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Brightly Burning Marks Mercedes Lackey S Return To The Kingdom Of Valdemar, And Introduces Us To A Portion Of The Otherwise Unchronicled Reign Of King Theran The Book S Principle Figure Is Valdemar S Most Powerful Herald, Laven Firestorm, Who Comes Of Age During Valdemar S War With Its Long Time Enemy, The Kingdom Of KarseSixteen Year Old Laven Chitward S World Is Turned Upside Down When His Mother Is Selected As A Textile Guild Representative In The Small Rural Community Where He Was Raised Moving To The Capital City Of Haven Rips Him Away From His Friends And Boyhood Pleasures, And Nothing In Haven Seems To Fill That Void Unable To Fit Into The Nouveau Riche Society, And Unwilling To Follow His Parents Into The Textile Guild, He Finds Himself Adrift And Depressed His Father Enrolls Him In A Special School That Will Allow Him To Choose A Trade That Interests Him, Rather Than Be Apprenticed Against His Will There He Finds Himself Terrorized And Tortured By The Boys In The Sixth Form Until, With An Awful Roar, The Gift Of Fire Awakens Deep Within Him And Extracts Revenge For His Sadistic TreatmentWith The Help Of A Unique Herald, An Empathetic Healer And A Special Companion, Laven Soon Learns To Keep His Gift Under Control And Eventually, To Direct His Awful Firestorm As Far As He Can See When The Kingdom Of Karse Attacks, Laven Is Hurried To The Border To Assist His King And Country By Repelling The Invasion During The Final Battle Laven Earns The Name Firestorm And Becomes One Of The Most Famous Heralds In The History Of Valdemar Brightly Burning Is A Distinct And Unforgettable Coming Of Age Story With A Compelling Cast Of Characters And Lively Dialog, Mercedes Lackey Once Again Demonstrates Her Adroit Mastery Of Fantasy FictionRobert Gately

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    I absolutely love this book it s most definitely my favourite of anything I ve read by Mercedes Lackey Not only are the characters appealing, the plot interesting and the prose devoid of sentimentality a common pitfall in her books , but it is genuinely moving, and I have reread this quite a few times.Definitely worth it.

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    Probably because I ve been having a bad month, I ve been re reading books from my youth and trying to determine which, if any, hold up now that I m much older.This one didn t hold up at all Of course, I recall not particularly enjoying it when I first bought it on publication, so I m not sure what it proves.The main character of this story is Lavan who, like most Lackey heroes, is a poor misunderstood boy whose family just doesn t understand him He is abused by someone in authority in this case, both the head of his school and a group of older bullies until Something Horrible happens, and then everyone is really sorry In this case, Lavan uses his latent fire starting magic abilities to kill his bullies by burning them to death.Of course, Lavan is then chosen by a Companion to become a Herald, thus proving that even though he did this horrible thing, he s a good person at heart, whose abilities will be of utmost importance in defending the Kingdom of Valdemar from the evil religious fanatics to the south.Also, he s lifebonded to his horse.This is basically a very fast re telling of Vanyel The Angsting, except that while you have three books to get very attached to Vanyel and see him growing out of his whiny phase into an entirely different whiny phase, Lavan s story is over before he even turns 18.This book includes people becoming disabled in order to add to the angst level of other characters, magically healed disabilities, main male characters continually talking about the female characters being too weak or delicate to handle things, a dearth of female characters, simple country folk being contrasted with the uppity city folk, bad parenting, and angst.This book does not include a compelling main character.I did enjoy Herald Pol, who is Lavan s mentor, but I felt that was because I was dreading when Lavan s POV was going to return than because of anything making Pol terribly interesting.This book migrated from my shelf to that of the thrift store I hope they get enjoyment out of it.

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    Oh, wow.Even though I knew how this was going to end after all, the fate of Lavan Firestorm is mentioned often enough in the other books , it still broke my heart and got me to shed a tear I quite liked the switching POV between Pol and Lan Lan is not an easy person to like because of his anger and his powers But, I m glad that characters like him still exist in this verse because there have been and are times when I ve been am as angry as him I m just lucky, that I don t have a firestarting Gift.I love the Companions so much They are such wonderful beings 3 And, I m such a sucker for it when they show up protecting their newly Chosen and when they are protective in general 3Yeah, the mention of Ashkevron Stabbed my heart Vans family still being here and protecting Valdemar My heart.So, yeah, loved it.

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    3.5 stars This entry in the Valdemar series tells the story of the firestorm much referenced in many of the latter books If you ve read any of those books you should already know that this is a tragedy And while Lackey does a great job of bringing us back into the fantasy world she s created, including some of the tropes one becomes familiar with when reading her books, this isn t the best of her novels LAN is a little too similar to some of her other characters, a boy with a big power and a romantic life complicated by circumstance, and as the protagonist we spend a lot of time with him I wish I could say that I felt he d been made complex or sympathetic The other characters are in my opinion a bit thin This book was fun to read and I very much appreciated the chance to see the full story for a character that has been so frequently referenced but it isn t one I ll be contemplating much after finishing it.

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    Mercedes Lackey s Valdemar is a brightly drawn, vivid world, perhaps not terribly unique in its particulars, but remarkable enough in terms of its social magical structures Unfortunately, at least in the case of Brightly Burning, the world is populated by flat, unlikable, and inconsistent characters Further, Brightly Burning suffers from a plot that is hastily conceived and poorly executed.Lavan Chitward s life is suffering At the start of the book it was a struggle to determine how much of Lan s struggle was meant to be sympathetic, and how much of it was meant to be hilarious There s some overblown teen angst because his parents just don t understand him and he doesn t want to have a job or do chores or anything like that, so instead they send him to a school where he is mercilessly bullied I feel like this was the part of the book that gripped me the most there was emotional tension, palpable danger, and I felt like Lan grew as a character during his time at school However, Lan s gift soon awakens and he moves on to the Collegium.As a new reader to Lackey s Valdemar, I found the structure of the Collegium fun engaging, if not particularly inspired Still, the plot started to drag here by the time the midwinter festivities rolled around, I was struggling to finish a chapter per day Strangely, the narrative doesn t really pick up from that point onward there s about as much time devoted to inconsequential travel as there is to the big climax at the end Which, I think, highlights the fact that the book suffered badly from a lack of conflict The bullies in the first portion of the narrative provide a source of conflict, but once they re dealt with, and all the loose ends concerning that are tied up, there s no real driving force behind the narrative Of course there s the war with Karse, but it s strangely absent from the narrative, and, as another reviewer noted, feels tacked on I guess the foreshadowing at the beginning of the book implied a very different story than the one I eventually got.Further, while the writing itself was perfectly serviceable, even enjoyable, there were two big weaknesses to the craft of the novel 1 dialogue, which bordered on unrealistic and even hokey at times, and 2 action sequences, which were especially notable towards the end of the book where we got detailed descriptions of the armies movements, but no real sense of the battle, or of the impact of the battle Further, several times the same sequence of events were retold from both Lan and Pol s perspective with nothing unique or valuable added to the retelling.Still, the greatest flaw in the book lies, at least for me, with its characters I failed to get a firm grasp on Lavan as a character He started off as a whiny teenager and grew into someone with very little in the way of personality Was he witty He had his moments, but they were few and far between Was he observant Some of his comments would lead us to think so, but considering how absurdly obvious he was to Elenor, I would hesitate to attribute this characteristic to him He was certainly and understandably angry, but aside from some very understandable reactions, I got no sense of character from him.Similarly, Pol and Tuck also fell flat Pol was the generic mentor dad and Tuck was the token best friend who was conveniently capable of whatever quality was necessary Kalira had some personality, but since all her interactions were reactionary to Lan she was similarly hard to pin down I guess I rather liked Elenor, which meant that this book was certainly not for me Indeed, Elenor s treatment was abhorrent she s constantly dismissed as whiny, naive, useless, and stupid even by her own parents For the last half of the book she has this completely inexplicable crush on Lan that serves no narrative purpose It s never acknowledged, it never causes anything to happen, and her presence is ultimately completely meaningless to the plot I was expecting her to sacrifice herself for Lan or something similarly tragic, but she mostly just mooned over him then got over it.And, to tackle the elephant in the room, I was pretty weirded out by the whole life bond thing with Lan and Kalira Not necessarily because it was a dude in love with his not horse though that was strange but because it happened to immediately It was just mentioned off hand for the purpose of causing Elenor angst to no real end and didn t play much of a role except in the last fifteen pages or so of the novel I really would ve been okay with the life bond if there had been some growth or acknowledgement of it, but it was mostly a vehicle for the tragedy at the end which made it feel cheap, rather than meaningful.I m intrigued enough by the world to try other Valdemar novels by Lackey, but Brightly Burning itself was a disappointment and a trial to read.

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    This book made me cry.

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    This was truly a sad story for me Laven Firestorm is a pyro his ability is scary for many people He s abused in a crappy school and his natural defenses take over This catches the eyes of the Heralds I felt sorrow in this book because we all know the ending to this story isn t going to be happily ever after There is war and Valdemar is once again on the defense and in trouble Laven and his chosen are the last hope The love in this book transcends human love Soulmates in the true sense A bittersweet ending which was fitting.

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    Read this when I was 15 and absolutely adored it Read it when I was 25 and still absolutely adored it And yes, I cried my eyes out both times, lol.

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    I adore this book, it is one of the ones I read at least once a year Guaranteed to make you cry, I still get choked up at certain points of the story even now Enjoy

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    I picked up Mercedes Lackey s Brightly Burning for 1 at my local library, and unfortunately after reading it I can see why they wanted to get rid of it The book starts off not magnificently, but interestingly enough, with the main character, Lavan, being sent off to school by his parents Over a hundred pages cover his experience at school, where he is bullied by older students Lackey actually deals with this section well enough, even though Lavan isn t a particularly likeable protagonist, I think many readers will be able to relate to the fear and suffering that comes with being bullied Lavan s feelings and reactions, as well as the attitudes of his classmates are covered realistically this is one of the few strengths that the book has Eventually Lavan overcomes his bullies, becomes a Herald trainee due to his gift, the ability to manipulate fire and is chosen by a Companion This is where the book, which for the first 100 pages is rather average but decent fantasy, starts to really go downhill The focus of the book shifts to a strange love triangle between Lavan, a girl called Elenor, and Lavan s Companion, Kalira and the war between Valdemar and the Karsites The war is a rather mundane affair, even though it is a main plot point, it has this oddly tacked on feel the Karsites are typical religious fanatics, who want to wipe out Valdemar, the Companions and Heralds because they are evil The Karsites motives are never properly explored, and despite the fact that Lavan and other characters ponder over the fact that many of the Karsite soldiers are probably ordinary people like them, who don t deserve to die, and most likely don t want to fight either Since the reader never gets to know the Karsites, they remain a faceless enemy that doesn t inspire sympathy The author gives only a few characters on the Valdemar force the bare minimum of character development, so it s difficult to care about what happens to either side during the war What really ruined this book than anything for me though was the love triangle Lavan has a life bond with his Companion, Kalira, a being who isn t a horse, but physically resembles one I found the flirtatious exchanges between the two of them downright creepy Even though Companions aren t horses as the author constantly reminds us , Kalira is incredibly horse like, she is like an intelligent magical horse than a powerful being Lavan and Kalira s relationship is never developed, the reader is just made to accept that they will never care romantically for anyone except each other, even though there is barely any basis for these feelings because of their life bond To me, the life bond is the author being lazy instead of developing a meaningful relationship between the characters, she just slaps the term life bond in place and that s it, they are bonded for better or worse, inseparable Cue mushy feelings, don t worry about whether or not the relationship works If you don t mind reading about the romantic love between a boy and horse, and 300 pages of build up to a boring war sounds good to you, then I recommend Brightly Burning Otherwise steer clear because why I m giving it even one star is a slight mystery to me