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With Her Creamy Skin, Sultry Eyes And Luscious Mouth, Carrie Whelan Was Ripe For The Plucking, And Ry Evans Was Starving For A Taste Of Her Still, He Wasn T About To Ravish His Best Friend S Virginal Baby Sister, No Matter How Appetizing She Looked It Was His Job To Keep Her Out Of Trouble And Safe From Predatory Males But There Was Only So Much One Cowboy Could Take, Especially When Carrie S Little Crush On Ry Exploded Into Passion, And Ry Staked His Claim On Her Body, Heart And Soul

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    Breathless For The Bachelor is my favorite book in the Stolen Baby series so far It was an enjoyable read.Carries has been in love with her brother s best friend Ryan since forever But he only looks at her like a kid sister and it s killing her He didn t want her So she decided to move on and put the moves to the new doctor in town.Ryan cares a great deal with Carrie than he d like to admit When his best friend Travis asked him to be her watchdog, he noticed things that he tried to ignored for years He keeps telling himself that he shouldn t have feelings for her. She s his best friend s little sister that makes her off limits But when Carrie came to him crying, his resolved shattered and gave in to his desires The entire time I was reading the book was like watching a Romantic Comedy in my head I love Ryan and Carrie They are so darn cute together I had so much fun reading this It filled with so much love and laughter I loved those operation sabotage Carrie and Nathan s date scenes Way to go, Ry They were also a lot of laugh out moments in the book Andthe chemistry between them was off the charts Hot And I loved how protective Travis was It made me wish I had an older brother, especially one like him.If you re looking for a short, fun, sexy and sweet read with a suspense mystery elements thrown in the book, Breathless for the Bachelor is the one for you

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    4.25 Stars This is the fourth installment in the Texas Cattleman s Club The Stolen Baby series A very good book and picks up right where book 3 leaves off.I highly recommend this book as well as the series.

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    An adorable quick read, yet another that made me get up and buy the next in the series immediately.This book is classic Harlequin Desire style, with hot chemistry and good characters Ryan s best friend s little sister has grown up, and she never did shake the crush she had on him when she was 16 He s trying to protect her from danger which popped up in Book 3, and not get killed by her big brother for compromising Carrie And boy does she rub it in when he uses that word It s easy to visualize this cowboy butting into Carrie s life and driving her up the wall, and the characters are very realistic The few times he loses control with her, he hurts her and drives her into danger There s no big mystery or twists here, just a classic little romance book But sometimes you need something to just cheer you up and take you away for a few hours, and this is well written with a great cast of characters.I love the Cattlemen s Club, and this is certainly worth a couple bucks to read while waiting in rush hour The next book in the series Pretending with the Playboy was disappointing, but Breathless for the Bachelor was great.

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    Since childhood, siblings Carrie and Travis Whelan have remained close friends with Ryan Evans Twenty four year old Carrie held onto her childhood crush for Ryan, ever hopeful he would be her first sexual partner Once looked upon as a surrogate brother, Ryan fought inner battles with his feelings for Carrie as a desirable woman, knowing he could not cross that line against his friendship with Travis Preoccupied with hiding his fianc e from the dangerous Dr Roman Birkenfeld, Travis entrusted Ryan to keep guard over Carrie which intensified Ryan s frustration With an angered Roman on the loose, Travis suspected he may use Carrie to succeed in extracting his revenge Breathless for the Bachelor was interesting to read from the beginning with its teasing bantering and slow sensual build up of passion Combining a frustrating relationship with a threat of danger intensified the passion and the strong bond of the characters.

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    Cassie s had a crush on Ryan for years for the most part, Ryan s known about this and has assumed she d eventually outgrow it Now Cassie s all grown up though, and ready to take charge of her love life If only she could get her brother Travis and his surrogate guardian, aka Ryan, to buzz off and leave her alone Hilarious in parts as Ryan inserts himself into poor Cassie s dates, Ms Gerard s story is a fun in love with brother s best friend story Very entertaining to see Ryan come to realize that Cassie s definitely all woman and he wants to stick close not because he has to, but because there s no other place he d rather be.Book 4 in the Stolen Baby series, this mostly focuses on Cassie and Ryan, but also moves the overarching plot along as well.

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    A short, quick read, but still fulfilling in the romantic sense Worth reading for those who like short romances But a word of warning, the book really should be read with the other books in the Texas Cattleman s Club The Stolen Baby series as there is an overall story arc Unless you read them all, you miss key parts and the resolution.

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    good one though it annoyed me dat ry and carrie behaved like two immature teenagers ry was so messed up and confused about his feelings for carrie it was ridiculous for a grown up and experienced man not to know he was in love, had been for years

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    now, I m ready for Loca Por Un Hombre

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    I like feisty carrie Think the doctor should not have gotten away Cab t wait for next book

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    3.5 stars.