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A PRETTY YOUNG WOMAN Denise Amber Lee was a 21 year old happily married mother of two little boys She had her whole life ahead of heruntil an intruder broke into her Florida home Within a few short hours she was savagely terrorized murdered and buried naked in a shallow grave near a desolate swampA DEPRAVED KILLER Michael King a 38 year old out of work plumber was a ticking time bomb For years neighbors called the police on King complaining that among other things he'd thrown battery acid in their pool and slashed their tires Denise's fate was far worse In a horrifying act of cruelty King bound her with duct tape raped her repeatedly then shot her deadA TRAGIC FAILUREIncredibly Denise managed to call 911 twice during her abduction Eyewitnesses and her distraught husband also called but a slow inefficient system tragically failed her As a result Florida passed the Denise Lee Law setting voluntary standards for 911 systems King was sentenced to death But for Denise and her loving family it was too lateIncludes 16 Pages of Shocking Photos

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