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The Mystery Surrounding The Disappearance Of Kat Riley S Husband Has Kept Grant Haller At A Distance Despite The Strong Attraction Pulling Him To Her, As Police Chief With That Open Missing Person Case, He Can T Afford To Get Close To Her Not With Everyone In This Small Town Watching Still, He Waits For The Day He Can Make His MoveThen Kat Finds A Bone And Others Start To Appear Once The Remains Are Identified As Her Husband S, Grant Has To Consider Her A Suspect Deep Inside He S Convinced She S Innocent And He S Driven To Clear Her Name And When The Threats Against Her Escalate, Grant Must Protect Her Before It S Too Late Kat Riley is the owner of a successful nursery After all the hard work she put in it, she finally got some credit she s been named Business Owner of the Year Unfortunately, she doesn t get to ride the high for long finding a human bone in your fertilizer tends to do ruin it.She couldn t help but think that it might belong to her husband that disappeared 5 years ago She still didn t come to terms with it, but at least most of the people stopped looking at her suspiciously she sure as hell had nothing to do with it, but some folks still think her guilty Having the bones appear around her, doesn t exactly help.And then there s Chief Grant Haller.There s definitely some chemistry between them and Kat s done everything she could to deny it Unfortunately, now she has no choice And soon everybody will be aware that something is going on Nobody will buy that Grant just happens to develop an interest in gardening the man can t even keep a single shrub alive I liked Grant he s honorable, gentle with Kat and above else patient he definitely needed it Kat s been denying him for years and the man didn t give up I admire him for it Now he s torn between his job and the woman he loved for years.Kat is problematic Her marriage was far from happy, but she did everything she could to hide from the facts Her husband was a lying scumbag, but she managed to convince herself that she didn t deserve better So she s wary when men are in question Case in point Grant.I didn t like the suspense part of the book much I would ve preferred if attention was paid to KatGrant s relationship And I didn t like Kat s behavior in the end, I get that she was trying to protect him, but stillAnd I admit that I know nothing about proper procedure about dealing human remains in small towns or evidence in general, but I found it a bit odd The chief just picks up bones and carries them to the doctor No searching for evidence or anything As I said, it might be that I watch way too much CSI, NCIS or cop shows in general, but it was kinda odd.Rating 3.5 stars Four years ago, Kat Riley s husband left their house to go inquire about supplies for the plant nursery they owned That was the last time she ever saw him.Until bones started showing up in odd places in and around her nursery Bones that later proved to be his.Police chief Grant Haller fell in love with Kat at first sight when even though both of them were married Now four years later he is divorced and still nursing feelings for Kat while she is still obsessed with her husbands disappearance.As the bones arrive, Grant is forced to investigate and Kat is, no surprise, a major suspect.Generally, I am not drawn to the plot where a person falls in love with the prime suspect of the crime they are investigating It just normally doesn t resonate with me But for some reason when I read the premise for this one I was really intrigued I liked the idea of this guy kinda pining for this woman whose husband mysteriously disappeared I also generally like Superromances Of all the Harlequin lines, this one feels closest to pure contemporary romances and tends to be grounded in reality The thing with this one, the mystery and suspense plot really overwhelm the romance, imo I just didn t feel Kat Grant like I wanted to The shenanigans with the bones and trying to figure out what happened to Kat s husband was really good though Great intrigue I can only guess the reason this wasn t in the intrigue line was because of word count Overall a fast intriguing read that is briskly written Fans of light romantic suspense should enjoy it. Police chief used reel mower Kat owns a nursery Skip read.