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Chapbook of poetry or spoken word textTable of ContentsI Guess I Should Talk About Sex 9 Everybody's Big Exception 14 I Remember How I 18 It Was Sunday Night 21 Danielle I've Been Meaning To Tell You 23 Sister Jade Insomniac and I 26 Conversation With What Once Was A Friend 28 Terza Rima Rant O Rama 34 To Push Away Or Clutch 36 Thank You For Nothing 42 The Truth About Modeling 43 Winner 44

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    Unlike Caresses Soft as Sandpaper Catalyst's dark and definitely gothic collection of amorous ramblings and rotted erotica the majority of the work in this chapbook was later published in Cottonmouth Kisses Exclusives include It Was Sunday Night a glimpse into San Francisco's spoken word scene during the mid nineties Terza Rima Rant O Rama an example of contemporary subject matter written in a strict poetic form that's become one of the author's trademarks so to speak and To Push Away Or Clutch which appears in its original format a prose poem rather than a short story As for the writing itself? A master of simile and metaphor Clint Catalyst explores limits of experience and expresses his observations with a voice that is flamboyant sarcastic raw fearless and flawedbeautifully flawed in that one never loses a sense of its humanity the limitations of heart of the human condition

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    Chanced upon this dark gem a few hours ago while searching for another title in my collection of rarities chapbooks goth 'zines micro press publications etc As with a handful of other faves ended up re reading it cover to coverso while I've yet to find the photocopied queer centric collection of poems Trebor Healey self published in the early '90s I can add a few words while the work's still fresh on my mind Although mentioned by Vulnavia in her review I feel it relevant to mention that unlike Caresses Soft as Sandpaper in which the majority of the writing and illustrations both by Clint Catalyst and his creative collaborators at the time appear exclusively most of this chap is easier to obtain via the Manic D Press collection Cottonmouth Kisses Hardcore collectors however should be pleased by the referenced pieces particularly reading To Push Away Of Clutch in its originalintended form as seen in the background of the video that screened at The Andy Warhol Museum But it's the production qualities of this pamphlet details unique to each copy like the watercolored cover or even the various means by which the work is held together over the years I've seen some that were hand sewn and read that some were saddle stitched whereas the copy I own was Velo boundwhich sounds much impressive than how I used to describe it that are the most collectible if not endearing element of the work For all the convenience offered by Kindle and computers nothing trumps the connection inherent between author and reader when it comes to DIY ethos and holding the result in our hands the truly personal sense of personal touch