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One thing my mother never knew and would disapprove of most of all was that I watched the Garretts All the timeThe Garretts are everything the Reeds are not Loud messy affectionate And every day from her rooftop perch Samantha Reed wishes she was one of them until one summer evening Jase Garrett climbs up next to her and changes everythingAs the two fall fiercely for each other stumbling through the awkwardness and awesomeness of first love Jase's family embraces Samantha even as she keeps him a secret from her own Then something unthinkable happens and the bottom drops out of Samantha's world She's suddenly faced with an impossible decision Which perfect family will save her? Or is it time she saved herself?A transporting debut about family friendship first romance and how to be true to one person you love without betraying another

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    What I loved about this book1 NO teenage angst from Samantha2 NO teenage drama with the main characters3 Jase and Samantha were very mature 17 year olds very refreshing4 GEORGE5 The Garrett family6 The easy loving trusting and patient relationship Jase has with Samantha 7 I LOVED that this book put a smile on my face and made me laugh almost the entire book Although it did have me teary eye a little bit at one point o8 FINALLY I loved that this book sucked me in and never wanted me to put it downSamantha lives next door to Jase for 10 years before they actually have their first encounter with each other on a face to face level She's from a well to do family and he's from a family of 8 children and a crazyloud household His family is something she wishes she could be a part of while her family is prim and proper mostly and she always follows the rules When Jase comes in to the picture it literally turns her world upside down This summer Samantha will fall in love and she will find the courage and strength to stand up for her self She will also learn the importance of friendship family love and making the right choices Ultimately she will learn that no matter the price you have to sacrifice by telling the truth even if you lose what you love the most that some people are willing to stick by you no matter what all you have to do is give them a chance FAVORITE SCENE with George Samantha and JaseIs Jase already going to marry you?I start coughing again Uh No No George I'm only seventeen As if that's the only reason we aren't engagedI'm this many George holds up four slightly grubby fingers Jase is seventeen and a half You could Then you could live in here with him And have a big family Jase strides back into the room of course midway through this proposition George Beat it Discovery Channel is onGeorge backs out of the room but not before saying His bed's really comfortable And he never pees in itThe door closes and we both start laughing

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    45Wasn't what I was expecting at all it was uite a bit intense but I really loved it

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    This is why I read YA books to get this feeling of joy of happiness of love Because I simply LOVE feeling my head so light and having my heart skip a beat remembering how it felt to fall in love for the first time and every time after thatI really like stories like this that get you through every stage of a young relationship; that make you hold your breath for the romantic moments for the first kiss; that make you smile at all the silliness and cuteness of the couple; that make you ache for them when they are in trouble and fall apart; that make you love them when they get back together much stronger as a couple much in love knowing themselves better accepting each other with the good and the bad feeling their love grow with every page with every wordI guess what I mean is that this is a very sweet romantic story that went straight to my heart and doesn't plan to leave too soonThere were so many emotions radiating through these pages with all that drama and those tangled situations that I almost didn't see a way to end the story well It was all so full of substance there was so much to laugh about to smile about to care about So much to enjoy so much to loveAnd yes the romance is absolutely lovely This is how first love feels like a bit clumsy out of place unpredictable and supposedly world shattering but also damn cute It made me smile scratch that it made me giggle like a child I like their sweetness and their cuteness and i could savor this love story foreverThe characters were amazing as wellI loved the main character Samantha There was something about her dreamy way of beeing about the way she thought about and watched from afar the family next door so opposed to her own the way she started to feel so loved by some people that she barely knew the way she needed to live for once after all that watching other people live their lives thing she's been doing Also I liked how she always wanted to help how she worked even though she didn't need to how she tried to stick to the truth even thoug it was supposed to break herI am not sure what would i have done in her place I love my family and I guess i would stick to them no matter what but I definitely hope not to find out this on my ownThen we have JaceHe was the best first boyfriend you could have Smart cute funny and patient I liked how open he was and honest how he treated Sam so well even when things got rough Also I loved how he was there for his siblings for his parents and I loved how he kept fighting for his dreams figuratively speaking even though there were such slim chances for them to come trueThere's only one thing that I missed I wanted him to play a song for Sam as i love guys paying guitarMy favorite character is probably little George I mean how could you not love him? He is the cutest boy ever He is smart and sweet and so damn lovely; I wanted to kiss him to hug him to take him home and adopt him He made me laugh so damn much and he deserves all the love and the fans he can getAnd as we're still at it there was one character that I loved  TimHe was troubled but he was such a nice guy I didn't know he was supposed to have so much impact in this story so it was a great surprise and I loved all the moments with him He was such a good friend when he was not being a jerk and when he was soberThis brings me somehow back to his sister Nan the very opposite of him We didn't get to know how things eneded with her but things like this happen all the time You have friends until one day you don't have them anyThings like 'best friends forever' are easier to say than do and the truth is that you don't need to work on keeping close a friend you just have to be there to enjoy the friendshipThis being said this book was awesome I loved it and i can't wait to read from this author I still wonder what would I do in Sam's shoes I am definitely not sureI know that when you fall in love you think that you deserve happiness and you probably do and when something so dark comes upon your love you need to have all the luck on your side to make things right again Again not sure if this was the way to do it I agree that these things can be handled privately scandals and fights are so not my thing but anyways it is a shame that someone might need to get to something like that that someone might suffer not only one person but many ; not only one family but twoSo let's welcome Huntley Fitzpatrick in this fabulous world of booksI really can't wait for awesomeness written by her soHappy writing Huntley and happy reading you guys For a better visual effect read this review at ReadingAfterMidnightcom Blog EN | Facebook | Twitter | Tumblr | Bloglovin' | Blog RO

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    UNPOPULAR OPINION HERE Samantha is a rich perfect girl with the perfect life body and shit She's got it all but a boyfriend Her neighbor is single hot and ridiculously perfect She's been stalking admiring him from her balcony for evah HEY IT'S LIKE MEANT TO BE The thing is Mom hates the Garrets They're too many eight kids and those morons never heard about birth control so Sam will be in SERIOUS trouble if she fraternizes with the enemy Life won't give her a break though She is surrounded by cheaters liars addicts so it's no wonder she secretly hangs out with the Garrets EVERYONE around Sam is corrupt mean and a bad influence but herMom works all the time Sam is usually alone so one day Jace pulls an Edward Cullen climbs up to Samantha's balcony and BOOM Cupid They fall in love I'd call it instalove but she's been stalking him for years soLife is good Sam works Jase works Everybody works but wait Tim and Nan the fucked up siblings Nan turns out to be a cheater envious of Sam's great accomplishments and perfect boyfriend But Nan's tired of her life college is going to be her ticket out because she has her conflicts too right? I'm sure Sam wants to know why her friend is so confused and why she needs to run away so desperately but wait WHY IS NAN CHEATING? WHY WOULD NAN DO THIS TO SAM? IT'S SO UNFAIR FOR PERFECT SAMAaaand there's Tim He's your typical bad boy character A lot of swearing and smoking And swearing too And apparently TIM IS FUCKING HONEST FOR FUCK SAKE FUCK So after being fucking angry that scene was so stupid he uit his immoral jobI dislike so many things about this bookI dislike this weird dynamic between Jase Sam and Tim And at one point I just couldn't care any less to understand I dislike sweet forgiving George Dude YOU NEED TO STOP TALKING This book makes me hate a little kid This book is evilI dislike Samantha's mom Obviously That control freak bitchI dislike the fact that almost nothing happened and so many issues were left unsolvedI dislike the fact that the unexpected event was so obviously implemented there with no connection whatsoever with the story line just to try to mix things up a little And the ending was so perfectly convenient for everybody I still feel like throwing up I dislike the beautiful deceptive coverI dislike all the expectations I had when I started reading this bookI dislike the fact that I'm the only one who dislikes this book

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    When I checked this book out at the library my favorite librarian looked at me funny and said This is not a you book I told her that every once in awhile I want fluffy I can do romancy young adult I think I should probably stick mostly with the serial killers and stalkersPrincess perfect Samantha lives a fairy tale life Her mommy is a politician who gained her throne through that handy trust fund Now next door to this paradise is one of those families The ones that never mow their lawn have way too many kids never pick up the toys and breast feed in public So Samantha watches them From her roof For years Then she finally gets to meet one of them Jace Then wellyou know what happens next if you read many young adult books Is it really insta love if she has stalked him for years? The uestions I haveThe thing is I did not really hate this one Jace does have an interesting family One kid named George that I'm gonna marry one of these days George saved this book Samantha's stoned friend Tim was pretty cool too Now for mommy and her political boyfriend If you want fluffy read this book It's not bad enough that I wanted to stab people Now I will go back to my regularly scheduled killing book

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    You know how I'm a contemporary snob? And it takes sooooo muuuuch for a contemporary to wrap around my heart and turn me into happiness and sprinkles? Well this book successfully stole my heart SCRAP THAT IT STOLE MY SOUL I AM SO IMPRESSED RIGHT NOW I have a few niggles but gahhhhhh I loved it It basically went through a checklist of ALL the things that win me over So it's basically possible that Huntley Fitzpatrick wrote it for me okay? Just so you know Because it had• huge emphasis on familyBIG families in fact which warms my soul because I have big family• a slow burn romance that started off as a friendship• all the secondary characters had personalities and lives and brains too and no one felt like a cardboard cut out• IT HAD FUNNY MOMENTS• Plenty of food• I think my emotions caught in a knot and I hiccuped with feels but ya know that probably wasn't me because I am Vulcan• Did I mention big families??????? What I was most impressed about is how the book did big families RIGHT It's like a culture truly And I loved the details Even to the point of going to the shop and having comments on why are you having so many kids and the prejudice towards mothers who breastfeed Why not? Why are people terrified by the idea of big families?? I'm one of 6 But the Garrett family had EIGHT kids And they just caught everything soooo weeell Like having the babies escaping clothes and mess and calamity and how the siblings interacted AWK 3 Although to be a complete pain my only nitpick in that realm is George I LOVED GEORGE He is the most adorable endearing 4 year old of the world ButI have a 4 year old nephew and George was a bit out of this world in terms of facts and cognitive ability and maturity But hey Not all 4 year olds are the same So I'm not going to say kids like George don't exist THEY DO They're also sometimes Autistic buthm I think George was getting all his facts and things from TV but still He's only 4 He seemed too mature Although I did so so love his characterThe story is about Samantha who lives OBVIOUSLY next door to the Garrett's She kind of has this thing about watching them Which could be creepy? But I related to that Maybe I am creepy? Fascinatingly big families with all their dynamics and life are super captivating to watch As a character though I didn't really love Sam She was uite calm collected rich perfectla la la I don't think she was badly written I just felt like she had little to no life ambitions Which I found sad? It's like the uiet characters almost NEVER have life ambitions until they get a boyfriend and wild friends and all that But ahem maybe I'm just being nitpicky here I didn't hate Sam or anything I loved her humour and I loved that she was never a snob And I lvoed that she so easily slotted into babysitting for the Garretts and how she never judged their life choices OMGAnd of COURSE I liked Jase Although I kept thinking of Jace from City of Bones because that's the only time I've seen that name Although Jase is short for Jason He fixed things sniffs He took care of babies sniiiiiiffs He was sweet and yet tough and loved cars and was kind of badass at the same time as being just an adorable golden hearted marshmallow sniiiiiiiiiiiiiffs LEAST TO SAY I SHIPPED ITAnd a uickie glance at some of the other secondary characters• Sam's mum Yeah she was AWFUL I'm sure she had OCD with all that obsessive vacuuming too by the way But she was definitely being manipulated and she didn't listen to her daughters and AT THE END SHE'S RATHER DESPICABLE Ugh A very narrow minded character Me no likee• Tracy Sam's older sister Tbh why was she even in the book? Because she mostly wasn't • Clay This is the evil much younger boyfriend of Sam's mum and AGH I HATE HIM SO MUCH HE WAS MANIPULATIVE By covered it by being smooth and charming Politics ugh • Nan Despite being named after Peter Pan's dog she was in fact not loyal or nice I didn't like Nan very much because she seemed a bit acidicly jealous towards Sam's lifeand then at the endno Nan You should've stayed the dog in a children's story• Tim Oh Tim Tim Tim At first I hated him He obviously has some mental health issues and addictions and he was always stoned and drunk But I don't think having a crappy life EVER excuses you from being a jerk okay? OKAY But thenTim grew on me And by the end even with his failings at least he was trying and he was funny And I just found myself rooting for him to have a better lifeOh and the plot takes you on a WHIRLWIND of emotions The writing was uite detailed so I actually didn't whip through the book very fast But I felt like I was soaking it all in and I really felt INSIDE the story I could see it all And the ending Woooow wowo wowoowow I was flipping pages frantically and WAILING Because it has a huge moral dilemma and it's just all a bit gut wrenching And I also appreciated that there weren't any wild drunk parties in this book LIKE NONE I really die a bit at all the contemporaries that have a million parties Least to say I'm NOT a party animal So I always kind of zone out But this had work and family chaos and tragedy and politics and work because these teens are earning money and being responsible and YEAH I loved thatI ship it I love it Big families Melted ice cream SERIOUSLY I THINK THIS BOOK IS EVERYTHING I had me totally caught up AHHHHHHH It's basically a 45 star rating And the only reason it doesn't get to the top is it's very LONG and I felt a lot of the timeit was dragging a bit in the middle? Most of the time I was okay with thatbut YEAH Also I really don't understand American politics I JUST DON'T So whenever it fell into that jargon I withered like a petunia in the desert But basically I loved this book And as a mostly non contemporary readerTHAT IS A BIG DEAL I wish there were books with enormous families and all the chaos and love that goes with it Because it's beautiful and it's challenging and BIG FAMILIES FTW I SAY Also entirely shippable romances and cute boys and fabulous witty banter also is awesome That too

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    its that time of year again where i dive into the sweet summery goodness of YA contemporary perfection and this would have been the perfect book to kick the season off had it not done the biggest 180 twisty turn in the history of surprises im not sure if it counts as a spoiler so i wont mention what happens but things get very heavy and very dramatic towards the end i appreciate HF attempting to make this novel deeper than what the genre usually sees but for me it doesnt work in this storys favour it feels out of place and the complete shock of it didnt allow me to really process it emotionally i also dont think its wrapped it up well there are a lot of loose ends and no definite conclusion to many of the problems i dunno the first 70% of this is a charmingly fun 4 star read that had me grinning like a fool but then the entire mood of the book changes and i wasnt uite ready for that kind of a shame it didnt have a positive impact ↠ 35 stars

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    I really enjoyed this Sam and Jase are SUCH great characters and I really enjoyed seeing them fall in love even if it was a little bit of insta loveA lot of things surprised me about this book and it just gave me the warm fuzzies all the time I AM STILL SMILING So great So wonderful Bless

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    This book was worth waiting for I've read it in two days despite the fact that I was head over heels in all that boring end of the school year paperwork that us teachers are so fond of First I can not believe that this is Huntley Fitzpatrick's debut novel I've read so many bad books lately and those autors didn't have the excuse of first attempt in their writing carieers My Life Next Door reminded me a lot of Sarah Dessen novels by the concept and the writing style And I love Sarah Dessen My Life Next Door is great example of what does it mean to create believable characters we are introduced with everyone gradually and getting the informations about each characters trought their actions There isn't author's eulogy about them on five pages or constant describing of every single chlothing choice Dear autors you can describe but make sure it actally has a point and that it's relevant for the story like clue in mystery novel On the other hand three pages descriptions of what your main heroine is wearing on her first day in school just for the sake of describing is not a good move What I liked the most? The way relationship between Samantha and Jase developed There's such a positive message for all the young girls if I had a teenage daughter I would make her read this book But it's not just another story about girl who falls for the boy read it and you'll see For the end I can say only one thing I can't wait for Huntley Fitzpatrick's next novelPS September 8th 2013I think that I'll re read this book soon

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    Rating 25 StarsEverything about My Life Next Door screams “summer chick flick” From its flirty cover to its sappy title to its shockingly bright synopsis you’d think you couldn’t go wrong with this book I was expected a Sarah Dessen type novel and what I got instead is something I can only relate to authors who I happen to loathe like Stephanie Meyer or Becca Fitzpatrick even though they’re not contemporary authors I think what pains me the most is that I really liked the first half of this novel It was slow it was a little too happy but it was nice It had potential Ultimately though it just didn’t live up Samantha Reed seems to have everything – the perfect grade point average a beautiful home a rich and successful mother a perfect figure and gorgeous genes Yet what no one else seems to see is that her mother is hardly a mother – she vacuums obsessively and has been aloof strict and apart ever since Sam’s father abandoned their family before she was even born Thus Sam cannot help but gaze wistfully at her neighbors the Garretts who have eight children seem to be broke and yet have all the happiness in the world When Jase the third eldest Garrett child introduces himself to Samantha her dream of becoming part of their life comes true Samantha couldn’t be happier – until that is her senator mother makes a grave mistake that could destroy her newfound happiness and love I’m not going to lie – I was uite impressed by this story at first Samantha was an interesting protagonist one who was suffering underneath her perfect disguise yet she never let that get in the way of her interactions with others She constantly tried to be the perfect daughter the perfect neighbor the perfect best friend the perfect girlfriend and I think that is something everyone can relate to Yet Samantha paled in comparison to the Garretts In some ways this novel reminded me of Cheaper by the Dozen – two loving parents with a large family of children do their best to make it work Further these kids despite their vastly different personalities all love one another and seem to mesh perfectly as siblings Seeing Samantha fit into this euation was nothing short of entertaining and only increased my respect for her In addition to the Garretts though another family that played a huge part in this novel was Sam’s best friend Nan and her brother Tim Sam has grown up with these two since childhood and I loved how realistically their relationships were portrayed – well in the first half of the novel Usually authors never give too much emphasis to the best friend but Nan was given a lot of importance in this story which I liked – especially because a friend’s problems their life and their struggles impact your life as well Further Tim Nan’s older brother undergoes immense growth and change throughout this novel as well as being one hell of an intelligent sassy and funny guy – all ualities which instantaneously made him my favorite character Although I loved Jase the main love interest Tim was simply so much Jase is kind polite and perfect to the point where he has no flaws He is an attentive boyfriend a doting son an inspirting brother and an adoring child in general Sam’s relationship with Jase was cute fun and likeable They had their awkward moments their gradual growth and their eventual path to love I liked all of these things but somewhere after the half way point of this book everything began to go downhill First and foremost one of the main issues that can be seen even from the beginning of the novel is the fact that Sam’s mother hates Jase’s family She thinks they’re too big and she despises that since her own unreliable husband came from a family just like theirs So of course when Sam becomes involved with Jase her mother doesn’t know about it and surprisingly enough neither does Sam’s best friend Logically speaking this should have been a big problem in the story Jase should have been very upset by this he should have seriously uestioned Sam’s feelings for him but he didn’t because you know Jase is just such a sweet and forgiving guy Is this realistic? No not even close Strike #1 Although Problem #1 bothered me I was able to let it go and trudge onwards with the story to Problem #2 This is a friendship problem with Nan – one which in my opinion was original different and really interesting I wanted to see how this played out I was curious I was excited – uniueness in YA Contemporary Fiction? It was unheard of Yet what winds up happening in this situation is that Nan refuses to speak to Sam and even after Sam finally gets the backbone and guts to force Nan to speak to her they have a short conversation and end their friendship of twelve years just like that I don’t know about you but I wouldn’t walk away from my best friend of twelve years that easily I let it go though I kept thinking it would come up later that it would be resolved eventually Spoiler Alert That eventual closure we’re waiting for? It doesn’t happen Sam doesn’t even get to say her perspective of the issue in fact She just listens to Nan nods walks away and Nan is never mentioned ever again Irritating? Yes Unrealistic? Yes Strike #2? YesIf you haven’t already figured out so far Samantha has some serious issues – not only in her life but with her personality as well Most importantly she has no backbone A Gryffindor she most certainly is not She lacks the courage to tell her mom about her perfect boyfriend she lacks the courage to salvage her friendship with Nan but the last straw comes when she lacks the courage to do what is right This is a spoiler free review for the most part so all I can really say is that her mother does something bad – really bad – and it affects the Garretts who are poor and struggling to make ends meet in a really bad way Samantha knows that her mother is responsible for this act that is causing the Garretts to suffer but no one else knows about it so what should she do? Well first of all she should tell her boyfriend What she does do instead though is tell herself that what she thinks isn’t true – denial I’m not heartless so I can accept denial but not for eight days or a weeksomething like that Plus even after that eight days when she finally accepts it’s true she still doesn’t tell Jase This entire situation plays out in such a ridiculous manner that it is not even funny Sam’s mother is Senator Reed running for re election so the truth can’t com out because of her campaign but you know what? I don’t care Everyone is raised with a moral sense of right from wrong and the decisions Sam and her mother make are wrong irritating and disappointing Of course this situation all solves itself up very nicely but I hated its entire presence in the novel Not only does it take up the entire second half of the novel it ruins it Strike #3Avid baseball fans or not baseball fans like me will know that after three strikes you are out and boy was this book out – out of my shelf out of my life out What upsets me the most though is that this book had a lot of potential It had uniue and original ideas but its execution of them was disappointing and lacking I think the author’s intention was for this novel to be an expose about how a girl who seems to have everything together really doesn’t How she makes mistakes loses friends and her life falls apart Well Sam’s life did fall apart but that was because of stupid mistakes idiotic decisions and loss of a brain for eight days I suppose some may argue that that is life it is realistic but if you read this book you’ll know that these situations and the way they were handled were not realistic Further Sam’s sister was only in this novel for 2% of it which was a huge mistake I kept thinking of how things would have been different if Sam’s sister was there and I think it would have been a stronger novel if her relationship with her sister was allowed to develop Gosh that brings me to another problem There was no development of relationships in this novel except between Sam and the Garretts and Tim withwell everyone because he’s just awesome like that Even by the end of the novel Sam’s mother felt like the same Crappy Mom of the Decade since she was being a selfish pig Further I haven’t even mention Supreme Villain of All Time Clay Clay is a douche bag an idiot a guy with the wrong priorities and he also happens to be Senator Reed’s boyfriend cue gag I don’t want to talk about him I hate him and all you need to know is that he sucks My Life Next Door is a novel with a lot of potential a lot of hope and a lot of disappointment The first half of this book is sweet caring and fun but then it just becomes strike after strike after strike After reading it I can’t even say that I liked it If anything I feel as if I wasted a huge chunk of my time Looking back I don’t even feel that invested in Sam and Jase’s relationship since Jase was so perfect and Sam was so unworthy of him and any problems they had weren’t even dealt with in a realistic and proper manner sigh I’m sorry to say that My Life Next Door goes right back on my shelf of disappointing debuts Fitzpatrick had some great ideas in this one but everything just fell flat in the end Perhaps a experienced author would have been better suited to write such a complex novel but Fitzpatrick was simply unable to handle the plethora of scenarios in this one That being saidI Am Out You can find this review and on my blog Ivy Book Bindings