Treasured Dreams Audible –

Is It Possible That A Recurring Dream Could Uncover The Five Year Old Mystery Of Why Sophie S Parents Died In An Horrific Car Crash While On Holiday In France Haunted By The Elusive Visions Of Treasures, Princes And Gentle Kisses Since The Fateful Day When She Was Orphaned, Eighteen Year Old Sophie Is Shocked To Discover That She Now Owns The Property Where All Her Dreams Began With The Exciting Prospect Of A New Life In A Beautiful French Town, She Packs Her Bags And Moves To Her Cottage Sophie S First Tentative Steps Almost Falter As Sad Memories Crowd Her Thoughts But A Handsome Frenchman, Whose Dark Eyes And Delicious Voice Touch The Deepest Recesses Of Sophie S Heart, Strengthens Her Resolve From His Studio In Town, Xavier Cannot Take His Eyes From The Young Woman S Slender Beauty He S Waited Years For Her To Come Back To Him And He Cannot Miss This Chance To Clear His Conscience, But Is He Strong Enough To Confess His Guilt And Beg Her Forgiveness For The Tragedy That Killed Both Her Parents, Or Will Sophie Condemn Him As Harshly As He Has Condemned Himself Over The Past Five Years With The Family Solicitor Attempting To Seduce Her Out Of Far Than Just Her Inheritance, While At The Same Time Destroying Xavier S Hard Won Reputation, Sophie Finds Herself At The Centre Of A Cruelly Twisted Conspiracy With Only The Slimmest Chance Of Rescue Or Escape Can Xavier Pull Himself From The Depths Of Despair And Self Destruction In Time To Save The Woman He Loves Or Will The Haunted Dreams And Innocent Actions Of A Thirteen Year Old Girl Become An Insurmountable Barrier For Him To Overcome This Book Contains Some Sensual Scenes And Adult Content

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