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A sumptuous banquet of life Author Robynn GabelThe author has an eye for beauty even in the midst of death and garbage it hints of hope it hints of sunshine it is inspiring Dawn Graves Outsider WritersThe truth about heroinIn The Shores We Walk Francis based on a postmodern St Francis of Assisi tells the story of four young people as they slowly self destruct while battling addiction homelessness and poverty He and his friends tell the story before and after their demise When Francis' girlfriend commits suicide he starts to drink heavily and use heroin instead of grieving falling into psychosis Francis leads a double life as a working student during the day and a sordid junkie by night It doesn't take long until he can no longer keep these lifestyles apart It is written through a veil of drugs and visits from beyond the grave The reader experiences the effects of hallucinations desperation and dope sickness with the comfort of being able to walk away from it in the endIt is a love story a tragedy a struggle of faith with brief moments of hope The shore is a metaphor for eternity and the walk is the exploration of the human condition using the word we is to say that we all share the same human struggle It is a fast paced story written in surreal prose from multiple points of view in a non linear fashion Will Francis find any closure and defeat his demons or will he too find himself in the same position as his loved ones dead?

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