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Bodyguard Clay West Wasn T Happy About His Latest Assignment Protecting A Movie Star But Seven Year Old Gracie Bryant Needed His Help And He Intended To Keep The Adorable Kid Safe Her Mother, Libby, Was Another Story The Drop Dead Stunner Made Him Ache, But He Hid His Attraction, Especially Since Libby Seemed Like A Typical Stage Mother Misusing Her Child To Attain Fame And FortuneAnd Yet, As Clay Witnessed A Mother S Vulnerability And Discovered The Heart Beneath Libby S Smooth Facade, This Born And Bred Cowboy Rethought His Mission This Could Be Than A Life And Death Assignment For Clay This Could Be His Destiny

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    Slight spoilers This story line could have been a 5 except I really couldn t stand several things related to the main character, Libby First, she repeatedly treated different attacks as just the usual hate stuff that happens to celebrities There were too many things happening and I can t believe how she didn t feel they could possibly be connected I especially hated how Libby, who is supposedly a loving mother, took too many risks with her young daughter s life Maybe my first reason could have been forgiven if it was related to herself, since Libby is a lot older and might have a better chance of handling the incidents taking place But most caring parents would have not let their child continue to be in the spotlight with all the dangerous stuff happening For a mother who claimed she had her daughter s well being and future in mind, she sure did decide to accept these things as exceptions I perfectly agree with Clay about his opinion of what Libby thinks is best for Gracie and what are Gracie s dreams I dont think Gracie was even given a chance to experience anything besides acting And I liked how Clay actually stuck with his decision to not trying to have a relationship with Libby because he could not ignore how he was fully against how she was bringing up Gracie.The other thing was that to me, some of Libby s views or words were demeaning farmers farm life Here s one sentence from the book that I didn t like She sat on the edge of Libby s bed, looking far too pretty to be a cowgirl I didn t like that since people of any occupation or job can be pretty It has nothing to do with what you do for a living.