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Texas Billionaire Joc Arnaud Had Triumphed Over His Illegitimate Roots To Become A Business Legend And No Baby Of His Would Grow Up Penniless And Ridiculed Like He Had So Whether Rosalyn Oakley Liked It Or Not, Their Child Would Bear His Name As Would She He Knew Rosalyn Wanted Nothing Than To Run Back To Her Little Ranch And Never Lay Eyes On Him Again Too Bad Because She Wasn T Going Anywhere With His Baby

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    While this was a good book, it didn t really touch me on a deep level I enjoyed reading it, but no huge impression was made I m a little disappointed by that, because normally I enjoy reading Ms Leclaire s novels very much Maybe it just wasn t a good weekend to read this one Having said that, I look forward to reading the book about Joc s sister, Ana, who marries a Prince.Things I liked about this story Honesty between the hero and heroine neither of them played any games They were straightforward with each other An issue came up but I could totally see why Joc made the choice he did He didn t lie about it though.Although Joc was a bit of a cutthroat businessman type, I liked and respected him I also liked and respected Rosalyn I must say that s a big plus when you re reading a romance novel You really don t care if the characters have a happy ending if you despise them.The motivations of the characters made sense to me It wasn t one of those books where I was left scratching my head about the way either character was acting Yet I felt disconnected and not emotionally stimulated by this book Reading is a calming, pressure releasing activity This book took my mind off a situation going on, but didn t really do much than that So all in all, a good read, but not great I have loved books by this author much Thus, my rating is a 3.5 4.0 stars.

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    I am taking a Romance Writing course and quickly realized that in most of the books that I read, romance is secondary to something else I decided to study the romance genre throughly by reading Harlequins The Billionaire s Baby Negotiation follows the romance formula taught in my class while still holding my attention I enjoyed the book and appreciated its brevity.

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    The writing was good but than that a character in this book reminded me of one of the best people that ever lived, my grandmother Agripina She took her husband s illegitimate child in to be raised with her own children because the mother s husband would not have been able to accept her In her words the sins of her parents wasn t the child s fault She always watched out for me and I miss her so much I ve been blessed with wonderful grandparents and I m so thankful to have gotten to know them Love to both my grandmothers and grandpa Roque Good twist in the end.

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    There was potential for a great plot and a lot of heat but I felt that overall the book was really flat All the elements and sticky problems were there to make an entertaining read, but I just wasn t pulled in It s not emotionally stimulating.I do have to say the book is better than the title makes it sound, and that at least in the beginning there are hints of a fun story, but somewhere between the original idea and the execution of the idea, something went wrong.

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    Another one with a slightly silly title, but this actually does what it says on the tin the negotiations between the hero and heroine are a nice running theme throughout Rather refreshingly, there are solid reasons for conflict, too A fun read.

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    I guess this was an okay read, nothing extraordinary about it What I liked best was that there really was no heavy drama between the H and the h And then in the end, they were willing to compromise with the other despite their initial stance, as long as they stayed together That was a win.

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    suka bgt sama karakter joc yg to the point, otoriter dan protektif bgt awal ny joc hanya ingin ranch rosalyntp stl ketemu face to face dgn rosalyn keinginan joc jd berubah.kalimat yg paling top itu..pas rosalyn nanya what do you want now n si joc lgs jb you rencana ny one night stand akhr ny jd berlanjutkarakter rosalyn tuh salah satu tokoh cew yg q suka krn berkarakter bgt n g gampang d intimidasi.ending cerita byk cerita keluarga arnaud yg terungkap.kenapa y gpu g nerbitin.

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    Couldn t put it down

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    The book felt incomplete, it was kind of a crappy read I remember now why I don t read much Day Leclaire novels They never make me feel happy afterwards, just annoyed.

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    Good read Missed something in the story though can t pinpoint what.