears by a book? Noah and Echo don’t talk at school Noah is the atyp­i­cal bad boy and Echo is the for­mer Teen ueen on the verge of reclaim­ing her for­mer glory But Noah and Echo have a lot in com­mon than they real­ize They’re both bro­ken This book is told through both of their view points as they start ther­apy and their lives start to unravel and they get pushed closer and closer together by their circumstancesWhat I love is that there are three real­i­ties in this book McGarry takes into account that there is Noah’s truth Echo’s truth and then there’s this whole other crea­ture we’ll call What Is Actu­ally Hap­pen­ing I haven’t seen some­one show flawed nar­ra­tion this well in a long time What McGarry cap­tured per­fectly is that dis­con­nect while keep­ing me plugged in an sympatheticExam­pleNoah is fight­ing for cus­tody of his younger broth­ers When his par­ents died he and his sib­lings were sep­a­rated Noah was placed in a series of very bad and neg­li­gent homes while his broth­ers were placed with a cus­tody fam­ily who restrict his access to his sib­lings and are try­ing to adopt themEcho’s father and his new wife Echo’s old babysit­ter have a very rocky unhealthy rela­tion­ship He is con­trol­ling the new wife is preg­nant and Echo is des­per­ate to try and make con­tact with her mother who has been cut off from con­tact by Echo’s fatherAt least – that is how it looks at the begin­ning And it’s very easy to think that these adults in Echo and Noah’s lives are hor­ri­ble But whilst Echo and Noah con­tinue to see them that way for awhile and whilst I as the reader remained com­pletely empa­thetic as to why Noah and Echo saw them that way it becomes clear that the sit­u­a­tion is not as cut and dry as thatBy the cli­max of both Echo and Noah’s sto­ries I was weep­ing uncon­trol­lably I still cry when I think about those two parts of the book McGarry’s writ­ing is pow­er­ful emo­tive Her char­ac­ter voices for both Noah and Echo were very well done – reflect­ing on their dis­tinct per­son­al­i­ties and char­ac­ter­is­tics The plot con­tained lit­tle action and was largely car­ried by the myr­iad of rela­tion­ships and the mys­tery of Echo’s past – so fans of fast paced active nov­els may want to steer clearMrs Collins their ther­a­pist plays an almost omnipo­tent god­like char­ac­ter in the novel and brought a fresh lov­able addi­tion She was one of my favouritesOver all I think most read­ers are going to love this one One of the absolute best books of 2012

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    This is one of those times when I feel like I'm reading a totally different book than everyone else is This just isn't my kind of realistic fiction my kind of romance or my kind of boy Meh