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About To Lose Everything She Has Ever Worked For, Caroline Is Determined To Carry On In Her Desire To Own Her Own Business Despite The Fact That She S Fallen Hard For The Man Who Is Destroying Her Dreams Adam Is Reaching The Pinacle Of His Career As An Architect And Builder And No Insignificant Little Cake Shop, However Delicious The Fare, Is Going To Upset His Agenda But He Has Reckoned Without The Shop S Beautiful And Determined Owner One Sugared Kiss Later And He Is Ready To Give Up His Business And His Life For HerCaroline Knows She Shouldn T Be Falling For The One Man She Cannot Have Adam Already Has A Live In Lover And A Lifestyle That He S Not Prepared To Compromise, But Her Heart Rules Her Head And When He Betrays Her Love And Her Trust She Drives Herself Even Harder To Forget His Deceit And To Fulfil Her Own Dreams Adam Cannot Believe That Caroline Has Given Him Up The Pain Of His Loss Is Something He Has Never Felt Before And Only Something Drastic Is Going To Pull Out Of His Despair But He Hadn T Reckoned With Anything That Would Take Both Of Their LivesCan Adam Save Caroline At The Same Time As Himself Or Will They Never Again Be Able To Give Into Their Delicious DesiresThis Is An Easy Read, Suitable For Young AdultsUpwards

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    A really lovely book full of romantic anguish The hero is really hot Apart from oozing sexuality there s just enough edge to make him a little ruthless but beneath the hard exterior there lurks a heart of gold A true modern day knight in shining armour Great characters and scene description bring out the best in this book I ve read all of this author s books now and can t wait for Really nice easy reading Great with a cup of tea and a few chocolates

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    I liked Jackie Williams book Running Scarred and wanted to read another one I thought this looked interesting so I bought it This one is good, too The main character is Caroline, a young woman with a baking business who is going to lose her shop when developers buy up the property where her shop is located They are building a whole new complex and if she wants to be part of it, she will have to wait a year to reopen her business When we meet Caroline, she has just been told there is nothing she can do to change what s going to happen and she s devastated As she is sitting in the parking lot in her mini, Adam Cavendish, the developer and all around hunk, knocks on her window to ask if she s leaving so he can have her spot Caroline is a mess with mascara raccoon eyes and her hair disheveled She is embarrassed, when she finds out who he is, angry, but she can t help noticing how big he is and how good looking Her next encounter with Adam is when she goes to a nightclub and he s there When two bad guys drug her drink and try to assault her, Adam comes to the rescue and since he doesn t know where she lives, she takes her home They are wildly attracted to each other, but Caroline can t get past the fact that it is his fault she s losing her business, a dream she s had all her life, but eventually she falls for him and they have one night of unbelievable passion Will they stay together Will Caroline lose her business, or will she find another way to fulfill her dream I won t give away any spoilers Delicious Desires is a contemporary romance For me it had the old fashioned feel of a fifties movie where misunderstandings abound, only with enough sex to satisfy a modern audience I loved those old movies and I really enjoyed this book.

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    Delicious Desires is certainly deserving of the five stars I could not put the book down, it was fascinating The characters were well created and convincing, I really began to care about what happened between them This book is perfect for a lover of romance novels and for anyone who enjoys a good well written story.

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    Wow, that was painful Just painful.

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    FANTASTIC I can absolutely recommend a couple of hours excellent entertainment.

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    Caroline Masters is in the depths of despair when we meet her, her shop is set to be demolished to make way for a redevelopment of the area, when she meets Adam Cavendish the developer who is in charge of the redevelopment project.When Caroline realises who Adam is it s a little late but that doesn t stop her from disliking Adam even though she s attracted to him In a twist they find themselves in a night club where Adam comes to her rescue, and she ends up in his home But despite the attraction between the two, the issues Caroline faces with her shop drive a wedge between them But Adam is determined to find out if it s meant to be between them A hot afternoon spent together leads to problems as work takes Adam away for weeks and Caroline is unable to reach him They have huge misunderstandings and an unexpected surprise as well as a couple of trips to the hospital before they are able to finally talk, and we get a good ending.I liked this book, it was sweet but dragged on, especially the ending, that could have ended two chapters before it finally did, but it s ok The characters were decent, and while there was drama it was fairly tame, mostly caused by assumptions both made An ok book

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    The story depends on stupid and completely avoidable misunderstandings There s no real feel of tension because beyond not being together their lives are actually pretty great for the most part I have no idea how they think they can love each other since they hardly spend any real time together without someone being passed out or them having sex instead of getting to know each other Lust infatuation does not equal love, though this is hardly the first romance novel to imply it is.