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There s a feature on goodreads that you can put in a question for requesting friends to answer Mine is Which book would you want to live in It s interesting to me which books these are for others I ve found some good books this way The kind of books that someone wants to be real That s what I want I have declined people who wrote something about how they wouldn t want to live in a book I love my life They probably wouldn t like me anyway Good for you, then But did they sob have to say Why would anyone want to live in a book Because I don t really know the answer to that myself, not definitively I would like to travel Watership Down is the book that I felt like I really did live in it That feeling is precious to me I want to live it as often as I possibly can I haven t reread it than twice I m saving it for when I really need it If something is compared to Watership Down I will want to read it It was obvious that I was leading up to this, right They aren t allowed to leave the house and they gotta have babies for the iron fisting man of that house That sounds like General Woundwort Sign me up You might recall my adventures last year with Watership Down with Birds and More Watership Down with Birds They are immensely popular If my goodreads bud Manny invoked the great Watership Down name that s all I need to be as slutty as a bunny once Plus, I like the cover I don t know what it is about Watership Down that made me lose myself in it If I knew I would be making up wonderful stories that don t feel like just stories for myself right now instead of this review I would be happy I didn t think about me at all Richard Adams did not succeed in recreating this in More Tales from Watership Down or Plague Dogs Beak of the Moon didn t have it They aren t bad books, or anything, they just didn t have the lived in feeling Beak of the Moon was too self conscious If you could hardly take a bite because the sound of your own crunching on cereal disturbed you that would be Beak of the Moon Or if I wrote a story that detailed every freaking step I started and ended on the wrong foot Way too boring and someone sucked the air out of the room not to mention the bizarre propaganda for the birds themselves Keas can t read Although they are incredibly intelligent creatures and with better problem solving skills than I have They don t know you are telling them not to eat the sheep they need to survive They wouldn t need it if man hadn t destroyed their natural habitats Weirdo Ramblefoot is self conscious in a different way It s like telling a fairy tale with a moral of the story in place right beside you as you are conscious of walking I never forgot that I was reading the book Kaufman would throw in such asides as not a direct quote All troubled young wolves know that or feel that I want to feel it with him I want to forget about me If you love yourself then everyone else will love you Platitudes, really Well meaning, but you can t live platitudes Please don t tell me that you can live platitudes and I ve been doing everything all wrong this whole time I liked that Kaufman went for the angle about the lone wolf and living in a pack survival mentality It was than the looking for the home to be yourself in and then figuring it out later who the self is The self is the home Hunger in the belly, who do you absolutely have to have to survive Food is loneliness and that starvation is the hunger The survival of the fittest angle in Beak of the Moon everyone has read this so I don t feel bad about constantly making comparisons depressed the shit out of me Isn t there to life than that Ramblefoot was wolf versus wolf I mean wolf in wolf s clothing I mean the inner wolf It s an edge of the bigger life The wolves get meat drunk a lot and partake in meat orgies It s not what it sounds like and is totally what it sounds like If you are thinking of what I am thinking of Life is eating, shitting, fucking and rolling over for the dog eat dog I can believe that without the greeting card on my birthdays to remind me I haven t figured everything out yet Sure, Raspail could get kind of emo coughs doing the lone wolf thing I am not a rational reviewer, though, so I mentally complained about the pack urge The love interest Kileo who makes him work for it but also saves his life and never gives up, leading the other wolves in his absence blah blah I felt as if I were reading it as a flashback it was so predictable I believed it when he wasn t yearning to be apart of something else If it had felt like something you missed, instead of a how it should be freaking fairy tales If I imagined how a wolf felt when he was on the chase for the kill I wouldn t be trying to imagine anything beyond that Maybe it is hard to be a wolf because you think about the rules too much Packs mean other people Lick the wounds and regroup Eat even though it won t last and you ll only break your diet Also, I m not a normal pack kind of girl and the marriage and the kids and the house is too abstract I loved his raven friend, Poitu The bird wasn t what anyone is handed down in the spoken or unspoken rules of society That shit just doesn t happen They had no rules Maybe I just wanted to live it without thinking about what the rules are so much like Poitu Rules of storytelling, maybe Gut feeling and not what you tell yourself is really good advice and maybe you had best follow it The whole fairytale thing Tell yourself a story and you don t have a rules playbook.It might not be a bad thing that I didn t feel one of the pack, as far as rationally judging a books merit goes None of them really did feel like they could belong Position isn t secure You have to fight for it Dominated or dominating yes, I mean that kind of dominate I haven t been this creeped out since the attempted rape scene in Dark of the Moon My gr buddy Mark Monday mentioned in his review that pack animals may not resent their placement in a pack as they do in Ramblefoot I see a lot of power play just with my dogs so it may be possible I don t know that much about wolves except that they look awesome on posters and t shirts set against awesome backgrounds of lightning storms Kaufman seems to have researched and made shit up equally One wolf puts his arm around another wolf The dwarf wolf does a back flip The baddie inexplicably takes his revenge against young Raspail when he fails to dominate the white wolf he lusts over ruining Raspail s life for some time to come It was hard to take it seriously when it was so ridiculous his whole issue was over that It was pretty icky when another wolf s penis is stuck inside his bitches ass Played for slapstick effect He reminded me of when my chihuahua feist mutt Seamus humps his toys He ll cry and hold onto it with his teeth, breathing heavily before having another go at it The image didn t exactly make me feel the drama He was as confused about pack life as Raspail It shouldn t have been pathetically humorous I can tell myself that things work and other things don t work if I force my brain to be book review objective Besides all that, I know it s not a bad book I also know that it wasn t as good as I wanted it to be If I knew how I would write my own book and me and Bigwig would be hanging out better than Raspail and any of his wolves ever could Poitu can come over Ravens are just as cool on t shirts.Oh yeah, and a disclaimer I could have read this for free Manny kindly offered to and did contact the author, Ken Kaufman, on my behalf He still needed my address and I had one of my moments that I probably shouldn t admit to on goodreads of not contacting the author with my address Anyway, I paid the 1.99 on kindle That I did that is totally in keeping with Ramblefoot, though I know I m being dumb and I m gonna do it anyway Don t ask me to explain it Wait until a writer tries to make up what he thinks howling at the moon sounds like Maybe they ll get some of it right. From ISawLightningFall.comTHREE AND A HALF STARSNote I received a review copy of the following title from its author.It s funny how some books transform entire genres while others don t For instance, ever since a guy named John Ronald Reuel published a big book about a place named Middle Earth in 1954, fantasy has flung up worlds populated with dragon and orcs and dwarves But for some reason, the equally excellent Watership Down penned by fellow Brit Richard Adams never left quite the same footprint Few authors have attempted his feat of blending naturalistic zoology with imaginary animal cultures But at least some are trying, such as Ken Kaufman with his Jack London influenced Ramblefoot.Raspail shouldn t have survived his infancy The only member of his litter to emerge from the womb alive Born to an ancient mother cast out by her own clan Left to wander the wilderness in search of sustenance Few wolves could ve prevailed against such odds, yet Raspail did, even finding a place amongst a new pack But his woes have only begun Political machinations from without and private scheming from within will soon force him away from his new family, out into a hostile world where he ll face the most dangerous of predators man.For a first time author, Kaufman does remarkably well in a difficult genre Like Adams, he incorporates lots of lupine biological detail, such as wolves mating habits and dietary patterns He also invents an interesting ethos for them, making them ancestor worshipers who believe the full moon is the all seeing eye of the departed What s , Kaufman has a good sense of plotting He layers his characters interactions with conflict upon conflict Unfortunately, if Ramblefoot stumbles, it s in its style An unfortunate tendency to tell and not show combined with a love of adverbs and adjectives rob a number of scenes of their dramatic impact Still, those who enjoyed Watership Down may find it worthwhile to traipse after Ramblefoot. I got sent Ramblefoot last week by the author He s a screenwriter with some impressive credits to his name Space Cowboys, Curious George This is his first novel.Well, I ve just finished it, and I m unusually conflicted about what to say It s easy to pick holes The language is clunky and there is a startling lack of proofreading It has a very unfinished feel to it But in many ways it s quite a worthwhile book The author wants to tell a story where all the characters are wolves, and not anthropomorphize them than is absolutely necessary it s the Watership Down formula with wolves instead of rabbits, but taken much further He seems to know a fair amount about wolves there are many striking details it s hard to imagine him making up He describes how obsessed they are with killing and eating prey, how they play and fight together to establish dominance, how they mate There is a lot of extremely graphic violence and some equally graphic sex Wolves do not exactly come across as nice guys, though they have a nobility the author captures well The central figure, Raspail, is sympathetic He s a ferocious black wolf who almost loses his voice when his larynx is crushed in a fight, and as a result he is expelled from his pack He has many adventures and suffers greatly The other characters aren t particularly well drawn, but Raspail is memorable and carries the story forward You want to know what will happen to him and the pack of fellow outcasts he assembles round himself There are some strong images that I m sure will stay with me I wondered why the author had written it Is he Raspail I couldn t help considering the idea It s easy to see that he might be an excellent screenwriter he plans scenes and lays out the plot confidently He s just not a novelist, though His prose is leaden, but he doesn t really care Maybe he s the noble wolf with the broken voice, exiled in novel land and planning a terrible revenge I hope he returns in triumph and vanquishes his enemies and turns this into the movie it was really meant to be I d go and watch it. note I was sent a free review copy by the author Ramblefoot is a debut novel, and has several of the usual weaknesses of self published debut novels typos, leaden prose, etc I did enjoy the story, but I can t really give a full throated recommendation for several reasons.One, there s a little too much tell and not enough show We re informed right in the first chapter that Raspail, the wolf protagonist, is headed for great things because of his character he s tough and noble And when I say we re informed, I mean that the narrator steps away from the book, looks directly at the reader, and says, HEY THERE THIS IS WHAT S GOING TO HAPPEN CHECK OUT HOW AWESOME THIS DUDE IS There are several other places where the narrator breaks the fourth wall in that fashion, particularly in parenthetical asides, and it really hurts immersion.TwoI m finding it difficult to articulate this objection Basically, the problem is that the book starts out as highly realistic I can t recall anything metaphysical in the first few chapters It appears to be a straight depiction of pack life, much like how Watership Down is mostly a straight depiction of burrow life So when the metaphysical element finally gets introduced and the book transforms into something like Tailchaser s Song with Hagi playing the role of Eatbugs , it s too late to get total immersion, and it s just too hard to buy Siksak surviving being boiled alive, Raspail s intelligence, his communication with Kileo across a distance, and especially the reincarnation thing Notice that in Watership Down, Fiver s abilities are introduced almost on the very first page and Blackberry s cleverness is introduced on the first step of the journey, so by the time stealing the does from Efrafa enters the picture, the reader is fully on board and doesn t go, Now wait a minute They re rabbits And whatever happened to Siksak Last we saw him, he was following Hagi Another problem I had is that the wolves were not human enough to relate to There s plenty of defecation, urination, and estrus, with vivid descriptions of same Of course, I know perfectly well that that s realistic, just as I know what Hazel and the others were really doing whenever they chewed pellets , but it was toogritty for me I certainly couldn t recommend this book to children, because parents would have too many questions to answer, I think.All that said, Ramblefoot is still an interesting read Raspail s journey is the traditional hero journey, complete with mentor figures, wandering, early losses, injuries, and triumphant return, and I liked his nobility and courage The wolves are recognizably wolves, not furry humans I always like a spot of Shown Their Work, even when I do think it shows a leetle too much I do recommend the book to adults who like animal fiction. Full disclosure I received this book through Goodreads First Reads program.This review is a WIP.So far I m very delighted with this book Raspail is an indomitable spirit, and it s a joy to watch his transformation from an orphaned pup to a valuable pack member Even when things take a horrible turn for him, he finds a way to persevere Most of the wolves are fleshed out and distinct in their characterization There are lots of betrayals, and inter pack politics which makes for a juicy story I m not really sure what I was expecting when I opened to the first page, but this wasn t it I am pleasantly surprised.The interlinking plots and characters were nicely done, as Kaufman covers the exploits of several packs of wolves There were several plot threads that materialized toward the end of the story and were not resolved.The social hierarchy of the wolves is rendered in an understandable and, to me, believable manner There is information on the myths of the wolves and their habits, body language, hunting techniques, etc Of course in stories like these there is heavy anthropomorphism, but so far it doesn t feel like I have to greatly suspend all notion of disbelief to get into the lore All of these rambling descriptions do make the story wordy than it strictly has to be, but I enjoyed it for the world building The story is very adult the fighting and hunting is rendered with visceral language, mating is discussed frankly, etc.There are errors, mostly punctuation, but at one point Parsay s name is used instead of Poitu s That was a bit confusing for a moment More proofreading was definitely needed. This book was received as a free advanced reader s copy.This was a very wolfy book Well it would have to be, with a wolf as the protagonist I wasn t sure what to expect at first but was pleasantly surprised It was a unique tale involving animals, which usually is a good combination.Orphaned at a young age, Raspail clings desperately to survival, and is luckily picked up by some kindly wolves from another pack They hope that he will become a strong hunter for the pack and they see something in him t hat tells him they won t be far off in their assessment Raspail is a survivor, and a natural born leader But misfortunes happen in his pack, and after the Facet leader is murdered, and Raspail suffering from an injury to his voice, he is unable to convince them of his innocence in the matter and has to flee He wanders and regains strength with the help of a peculiar raven who becomes his friend and protector of sorts Together they are joined by an older wolf, a story teller and what is known as a ramblefoot, a wolf who travels He tells of a great land where game is free for the taking, but even with a full stomach, Raspail thinks of the pretty wolf he left behind and can t remain content.Since these were wolves they can t exactly be related to normal characters for the majority of the time Although I noticed that some of them had very human characteristics As to their mannerisms, I only know a tiny bit about wolves, but they seemed to act in normal wolfish ways to me, yet the story progressed nicely with their thoughts and conversations Raspail is a strong character and he really does emanate the strong leader vibe I didn t find the bad guys extremely menacing, but considering that they re animals I suppose that s ok since I don t really see animals as being naturally evil I did like Hagi the ramblefoot wolf He was interesting and kind of like a guide for Raspail The raven was a nice touch too.This is kind of a wolf adventure in my mind There isn t a real set plot unless you consider Raspail following his heart, but its just the tale of his life and what he goes through I did think the ending was a little bit abrupt The pace of the rest of the novel was well done, enough to keep it interesting but not rushed, but I just felt that the ending did start the rushing and would have loved for it to be drawn out The writing had a nice tone to it and I liked the way the wolves communicated and played and just generally went about life It should be noted though, that the wolf females were commonly referred to as a name that in all other contexts is a bad word, and one that I cannot put in this review But since that s a proper name its alright to me.A nice read Good for those who like animals and especially would like to get in their heads sometimes Since wolves are pretty popular, I can see a range of people enjoying this book.RamblefootCopyright 2011293 pagesReview by M Reynard 2011More of my reviews can be found at ifithaswords.blogspot.com Exiled From His Province Cobb Ash For A Crime He Did Not Commit, Raspail Becomes The Most Wretched Of Wolves, A Ramblefoot Now He Must Survive On His Own Navigating The Treacherous Outer Fringes Of The Wolf Provinces, Dangerously Close To Where The New Predator Wages War On The Wolf It Is Here, In An Anarchic Enclave Where Meatdrunk Ramblefoots Plunder The Bountiful Treasures Of Man, That Raspail Comes To Prominence As A Legend Among Wolves But Raspail Has No Interest In Power, Only Kileo, The Love He Was Torn From With Old Foes Waiting To Assassinate Him And Cob Ash Recently Allied With Hostile Neighbor Draguignon, Raspail Will Need To Unite The Lawless Ramblefooots And Conquer Cob Ash If He Is To Ever See Kileo Again With A Keen Eye For The Extraordinary In Nature, And A Portrayal Of Wolf Culture That Is Both Meticulously Researched And Then Fantastically Extrapolated On, Ramblefoot Is A Thrilling Adventure That Will Immerse You In Its Sprawling Mythology From The First Sentence I loved this story It was well written and felt true to nature I wanted to howl and run with the pack However, I don t think my husband would have appreciated that I found myself sympathizing with the characters, even the antagonists Poitu strengthens my desire to have a companion raven before I die I enjoy the relationship that she and Raspail develop I m not sure if this is an Adult or Young Adult story, but I don t think it reads well for the under 13 category Some points were dark the pregnant coyote , and it has some adult moments It was written in the same style as Watership Down which I am very attached to I m honestly surprised that this is Mr Kaufman s first novel My major complaint with this book the Kindle version, atleast was the editing. I absolutely loved the way the wolves were characterized, without a deep sense of feeling and an animalistic bloodthirst The main character Raspail may be a hero, but he has alot of beastly and vicious traits that make the reader, unlike most talking animal fantasies, feel slightly afraid and hold him at a distance Overall, this book is so very beautifully written, with many twists and turns and amazing and fantastic characters, and i highly reccomend it to wolf lover or just literature lover in general. This book wasn t what I was expecting but still worthwhile I enjoyed it I liked the writing and the story It was a good book I don t have really any huge critiques or comments to share it was just a good book.