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Nikki Fine S Debut As An Exotic Dancer Is Also Her Closing Act Because The Moment She Pops Out Of The Cake At A Bachelor Party, Nikki Manages To Clock Adam Burke Fortunately, He Overlooks Their Collision, Which Leads To A Very Private And Satisfying EncounterBut It Seems This Fling Isn T Meant To Be It Turns Out Adam Is A Conflict Of Interest At Nikki S New Day Job The One She Can T Afford To Lose Resisting Him Is Easier Said Than Done When He Keeps Showing Up At Her Office Maybe She Can Risk Borrowing This Bachelor One Time This book was awful I read a lot of the Blaze books, and this book did not have the same feel as others in the series The characters were very one dimensional, and the plot was weaker I know these books are relatively short, but I have read better. This was my first book by Karen Kendall I enjoyed her writing style funny and down to earth, with a good combination of quirkiness, chemistry and troubles While the premise behind Nikki Adam s meeting s is a bit outrageous, I found the rest of their growing relationship to be very believable It really felt like two people who were in the getting to know you period and making mistakes and figuring things out as they fell in love and I really liked the nontypical ending I would actually give it 3 1 2 stars if I could I liked it a lot, but some of the immaturity factor especially Dev, see below kept me from giving it a higher score I guess.I will likely be reading from Ms Kendall, but I have to say that I m not sure if that will be the next in this series It apparently focuses on Dev, who we got a fairly developed introduction to in this book I do love a reformed rake story, but perhaps it s better if you haven t actually been privy to some of his escapades in advance I really didn t like his character and found him to be much of an immature d bag than a charming rogue Undecided on whether I can get behind him as a hero in his own story. This was a quick read for me for some reason The characters actually are pretty inspid now that I think in retrospect The premise is far fetched and funny Nikki bursting out of a cake as a pseudo stripper and nearly knocking Adam s nose off I was into that farce for a while Despite the heroine s accusations re hero s blowing hot and cold , I feel she too was doing the same So we have this back and forth motion of reconciliation and misunderstanding which is fine initially but it got tiresome midway through, until the real show stopper came along, after which the reunion seemed forced By the way, graphic designers do not use Photoshop every day And we do not spend our careers airbrushing heads onto other people s bodies In fact, I ve not done that, speaking as a graphic designer myself Yet.