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Als Tommy Und Tuppence Beresford Ihre Tante Ada Im Pflegeheim Besuchen, Scheinen Einige Damen Dort Ein Wenig Wunderlich Was Soll Man Sonst Denken, Wenn Mrs Lancaster Von Einer Kinderleiche Spricht, Die Hinter Dem Kamin Verborgen Sei Aber Drei Wochen Sp Ter Ist Tante Ada Gestorben Und In Ihrem Zimmer H Ngt Ein Geheimnisvolles Bild, Ein Geschenk Von Mrs Lancaster Die Beresfords Wollen Wissen, Was Dahinter Steckt Und Das Wird Gef Hrlich Oh Aggie, your mind really must have been going to have written this and considered it a complete novel It doesn t make sense It s terribly disappointing, especially because Tommy and Tuppence are usually so delightful But in this mystery not only do they lack believable motivation for taking any action, they don t get to do much of anything together, and their chemistry is all wonky, which was the most depressing part.I ll take some of the blame for not understanding the plot, as I did fall asleep reading it maybe three times, but not much blame I mean, there s intentional ambiguity, and then there s throwing in plot points at random and forcing the reader to make sense of something is straight up nonsensical. By the Pricking of My Thumbs Tommy and Tuppence, 4 , Agatha ChristieWhile visiting Tommy s Aunt Ada at Sunny Ridge Nursing Home, Tuppence encounters some odd residents including Mrs Lancaster who mystifies her with talk about your poor child and something behind the fireplace When Aunt Ada dies a few weeks later, she leaves Tommy and Tuppence a painting featuring a house, which Tuppence is sure she has seen before This realization leads her on a dangerous adventure involving a missing tombstone, diamond smuggling and a horrible discovery of what Mrs Lancaster was talking about 2009 1374 344 20 1968 I m going to go ahead and give this five stars, because it is fairly rare for Dame Agatha to go all out creepy with her books and I m amazed at how well she does it here I read this book a very long time ago and never forgot the image of the old lady calmly saying that the milk is not poisoned TODAY and inquiring about the body walled up in the fireplace Gave me shivers So I had a sense of happy deja vu when I read the first chapter and realized that this was that bookso many of Christie s titles are interchangeable murderous literary allusions that I had no idea The creepiness was back in full force on re reading, and I had forgotten the twist that occurs in the denouement and was very startled and unnerved by it So, five stars for atmosphere, but also for another reason I love the way Tommy and Tuppence have aged in this novel Unlike the perenially elderly Miss Marple and later middle aged Poirot, TT age convincingly over the long span of Christie s career and it is a real pleasure to see that they are still devoted to each other and still fond of sleuthing Christie portrays their marriage wonderfully it is not overdone, just a portrait of a fond couple who are very settled in together and have mutual affection and respect Very sweet I also like that Albert is still with them and provides a bit of domestic comic relief.One reason to admire this novel is the way that Christie sets herself a difficult challenge and lives up to it rather like Nemesis, the mystery starts with almost no clues to go on, and the characters must think well outside the box to get on the right trail Any decent mystery writer can start with a dead body and go from there, but only Christie could start with a harmless painting of a pretty house with something ever so slightly off about it and develop the plot in the fascinating way that she does here Highly recommended. This is the first Tommy and Tuppence series I have read but it definitely won t be the last By The Pricking Of My Thumbs offers the sense of adventure, wit and charm from the main characters, husband and wife duo, Tommy Beresford and Tuppence Beresford This novel possesses a chilling tone that intensifies as the story progresses There are practically no dead bodies, only the shady disappearance of an old lady The story finds Tuppence interested in a painting of a country house that is inherited from Tommy s aunt Convinced that she has seen the original subject, she decides to track it down When she does, she stumbles into stories of a series of unsolved child murders that occurred in the district many years before The novel is filled with neat mixture of characters and the plot is very original, with an ending you will never be able to guess trust me on this The very nature of the ending comes as a great shock to me, as it is completely unexpected and terrific The entire novel, in fact, carries an underlying tone of omnipresent evil, foreboding and fear, which serves to create a wonderful atmosphere A definite must read for any mystery fan, especially Agatha Christie fans I am going to check out the other Tommy and Tuppence series.