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When Caroline Roberts Accepted A Job At Cromwell Street, The Infamous Address Of Fred And Rose West, She Was Only Realising That There Was Something Very Malevolent About The Couple, She Left Their Employment Soon After, Glad To Be Rid Of Them The Story Should Have Ended There A Month Later She Was Abducted By The Wests And Suffered Violent Sexual Abuse At Their Hands Before Being Told That She Would Be Killed And Buried Through A Combination Of Sheer Luck And Quick Thinking, Despite The Trauma Of What Had Happened, Caroline Managed To Escape To Freedom

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    I ll start by saying something horrible I really didn t like Caroline Usally when I read these kinda books, I m rooting for the victim I usally like the victim I m not saying that she deserved the things done to her Because they were horrendous and the way she was treated by the police afterwards was awful If I had read this as two stories, One being what happened with Rose and Fred West and the other being the rest of Carolines life you would get two different reviews from me With what happened with the Wests, she gets my every sympathy But if I had just read about the rest of her life I wouldn t have anything nice to say.

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    I usually love True Crime books but I m afraid this one wasn t for me Caroline talks about her own life and doesn t say much about the time she spent with Fred and Rosemary West You only get one chapter about her working as a nanny, one chapter about the abuse and a few chapters about the media and the trial The rest is about her lifestyle boyfriends, drugs and lots of drama and self pity Don t get me wrong though, I feel deeply sorry for Caroline and I can t believe everything she s been through It s just that most people will most likely buy this book because they want to read about the Wests, but it doesn t say much about them at all In other words the description of this book is very misleading Disappointing.

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    Not great Aside from this book being pretty badly written, I just didn t find myself warming to Caroline Roberts A large chunk of this book is irrelevant to the Wests, and most of the book comprises of Roberts recounting who she fucked and when, the times she went out drinking and Roberts saying how beautiful she used to be It s pretty vain Perhaps I m heartless, but Roberts seems almost proud of how her life has turned out, ending up on benefits and having four kids by three fatherswhat is there to be proud of In the last few chapters you re preached at by Roberts about how great the church she belongs to is.

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    EhI got through the whole thing other then that not a lot to recommend it about 30 pages about the Wests that was interesting, other then that I give it a D.

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    It was difficult to rate this book as obviously what the author went through is absolutely awful and should not be wished on anybody The writing, however, was lacking.

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    This book was good and Caroline seemed to come out the other side a much stronger person than when she started It was nice to read a book that started with such horror and then read it through to find that it ended on a good note however I really didn t understand Caroline s way of thinking.She was raped and abused by Fred and rose west but weeks later hitchhiked with a stranger to get from her boyfriends house Surely you wouldn t make the same mistake again when you d just been subjected to an horrific ordeal Wasn t this young woman scared that they d come for her again I know I would have been.She also seemed to find herself in situations where abuse could happen over and over again When she mentions she went to a married mans house with her friends only later to go into a bedroom with a man she didn t know and lay in bed with him he ended up assaulting her Is it just me that thinks that she was silly for even being in a room with a strange man after everything that had happened I m not saying she deserved it She didn t Nobody deserves what this woman went through but I can t help thinking when I read it that she certainly put herself in risky situations Why wasn t she cautious

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    can t sympathise with Caroline as a person, only with her ordeal.

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    This was a pretty good read although I can t understand how someone can knowingly go back to a couple who she knew were evil I know they duped her into getting into the car but why didnt she just run when she saw them.Back Cover Blurb When Caroline Roberts accepted a job at 25 Cromwell Street, the infamous address of Fred and Rose West, she was only 16 Realising that there was something very malevolent about the couple, she left their employment soon after, glad to be rid of them The story should have ended there.A month later she was abducted by the Wests and suffered violent sexual abuse at their hands before being told that she would be killed and buried Through a combination of luck and quick thinking, despite the trauma of what had happened, Caroline managed to escape to freedom.

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    This was actually my second attempt at reading this one For some reason I just found it a bit hard to get into, but once I got to the third chapter I didn t want to set this book down Caroline basically describes her childhood, the effect the Wests attack had on her, and her healing process Caroline is suppose to be writing another book and I wouldn t mind checking that one out She got really into spiritualism and that s something that interests me If I remember right her next book is going to either involve spiritualism or be about it.

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    I did enjoy this book but found it covered about her life after her time with Fred and Rose West and not so much about her time during working for them as a nanny I also noticed there were quite a few typos, which although didn t spoil the read thought it could have been proof read a bit better.