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They Stood Untouched For Thousands Of Years, Hidden Within A Fog Filled Hollow Now Kate, Visiting Oregon, Has Discovered The Grove Of Giant Redwoods In Lost Crater And Their Existence Has Become A Source Of Bitter Conflict Between Those Who Believe The Trees Are The Dying Mill Town S Last Hope, And Those Who Wish To Keep The Area A Protected SanctuaryCaught Up In The Struggle, Kate Follows An Old Halami Indian Trail Into The Crater And Finds Herself Thrown Five Hundred Years Into The Past There, She Encounters Strange And Enigmatic Creatures None Frightening Than The Volcanic Gashra, Bent On Destroying Everything He Cannot Control To Defeat Him, Kate Must Find The Answer To An Ancient Riddle And The Courage To Make The Most Difficult Choice Of Her Life

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    I have read this book several times I tend to wait until I have forgotten the end or at least parts of the middle before reading it again Since I ve probably read it 4 times now over a 15 year span , it probably merits stars That being said, its probably close to 3.25 stars in terms of writing and creativity for an adult However, the twist with the Native American culture and the time travel adventure make the book quite enjoyable Further, its written for young adults and I think I read it for the first time in sixth grade That makes the evaluation scale skewed For an adult, keep in mind it was written for middle schoolers and enjoy it For young adults, the story and message are quite good.I recommend this to the eco friendly fantasy lover as a good quick read Fantasy purists may find the beginning slow and the overall book heavy on ecological concerns.

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    This book was one of my favorite books in middle school I took it with me to college, and I really enjoy revisiting it The plot is engaging, magical, and it makes you think about the life you lead.

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    I ve been meaning to read this book for probably ten years, and I am happy I finally did Fortunately, it is a stand alone book as I don t remember much about the first book in the trilogy It s a good story of magic, time travel and lost cultures with a prominent but not obnoxiously so environmental message.

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    3.5 out of 5 stars Review to come.

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    Serendipitously, I found this book among the scarce stacks of our school s library remembering my immense, lasting fondness for Barron s The Lost Years of Merlin series, I thought it would be permissible to add a Y.A novel to my current reading list In trying to analyze this book, it might be good to break it down into two categories youth Talbot and teacher Talbot imagining what I would have wanted as a child preteen and stating what is good for young readers, in turn, as a teacher The two obviously relate quite a bit, and are certainly not mutually exclusive of one another.Youth Foreign landscape leading into the fey, time travel, magic, disconcerting beings, fog, moving islands, enchanted artifacts, long lost peoples, gift giving helpers, ancient evils, equally ancient goods, large trees, healthy doses of adventure, elements of friendships, mystery.Teacher A strong focus on environmentalism, believable and relate able characters who grow in admirable ways through time, redemption and forgiveness, determination, grief and loss and that which is born in their crucible, journeying and home coming, and everything else mentioned above, which I still love.

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    A fantastic read for all ages I first read this in grade school or junior high and loved it then Kate is a strong, female protagonist and a great person for a young girl to read about I appreciated that even with the strong environmental themes, Barron still recognized the challenge of people needing jobs and valuing the individuals who do cut down trees by making some of the loggers human rather than completely evil like one After just rereading Heartlight, however, Kate s development seems so different, and there is absolutely no mention of how she got from the younger girl she was in the first book, to the softball playing, well settled girl in this book I thought that was something that felt a little lacking the second time around Also, there was no mention as to why Kate was able to take all the time travel stuff in presumably because of her previous experience with her Grandfather I remember wishing for some of that as a kid too.Aside from these two small things, the characters by in large are very dimensional, the story is a strong one, and the fantasy keeps the inner kid in me alive

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    Well written but it suffers a bit from being a little dated, formulaic, and simplistic.I m a tree hugger, but Barron s brushing off of the townsfolk s economic concerns just rubbed me the wrong way Well, it s your own fault that you don t have any trees to cut down any might be completely true, but it s not really a productive thing to say when you re trying to persuade people This would only delay the inevitable for about a year is a little productive there s substance to it but really, unemployment delays the inevitable too, and everyone is fine with providing thatIt really is a complicated issue, and as horrible as cutting down trees that old is, I really don t agree with Barron s one sided treatment Though, I guess I shouldn t be looking at a young adult middle grade novel for good consideration on a very adult problem.If I d read this in middle school, I probably would have liked it quite a bit .

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    A teen and her great aunt try to save an untouched forest from destruction at the hands of loggers desperate for work in a weak economy Also, she travels through time, meets a bunch of supernatural creatures, and fights a demon dinosaur The Ancient One is exactly the kind book I devoured when I was in elementary middle school The magical elements remind me of The Neverending Story a little, and I liked Kate s pluck and courage The moral is hammered home perhaps a little bit too heavy handedly at times, but, overall, this was an engaging tale of magic and nature Since there s very little to mark the book as having come from a specific time period, it s aged surprisingly well for a YA Children s book.

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    Picked this up because of the rave review on the back from Madeleine L Engle I m not surprised they solicited her for a blurb, as it s a quite similar story to her An Acceptable Time young girl and a problematic young man travel back in time to meet a Native American tribe This book however, takes a typical quest story format, has fantastic elements, and has a blatant but well done environmentalist message The main plot element has to do with saving a lost stand of ancient redwoods from the short sightedness of a poor Oregon logging town It s not marketed as a YA novel, but I would definitely categorize it as such.

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    Can t resist those books set in Oregon A teenager has to move in with her Grandma in a little logging town There, she is caught up in the debate over logging the last remaining forest but people think it is in a crater lake like natural fortress which no one has been able to get into The loggers are determined to blast a way in and the grandma is determined to stop them Meanwhile, the teenager is transported back in time to when the native people s of the area lived in the crater Events in the future affect the past and the reverse is true, too, in this neat little book that doesn t get too annoying with the new age y enviromental message.