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Librarian Note This is the original cover edition for ASIN B00B9I1M5O The alternate cover edition is hereMaggie is a wolf shifter who was captured and experimented on by the Kurjans Now that a cure has finally been found for shifters although not for vampire mates or witches she can concentrate on creating a new life for herself and finally accepting that her memories are gone forever Most memories that is Sometimes in the hazy world between dreams and dawn she hears a Scottish voice dark and deep that sounds suspiciously like wolf shifter Terrent Vilks A man she happened to anger by kidnapping a few years back Hey it was for a good causeTerrent Vilks knows than he’s let on for the past several years After digging for answers he knows exactly why the demons want Maggie dead And he remembers his past with Maggievery well She is finally where he wants her Now all he has to do is discover what exactly the Kurjans did to her beat the demons into so much submission they leave her alone and get her to fall in love with him Again Good thing he’s used to wrangling monsters31000 Word Count

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    First read Dec 2014Reread Nov 2016Rereread 2162018SpoilersYay Maggie and Terrent I have been waiting for Maggie and Terrent's story since she nailed him in the balls This novella was freaking great but should have totally been a full novel So someone is messing with the Virus 27 vaccinations The King sends in Maggie to investigate who is sabotaging the inoculations Maggie is a wolf shifter who was kidnapped by the Kurjans and experimented and injected with virus 27 and experimental drugs making her lose her memory of her past life Terrent is the leader of the Bane Council He and Maggie in past books have had some smoking hott chemistry We find in this book that Maggie was mated to Terrent before she was kidnapped and that poor Terrent has been waiting 10 long years for her to remember him and their life Terrent is one sexy dominant kick ass total alpha wolf Maggie is sweet and cute but brave Reading about them falling in love again was so sweet I so glad Maggie gets her HEA This book is so a must read Next is Jase's book Woot

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    “I think I remember loving you Terrent Vilks” Wolf shifters’ nation is this time in the spot lightMaggie was a guinea pig for the Kurjan scientists and for virus 27 which was turning shifters into werewolves and vampire mates into humans again Nowadays a vaccine has been found for virus 27 by the vampire scientists and for the time being at least shifters are safe Until a few years ago Maggie could shift in her wolf form only during full moon Now she can shift any time but she has difficulties keeping the wolf form Terrent is a member of the Bane Council and he is constantly on the move solving shifters’ problems His personal problem unfortunately cannot be solved and it is associated with Maggie These two apparently have a history together but Maggie does not remember anything about her past life Terrent has been waiting patiently for her to remember for the last 10 years Now it is time for Maggie to leave the safety of the vampires and the the Kayrs family and meet again with Terrent It is time to learn the truthI wish this was a full length story like the one Jordan Katie the lion shifters had Maggie was one of the characters that we met at the beginning of the series and I suppose all readers had been curious about her her secrets and her past life In this book the time she spends with Terren is amazing Two wolves falling in love running together making love and living in their little bubble But I wanted I wanted about their background story and maybe they should have shared a full adventure together in the present time

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    Terrent Maggie's storyBest One Yet I fluffin loved it This is not a standalone and won't make sense unless you start with book 1 We've gotten glimpses of Maggie and Terrent in previous books and I was pleasantly surprised to see that Terrent is a big ole softy He came off so cold in previous books He's still very much a dominant male and uite deadly but he is also super protective of the people he cares about It makes for a very pleasing combination as the Hero of this book Maggie wasn't really a surprise We got of her character in previous books than we did of Terrent and she was true to that character in this one We do learn about her past and what possible could have been done to her by the Kurjans The author didn't reveal all secrets though so we still have some surprises ahead I really loved this one

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    45 sexy badass starsThis novella in the Dark Protectors series brings us the long awaited story of Maggie and Terrent and OMG it was unexpected Bombshell alertTen years ago shifter Maggie was taken by Kurgens She was experimented on and whatever they injected her with caused her to lose her memory Since being rescued she has been looked after and protected by the Kayrs family at Realm headuarters who have looked after her and tried to help her remember who she is but to no avail Terrent Vilks is a badass loner shifter Head of the Bane’s Council he is responsible for hunting down and destroying rogue werewolves He and Maggie had a brief but intense encounter a few years previously and he made it known then that he wasn’t done with her When the King sends Maggie to shifter territory to investigate tampering with Virus 27 vaccinations she meets with the rugged wolf who drops the mother of all bombshells revealing that he knows who Maggie is and proceeds to make it his mission to make her his view spoiler again “I'm a big ole slut who fucked wolf boy senseless ten years ago” hide spoiler

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    3 12 Sweet funny and sexy StarsI enjoyed this story I have always wanted to see Maggie and Terrent together However it could have been better with a few details and explanation about why Terrent left Maggie with the vampires for so long and about their history together Seems very out of character for theses alpha guys to be away from their lady at all Especially not for this long I suppose that happens in novellas sometimes; lack of the good details It was still entertaining and made me laugh out loud a couple of times Good addition to the series I just wanted More ; Happy reading

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    It was sooo good to be back in this world – with these characters The action the suspense the humor the emotion and the hot monkey sexI have loved the powerful dominant Terrent and the feisty adorable Maggie since they were first introduced in the series These two were intense and by the time I was finished with this one I was in doggy heavenI’m suirming in anticipation for Jase and Brenna’s story

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    275 5 starsThe second I met the characters Maggie and Terrent I was desperate for their book Unfortunately this wasn't a full novel but it was still completely adorable adorable than I thought possible for Terrence It was slightly ridiculous than the others with some of the side characters bleeding into cringe worthy stereotypes and cliches but all round it was worth the read This series is short sharp and shiny—I can manage to get through uite a few in one day and they're always so much fun

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    A short story for Maggie and Terrent There were some interesting surprises here as we learned about both Maggie's and Terrent's backgrounds as they are investigating who is sabotaging the inoculations The ending wasn't really a surprise but it was interesting to see how it got there

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    For the last 10 years Maggie has been living in the dark about her past She is a wolf shifter that was kidnapped and injected with an experimental drug by the Kurjans she remembers bits and pieces of her past but for the most part her memory is gone Living among the vampires Maggie has found safety and made a home When the vampire king asks her to investigate drug tampering in the wolf packs Maggie must rejoin her own kindand Terrent Vilks Terrent Vilks knows Maggie and just happens to be her mate Keeping the secret for 10 years he’s been ridding the world of werewolves while Maggie remained safe with the vampires But now that she’s returned to the pack he’s not about to let her get away again Terrent must convince Maggie of her past love for him and reclaim the mate he lostA uick novella length story Twisted gives us a teaser of the Dark Protector world Terrent is demanding and arrogant with that alpha attitude that I love Maggie is strong and independent with goals of her own she is not easily controlled and willing to fight for what she believes in A wonderfully matched pair they are not but it’s so much fun watching them come together Engaging entertaining and enjoyable Twisted gives you just enough to make you want This ARC of Twisted was given to me by Kensington Books eKensington in exchange for a honest review This book is set for publication May 28 2013

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    This really didn't seem like a novella it was like a full length story I think that could be because we already know Maggie and her story as she had featured uite a bit in other stories across the series Would still have liked to have had of a story between Terrent and Maggie