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I LOVED IT There have been so many amazing reviews written and by now everyone is familiar with the story line and the characters I could go on and on about this great love story but it would take pages and pages so I am just going to give a short version of my thoughts and feelings.From the first paragraph I was thirty years old when the seaplane T.J Callahan and I were traveling on crash landed in the Indian Ocean T.J was sixteen, and three months into remission from Hodgkin s lymphoma The pilot s name was Mick, but he died before we hit the water I was captivated and found it impossible to stop until I reached the last page.The relationship build up between Anna and TJ is just incredible and their interaction had me crying and then laughingT.J I pulled my arms out from underneath her body and tucked her hair behind her ears I love you, Anna The surprised look on her face told me she hadn t seen that coming You weren t supposed to fall in love, she whispered Well, I did, I said, looking into her eyes I ve been in love with you for months I m telling you now because I think you love me too, Anna You just don t think you re supposed to You ll tell me when you re ready I can wait I pulled her mouth down to mine and kissed her and when it ended, I smiled and said, Happy birthday You named the chicken, Chicken She looked embarrassed When we decided not to kill it, I got attached Anna In February, I woke up from a nap A bouquet of flowers gathered from the various bushes and shrubs scattered around the island lay on the blanket beside me, a small length of rope wound around their stems.I found T.J down at the shore Someone s been checking the calendar He grinned I didn t want to miss Valentine s Day I kissed him You re sweet to me Pulling me closer, he said, It s not hard, Anna I stared into T.J s eyes, and he started to sway My arms went around his neck and we danced, moving in a circle, the sand soft and warm under our feet You don t need music, do you No, T.J said But I do need you.The plot, the endearing and unforgettable characters, the build up is really awesome.so real and so believable I loved that the story is told in Anna TJ s POV I never wanted anyone else, T.J I just wanted what was best for you You are what s best for me, he said, cradling my head in his arms, his legs intertwined with mine I m not going anywhere, Anna This is right where I want to be And I liked the fact that their story happens over a long period of time, giving us a real in depth look into what they feel the fear, the hope of survival, love and the struggles they endure both on the island and when they return home I felt those feelings with them and at times I felt so happy and others so dam sad I wanted them to succeed, to be together, and to find happiness I learnt so much from this story that anything is possible if you just open up and let it in My favorite quote in this book says it so well all the possibilities in life I don t fit in your world Neither do I, he said, his expression tender yet resolute So let s make our own We ve done it before A truly remarkable debut novel and wow.can t wait for the movie This has become one of my favorite books of all time I am so glad I discovered this author and this book ANOTHER UPDATE 1.99 kindle special today VERY FUN SUMMER READ Update OMG I saw a friend reading this just seconds ago and after so much craziness around here in the last 17 hours.Oh, I m in the mood for a fun escape get a way book like this it s was pure female fun escape fantasy enjoyment who knows another book LIKE THIS A page turner fun thrill ride similar to this Got ideas Listening UPDATE in Honor of Monkey Girl I m not sure why I gave this 3 stars back when I read it I must have been embarrassed by how much I enjoyed this chick book which was great fantasy filled with steam Some of these beach books would make me gagThis onegot me hot and bothered Pure enjoyment Fantasy This is what I said in my first review A story of survival love, sex, innocence, discovery, consequences, choices That sentence is correct but very boring The book is anything but boring so..5 stars it is Summertime heartwarming storyto ENJOY in ANY season When Thirty Year Old English Teacher Anna Emerson Is Offered A Job Tutoring TJ Callahan At His Family S Summer Rental In The Maldives, She Accepts Without Hesitation A Working Vacation On A Tropical Island Trumps The Library Any DayTJ Callahan Has No Desire To Leave Town, Not That Anyone Asked Him He S Almost Seventeen And If Having Cancer Wasn T Bad Enough, Now He Has To Spend His First Summer In Remission With His Family And A Stack Of Overdue Assignments Instead Of His Friends Anna And TJ Are En Route To Join TJ S Family In The Maldives When The Pilot Of Their Seaplane Suffers A Fatal Heart Attack And Crash Lands In The Indian Ocean Adrift In Shark Infested Waters, Their Life Jackets Keep Them Afloat Until They Make It To The Shore Of An Uninhabited Island Now Anna And TJ Just Want To Survive And They Must Work Together To Obtain Water, Food, Fire, And ShelterTheir Basic Needs Might Be Met But As The Days Turn To Weeks, And Then Months, The Castaways Encounter Plenty Of Other Obstacles, Including Violent Tropical Storms, The Many Dangers Lurking In The Sea, And The Possibility That TJ S Cancer Could Return As TJ Celebrates Yet Another Birthday On The Island, Anna Begins To Wonder If The Biggest Challenge Of All Might Be Living With A Boy Who Is Gradually Becoming A Man 5 Unique, Unforgettable Unputdownable Stars I went in totally blind, and so thrilled I did I had no preconceived notions about what I was going to read except that a really great Goodreads friend, Robin, gave it five stars months ago, and I immediately added it to my tbr I honestly forgot about it until this same great friend gifted this book to me a couple of days ago I thought, Yeah, I am definitely in the mood for an island getaway, which I am sure involves romance I am so glad I didn t read the blurb or re read my friend s review I was absolutely blown away And I think you will be too Here is the slightest of teases, again hoping you will mainly go in blind and be mesmerized by this story and it s characters..On board a seaplane hopping from one island of The Maldives to their destination island two hours away, it crashes into the Indian Ocean, due to the pilot dying before the plane ever hits the water Luckily before the heart attack claimed the pilot s life, he instructed his two passengers to put on their life jackets and buckle up.Minutes before boarding a plane with a sixteen year old boy she would be tutoring for the summer, named T.J., who was also in remission from Hodgin s lymphoma, Anna says her goodbye to her boyfriend of eight years John tells her he loves her and not to make any final decisions until she gets back Anna is a sopho English teacher and is spending the next couple of months with T.J and his parents, on an island in the middle of the Indian Ocean His parents already arrived to their destination spot a few days prior Anna, thirty years old, has a big decision to make Will she continue to stay with John when she arrives back in the states, or would her life be better without him in it Okay that is all the background info you get out of this gal Hopefully it is a good enough tease, because I sincerely encourage you all to read this one I literally could not put it down once I started It was riveting and one I will never forget The storyline is so fascinating, unique and extremely well writtenIs your life better with him, Anna, or without him Before I even start my review I need to ask the most important question. How is this Tracey s first book I m skeptical, I don t believe it She writes so flawlessly The story was amazing I mean, she wrote about two people living on a island, how entertaining could that possibly be Turns outthan I knew. I truly could not stop reading this book. I read this during a nasty cold Now thats dedication people T.J is a sixteen year old, that is in remission from cancer Anna is a 30 year old teacher that is hired by his parents to tutor him over the summer The family is vacationing in the Maldives But when T.J and Anna fly overseas, on the last end of their trip, their pilot suffers a heartattack, and the plane goes down Neither are prepared but who really would be for the challenges that are ahead of them.This is where I became hooked to this book Every action, discovery, triumph, and loss T.J and Anna went through on the island had me captivated When I read the book, I felt like a lard ass I m lounging around the house drinking water I probably made a sandwich Meanwhile, they d cut off a limb for a simple glass of water, and a freakin taco It makes you grateful for everything around you, and shows you just how much resolve and determination we all have but don t know when it comes to survival It s hard for me to even believe that I would get THIS into On the Island As a kid, my parents made me watch Castaway and I almost lost the will to live To this day I still cringe over that damn ball, Wilson But when Anna found the chicken and named him Chicken, and made the animal her pet , I could understand itTo the romance You re skeptical Heck, I was I mean the age difference is vast So you think it would be odd, maybe even awkward Their situation brought them together and created a bond that no one else could understand The romance to this story was inevitable I need to stress, its not awkward Not.At All.I mean, can we blame Anna As T.J grows up into a man, I have to say I wouldn t have been apposed to him either In fact I was a little jealous she was stranded with him But I liked that Anna was conscious of the age difference She tried to fight her feelings, and it gave the book a realistic vibe Yet, when Anna gives in to her feelings If I knew how to fist pump, I think I would have at that moment.The irony is not lost on me that this would be a book I would pick if I truly WAS stranded on an island 1.For enjoyment purposes 2.For tips on survival Because who actually KNOWS how to make a fire Me neither.3.To hope and pray, that a doppelg nger of T.J was living on the island with me Enjoy that vision for a little while.. Awesome, awesome, awesome wow, what a great book this turned out to be It s one of the few hyped books I ve read lately that really live up to the hype At first I really wasn t sure about it The book description didn t sound like my cuppa, and in a way it wasn t, but the author really made this one work and made me a believer Seriously, don t shy away from this one Yes, there is a whopping age difference between the H h, with the heroine being the older of the two 13 1 2 years actually, but by the time the romance happens they were both equal in all ways important two fully grown adults living alone with the barest resources for their creature comfort and survival, and no longer believing in ever joining the real world again Under those circumstances, the romance really worked The author never cheapens the romance either, it is of the heart and not meant to just titillate the reader Nothing smutty or milf y about it Just an odd but beautiful love.This story is a self published indie book, so yes it has some rough spots But the author will quickly suck you into the story with her writing This entire story is told from both the hero and heroine s POV It switches off from her first person accounts, to his first person accounts, and back and forth LOVED IT There was so much to enjoy in this book Great chemistry and characters, loved the survival aspect, and no sugar coating their dire situation It made an emotional and gripping read Oh boy did I cry in a few places too Thanks everyone who recommended it Utterly breathtaking A friend of mine Amy aka, Foxy persuaded me to read this book and helped me through it since I was initially concerned about the subject matter I couldn t be happier that she finally convinced me If you are someone who, like me, tends to shy away from books involving sickness and or tragedy, don t cross this one off your list its focus lies on a very positive outcome and is substantiallyencouraging than it is tragic Anna is T.J s tutor and agrees to attend a vacation with T.J and his family in order to catch him up on school work during his summer break When their plane goes down en route, Anna and T.J become stranded on a desolate island with limited resources for survival Together they face hardships, fatigue, sickness, and despairas their hope for being rescued dwindles with time But they also experience many triumphs, large and small and those are what powerfully remain with me.The extent of what these characters endured was as intense as it was encouraging My heart broke at times, rejoiced during others, and never lost hope for the fate of T.J and Anna I ll admit to being slightly deterred by the considerable age difference Anna being 30 and T.J., 16 when they first meetbut do not fret Time passes, people mature, and I can assure you that all encounters are tasteful and very much legal The ultimate bond formed through despair was solid and heartwarming The pacing of this story is quick and flows gracefully The monotony of being trapped on a deserted island could tend to make a story feel like its dragging but this author tackles this feat flawlessly I never once became bored in fact, I found this to be a real page turner and extremely un put down able It s amazing how one s view of life transforms when surviving becomes the sole priority It is then that you ll find all the unnecessary worries and petty desires stripped away, leaving behind only what truly matters in lifeAnd I loved being able to witness this extraordinary and inspiring journey of survival Book Stats Genre Category Contemporary Romance Steam Caliber Moderate steam Romance Beautiful, touching, slow building connection Characters Lovable and three dementional Plot Centered on survival, and love conquering all hardship Writing Accomplished, alluring, and knowledgable POV First person Alternating dual perspectives Cliffhanger None Next Installment Novella A story intertwining with this one HEA view spoiler Yes hide spoiler A lovely romance, an incredibly unique premise, but for me, parts of this fell flat.It mostly comes down to what I expect from first person perspective I expect emotion I expect insight Not only do I expect to read about a sequence of events, but I also expect to know what a character thinks and feels about those events as they unfold I didn t during most of this Imagine that you re stranded on an island in the middle of the Pacific, when suddenly your only companion and the person you happen to love becomes violently ill out of nowhereI found the first aid kit and shook two Tylenol into the palm of my hand I helped him swallow the Tylenol with water, but he threw up all over himself a few minutes later I cleaned him up with a t shirt and tried to shift him over a little, to a drier part of the blanket He cried out when I touched him That passage is one of many that left me wondering a lot of things Is she freaking out because he s sick and all she has to treat him with is Tylenol Did him puking turn her stomach Isn t she terrified that the man she loves might die and there s nothing she can do to save him TELL ME, DAMN IT Okay, aside from my annoyance at the detached storytelling, there were other things missing from this Things that won t bother most people, but things that nevertheless bothered the hell out of me Because I used to live on a 8 x 5 mile tropical island A huge part of what was lacking from this was the complete and overwhelming culture shock of returning to the mainland How walking into a Walmart feels like tripping balls because the largest building you ve seen in years was a mere fraction of its size How being a passenger in a car going over 50 mph makes you have a panic attack because SLOW DOWN, YOU RE GOING TO FUCKING KILL US NO, I DON T CARE THAT YOU RE GOING THE SPEED LIMIT, HUMANS WERE NOT MEANT TO TRAVEL FASTER THAN A FART FLIES So yeah, there s that Honestly, I still think there s a lot of good in here And I urge anyone looking for a unique love story to give this a try Just don t read it on a plane Because shudder Blog Facebook Twitter Instagram Pinterest It would always be summer on the island This was such a warm book hug heart eyesThe Plot I m late to the love for this book On The Island has been on my tbr for the longest of time for one thing and one thing only the premise The story that Graves writes is so one of a kind and unique which is pretty hard to find in the Romance genre that it begs it s readers to give it a goI don t fit in your world Neither do I, he said, his expression tender yet resolute So let s make our own We ve done it before Anna Emerson is a thirty year old teacher that flies to the Maldives with her summer tutor student seventeen year old T.J Callahan Packing her bags and leaving behind her boyfriend, John she hopes on a plane with her whole summer planned When they find out they have to take a sea plane into the island, their plans get changed Then when the pilot suffers from cardiac arrest, both T.J and Anna realize that they re about to crash land in the middle of the ocean Re writing the plot for this, makes me want to dive right back into it pun intended Anna and T.J survive the crash but have to learn to survive in isolation on an island All they have are the clothes on their backs and each other The story follows their fight for survival, it is a coming of age in the sense both characters develop in different manners Stuck on an island, learning how to find food, water and shelter is hard enough and as nobody seems to be coming and saving them they build a trust tooDon t let go, I whispered I wasn t going toLittle Gems There was so much packed into this book Humor, love, survival, grief, growing up It was such a wonderful treat to sit down with some chocolates and just escape Although, the writing was mediocre the author really does a good job with imagery and you end up being on the island with Anna and T.J I read this in one sitting and it was like having a hot chocolate on a cold wintry night This review seriously is filled with so many chocolate references I guess, that should really just prove how I enjoyed itI woke up with a hard on.I usually did, and it wasn t like I had any control over it Now that we weren t almost dead, my body must have decided all systems were a go One thing I enjoyed was the humor through the tragic T.J is a cancer patient and their situation is so fragile The pacing and the timing for when their bond started to form into friendship and later , was so perfectly planned It didn t feel too fast or too slow I was skeptical about how the writer would pull of the age gap also cheers for showing that women can be older too but it was done so meticulously I wish I read this sooner and during the time my GR friends did I would have loved to seen the hype for this grow and seeandpeople fall in love on the island 3You named the chicken, Chicken She looked embarrassed When we decided not to kill it, I got attached Yes This book is getting all the stars Anna is a thirty year old teacher who has agreed to tutor a 17 year old that has recently gone into remission from cancer The treatments caused him to get behind at school so his family decides to spend the summer with a tutor to catch him up This family has some cash though so they are headed to their summer rental in the Maldives.The family has already left leaving Anna and her student TJ to join them The small plane that is taking them to join the family though has some problems and the pilot ends up having an heart attack during the trip Their plane crashes Anna and TJ end up shipwrecked together, hoping that a rescue plane is on the way.I LOVE THESE KINDS OF STORIES WOOT There are so many islands in this chain of islands though that no one lives on and they end up on one of them They must find some way to survive on the island, no water, no food Just each other TJ and Anna have to battle not only the weather, sharks and so many other natural problems They also have always in the backs of their minds that his cancer could come back.Now I m sure you are going to read some reviews that say that this book wasn t the best written piece of literature, but so what I LOVED it Sometimes you just want someone to tell you a story, and this author does it well There is no insta love These two built a history together slowly Anna is torn about the way she begins to feel about TJ because of his age Don t say anything here, because I m older than my husband and went through some of the same misgivings that Anna did Their story builds like it should, and it s damn fabulous.AND The book earned one whole star for mentioning the bestest movie ever Now I m going to go and smooch my younger husband and enjoy ever second of it Because us older women have some swag too I m featuring my friend TL Terri s review on this amazing little book I m trying to not be ate up with the jealousy monster because she got a signed copy of this book I m kidding I still luvs her.