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How Does It Feel To Live And Work In The World S Most Beautiful And Luxurious Tropical Island Resort, Surrounded By White Sandy Beaches And Aquamarine Seas How Does It Feel To Be In The Lap Of Luxury When You Re Thousands Of Miles From Anywhere Else And When The Guests Are Some Of The Richest And Most Demanding People In The World, Where Do You Find The Energy Every Day To Smile, Smile And Smile Again Beach Babylon Takes You Behind The Scenes At A Five Star Tropical Island Resort Do All The Stories Which Take Place Behind The Closed Doors Of The Exclusive Spa Have Happy Endings What Do The World S Richest People Expect From Room Service During Their Fortnight In Paradise What Does The Windsurfing Instructor Do To Keep Sane After Hours In The Bestselling Tradition Of Her Previous Babylon Books, Imogen Edwards Jones Investigates The Rivalries And Alliances Between The Staff At A Resort Where Pandering To The Guests Most Extravagant Whims Is De Rigueur With A Cast Of Millionaires, Celebrities, Hangers On And Prostitutes, Beach Babylon Takes You To A World Where Extreme Luxury Is The Norm And Where Excess Somehow Isn T Always Enough

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    Terrible writing, but the behind the scenes look at the world of luxury resorts was interesting enough to allow me to finish it Hour long read at most, preferably lying on a gorgeous beach somewhere.

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    Exactly what I needed frothy trash that just sort of erases itself from your mind while you read it, full of nonsense and rich people doing terrible things that I can judge them for.

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    What did I think Well, I actually quite liked it, but I am not willing to commit to saying it is a good book, only that I find it quite humorous and enjoyed reading it.The co author is pegged as Anonymous, and Anonymous is meant to be the manager of a five six star island resort The description of trying to run this resort in the middle of nowhere, with a very exacting guest list and dissatisfied staff was one I found quite funny The prologue claims all the events and anecdotes truly occurred, though the book condenses the events into a single week.You know, I don t really doubt that When the sheer unlikeness of some of the characters and stories is weighed against the pervasive realism of many of the stories, it does actually seem likely The setting is clearly Indo Pacific, I have actually been to resorts which had NO design features at all to allow for rainy days and I have stayed in places where the sheer idiocy of some of the guests boggles the imagination.In short I found the long list of misadventures of this resort funny and believable The writing was often uninspired, but the anecdotes carried the book.

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    This was an odd one Imogen Edwards Jones takes the behind the scenes gossip she gleaned from an anonymous source at an island resort and spins it into fiction faction some lumbering beast that resembles both fact and fiction but has the positive attributes of neither In Cold Blood, this is not In case you were wondering There are some interesting anecdotes about the lifestyles of the rich and famous in Beach Babylon, but the faux novel structure really didn t work for me Better to call a spade a spade and structure it as the reminisces of a hotel manager than to contrive a fictional storyline that delivers none of the emotion or drama of actual fiction.Structuring issues aside, I feel that the book s fatal flaw is that it dwells too long on the negatives of its resort setting Readers are after a vicarious vacation, surely I d rather have had a few pages to enjoy smelling the sea air, rather than spending the entire book rifling through the guests dirty laundry.

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    I did enjoy Beach Babylon, although not as much as my favourite Air Babylon book It is very breezy although I certainly would not want to work 24 7 in paradise like the manager delegation would be the answer although then of course there would be no story I guessed the plight of Ben Assistant Manager in the end and it was really like watching a documentary on the very wealthy, knowing that this life is very much out of reach unless I win the lottery.

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    These books exist for a reason, and that reason is for when your brain goes doolally and needs to stop thinking so much.

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    Talk about how the other half lives These ultra rich ultra spoilt holidaymakers want it all generally get it While this is supposed to be based on the experiences of an actual resort manager it s hard not to think that some of it s been exaggerated but I guess folk like these are out there although I can t imagine I will ever come into contact with someone who can afford to spend 10k a day to have a yacht on standby Anyhow, exaggerated or not it s an entertaining read about a lifestyle which I can only dream about.

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    5 stars cause I m pretty generous It s like watching a movie A stand alone movie from the mid 2000s Standard simple plot with few twists and turns just to make it tad bit complex Easy read I haven t read the other books in the series so maybe I ll change my rating if I ever do.

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    A good summer read An insight into the lives and luxuries of this paradise resort Very funny

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    Just the palette cleanser I needed after the last book.