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They stood untouched for thousands of years hidden within a fog filled hollow Now Kate visiting Oregon has discovered the grove of giant redwoods in Lost Crater And their existence has become a source of bitter conflict—between those who believe the trees are the dying mill town’s last hope and those who wish to keep the area a protected sanctuaryCaught up in the struggle Kate follows an old Halami Indian trail into the crater—and finds herself thrown five hundred years into the past There she encounters strange and enigmatic creatures—none frightening than the volcanic Gashra bent on destroying everything he cannot control To defeat him Kate must find the answer to an ancient riddle—and the courage to make the most difficult choice of her life

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    I have read this book several times I tend to wait until I have forgotten the end or at least parts of the middle before reading it again Since I've probably read it 4 times now over a 15 year span it probably merits stars That being said its probably close to 325 stars in terms of writing and creativity for an adult However the twist with the Native American culture and the time travel adventure make the book quite enjoyable Further its written for young adults and I think I read it for the first time in sixth grade That makes the evaluation scale skewed For an adult keep in mind it was written for middle schoolers and enjoy it For young adults the story and message are quite goodI recommend this to the eco friendly fantasy lover as a good quick read Fantasy purists may find the beginning slow and the overall book heavy on ecological concerns