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4,5 Attractive Stars Gabrielle is a public defender and Braden is an assistant district attorney, which means that they face each other many times in court And it always seems or less like this All their cases are completely nuts and they are always fighting against each other Work speaking, obviously And that would be extremely easy if they weren t completely attracted by each other One day they decide to cut the crap and start dating And guess what They are extremely compatible in many aspects and soon they find out they may really like each other and things get serious But as this happens, they find out someone REALLY don t want them together and mysterious and threatening letters start to appear, and well, not even law can save them this time But believe me, never trying to solve a mystery was this fun Okay, I spend most of the time laughing If you like completely crazy characters and set ups, you so have to read this book Rating 4,5 Stars Storyline The story per se was not original, but the way it was developed was extremely enjoyable to read and it has some unexpected twists It will not be possible to put this book down Writing Style First person, female POV Addictive, hilarious and very well written Character Development The main characters are completely nuts, but in such a sweet way you will love them both It s almost impossible not to The supportive characters are pretty good and basically everyone in this book is a little messed up in the head department Steam Melting hot HEA view spoiler Yes hide spoiler How Cute was this I was really in the mood for something easy and cute and this one definitely fit the bill but it was also very sexy and absolutely hilarious The dialog was so witty and the additional side characters made everything twice as fun I laughed out loud several times with tears rolling down my face especially with little Bruno and his excessive humping Yep, a perfect sexy, steamy, hilarious rom com with ZERO angst 2 lawyers on completely even playing fields, both have money, both are hilarious and group of friends that just couldn t get any better The ending wasn t a cliffhanger, but there was an unresolved mystery concerning some,what appears to be, threatening letters to Gabby So moving on to book 2 DNF at 52% I don t usually rate or review books I DNF, but I just can t hold it in.It started out fresh and promising, and I was so eager to get to readin The concept is decent, the dialogue started out relatively funny and the characters were likeable again, in the beginning But But, but but Then it took a turn view spoiler around the time they decided to schedule their first time sex for the weekend they re staying at his parents house YICK hide spoiler Am I in the Twilight Zone How is anyone giving this book anything above 2 stars Everyone s reviews are saying how the first half of the book was good and then the second half was bad No The second half was so terrible you didn t realize how shit the first half was This was the most contrived, foolish, unrealistic book I ve read since On Dublin Street You mean to tell me the hot guy who s sexed up half the women at his firm suddenly falls for this chick, takes her to meet his family, and falls in love with her all in the span of two dates And this heroine is soooo freakin hot but has all these insecurities that this Hottie McBland won t like her Why Because she would rather eat at a small Turkish joint than a fancy restaurant God forbid she want to eat a damn falafel for fear he d leave her in the cold Someone alert the presses she s going to be lonely her entire life.Also, no one is endearing in this book NO ONE Not the heroine s annoying friend Not the hero s shithead of a little brother Not the lawyers at the office No one There are so many things wrong with this book It is an utter joke And I didn t even finish it Once the author started heading towards the dreadfully embarrassing mystery road, I just rolled my eyes and turned off my Kindle I turned OFF my Kindle I spent half the book watching the author struggle through romance, I couldn t bear to see the same be done with an entire mystery plot I do not recommend this book No, it s not like Tangled Not even close That is an insult to the glory that is Tangled I m going to go read portions of Tangled to get the bad taste of this book out of my mouth. 3.75 stars I had to find a sex partner that didn t require batteries This was going to be a higher rating but for the last 10% I just felt it bordered on the ridiculous But for the rest of the book there were some real LOL moments The sex was hot There were also lots of books and bookshelves everywhere I loved books I also loved people who loved books I liked that they were both, socially, on an even setting None of the poor little girl, overcome with fear about not knowing which fork to use at the dinner table.I will probably read the next one as there were unanswered questions. DNF 21% Why are late 20s early 30s addressing and referring to each other as Mr and MsI had to get the hell out of there I went to grab lunch before I grabbed Mr Pierce and found out if he tasted as good as he smelled Jesus I felt like I needed a cold shower You were right That was pretty good, Mr Pierce said, handing me the order again His hand brushed against mine this time and I jumped like I had just stuck my finger in a socket Hello, Mr Roth, Jess called out above the noise Drowning your sorrows Celebrating my victories, Ms AlbrightAnd the writing in general is just childish and amateurishSo, flirting with Braden, huh he asked, sounding both amused and surprised Just being saucy I smiled Oh she was totally flirting with him, Jess corrected, giving me a conspiratorial look She was so proud of me I could just tell I was given an ARC in exchange for an honest review, and I think I am about as frustrated after reading this ARC as I have ever been I stayed up half the night to finish this book because it, quite frankly, would not let me put it down Did I mention I m frustrated Extremely Frustrated Is there a stronger word than frustrated Why, you may ask Because the book isn t being released for three days, I cannot share my copy with anyone, and I have NO ONE to talk to about it Frustrated, I tell you shakes fists in the air Literally from the opening scene I knew I was in for a treat This book grabbed me immediately and virtually dared me to try to put my Kindle down In fact, I did try As the evening turned into the wee hours of the morning, I tried to convince myself that I should get some sleep Not happening I couldn t do it I rode it out to the final chuckle It didn t matter that I would have to function the next day on four hours of sleep I would not, could not put it down.Author N.M Silber has created characters that rival some of the best television and movie comedy ensembles I ve ever seen If you thought Lucy and Ethel were capable of getting into predicaments, you haven t met Gabrielle and Jess I can t help thinking that the Friends ensemble nearly pales in comparison to what Ms Silber has created here In fact, if someone somewhere doesn t pick this up and run with it as a premise for a TV sit com or romantic comedy movie, then there s no justice in the world My biggest challenge in writing this review is finding enough different words to use in place of funny The banter between the characters all of the characters is laugh out loud hilarious The courtroom scenes are unpredictable and witty The flirty scenes between Braden and Gabrielle are outrageous, but in a sexy, playful way Even the supporting characters get in on the madness Gabrielle tries to warn Braden that, aside from her parents, her other relatives are crazy Well, crazy doesn t quite cover it really When Gabrielle s thirty two year old cougar cousin with the big hair, the expensive manicure and the Jimmy Choos, loudly inquires of Gabrielle if Braden is built to scale, I figured we had seen the evidence of crazy Wrong It wasn t until her mother had to shut down a dinner table discussion from Gabrielle s Bubbe grandmother about the merits of oral attention, that I realized this family pushes crazy beyond the pale Oh, and trust me, Braden s family is equally capable of dishing out their own style of irony.It is NO exaggeration to say that every single scene in this book for me was perfection In addition to the outrageous banter between the characters, author N.M Silber also manages to give the reader an equally pleasing dose of warm and tender romance, and some fulfilling hot and heavy passion as well I enjoyed this book too much to even dare try to mention plot for fear of spoiling anything for the reader Between the characters banter, the preposterous fixes that Gabrielle manages to coax her best friend Jess into, and the underlying theme of a blossoming romance that I was completely and utterly pulling for, my verdict is that there is clear and convincing evidence that The Law of Attraction is THE stand out romantic comedy of 2013 I cannot wait for the sequel N M Silber And there were plenty of sexy, appreciative, erotic, even romantic, things I could have said at that moment, but instead I looked him deeply in the crotch and said, I m not sure that s going to fit Christ on a cracker Harvard was going down You two are the parents of a Chihuahua and Braeden s talking about becoming a Jew This is some kind of weird dream, isn t it I might do something rash You went to a fucking orgy dressed like the fifth member of KISSSweet baby Jesus, I loved this book It was just the right amount of hot and funny and absolutely just what I needed right now The mystery letters and the subsequent let s go undercover for writing samples plot is something I could ve done without and is the reason I knocked off a star, but luckily that weirdness didn t overtake the rest of the story I recommend this one for anyone who needs something light to read between darker reads or simply wants to laugh their ass off. Once Upon A Time, Two Lawyers Fell In Love Gabrielle Ginsberg Was A Public Defender With Plenty Of Nerve And Braden Pierce Was An Assistant District Attorney With A Whole Lot Of Swagger Gabrielle Wanted Braden And Braden Wanted GabrielleAnd Cameron Wanted GabrielleAnd Marla Wanted BradenAnd Cole Wanted Gabrielle And Mrs Mason Wanted BradenAnd An Anonymous Letter Writer Wanted To Keep Gabrielle And Braden Apart Together Gabrielle And Braden Discovered Many Important Things, Like Which Doors At The Courthouse Actually Locked, And That Desks Could Be Useful For Than Writing They Also Found Out That The Path Of Love Was Not Always Smooth, And It Was Sometimes Trod Upon By Some Really Wacky People, Like A Confused Fanny Grabber, An Eighty Two Year Old Pothead And A Gentleman Who Threw A Wine And Cheese Party In His Pants Could True Love Overcome A Lack Of Privacy, Interference By Jealous Rivals And The Insanity Of The Criminal Court System NOTICE This Book Contains Explicit Descriptions Of Sexual Situations And Mature Language It Is Intended For Readers Over The Age Of Eighteen OMG I just loved this book Well, what s not to love about sparring characters and sizzling hot yet sweet smut AND I m still laughingimage It was so witty, smart, funny Honestly, I haven t read such an entertaining book in quite a while image I love Mr Pierce aka Braden aka Harvard and Ms Ginsberg Gabrielle Yale D BRADEN Marrrrrrrrrrrry me He s hot, brilliant, an excellent and fair lawyer and charming As he dates Gabrielle, we get to see a warm, caring and protective guy did I mention HOT No commitment phobia, deep rooted suspicion of the other gender, etc He matches Gabby quip for quip too I loved how normal he was image GABBY She could be the cliched, oblivious, KLUTZY chicklit heroine but luckily it s endearing She s the PD very good, of course and makes corny jokes that I could really relate to I like her This book had all the comic elements amazing parents, funny exes, crazy relatives, funny offenders..Public Defender x Prosecutor, the sparks and chemistry dont get much better than this Obviously, it would set high expectations and rest assured the author scores a touchdown There are many things I genuinely appreciated in this book the writing, sharp humour, the relatively normal and likable characters, how the ex who deflowered her ha isn t a villain, but someone I look forward to seeing in the next bookIt s unique.The courtroom scenes were the humourous bit image Well this book is obviously not for John Grisham fans, or those who don t possess a sense of humor The Law of Attraction is NOT to be taken seriously from a legal POV Litigating is not funny business and rarely are days filled with groping elderly people, druggie octogenarians, etc Sleeping with the opposing counsel is the biggest NO NO Do they realize, that they need the permission of the client to represent them in cases of conflict of interest The hours and life of public servants is very taxing, tedious and often unrewarding, leaving little room for humour or romance, leave after work cocktail Fridays Also late nights, poor pay and exhaustion, overtime, ungrateful clients, corruption and did I mention the criminals BUT These are not complaints The author s making light of all these boring issues doesn t affect this book, something that is rare I enjoyed the humor and the simplicity much than I would have enjoyed a deranged murderer in the story Even the suspense part and Gabby s hilarious actions made me laugh.I actually liked how young they behaved A lot of times books have these mature, responsible adults aged what, 21 23 26 Mostly because they have been raising their own siblings, have a bankrupt family or some such issue But the lawyers, medical grads etc that I know are in their mid twenties match Gabrielle and Braden Nice Funny A little innocent, a little careless Fun loving I think Ms Silber has done an excellent job with the characters I think this is how an average person grows up This book is for anybody and everybody who is good for a laugh and some pretty damn funny people.This book reminded me of a Julie James book but it s pretty original So cute Can t wait for the sequel D