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Sometimes The Ocean Hands You An Unexpected WaveTravis Kelly Wants Nothing Than To Win The World Surfing Championship And Show Up His Rival, Kane, But When A Horrible Accident Leaves Him Disabled, He Finds Himself Floating In A World Of Misery Surfing Was His Life How Will He Cope By Drowning His Sorrows In Alcohol, He Runs The Risk Of Following In His Dead Beat Brother S Footsteps A Path Of Addiction He Despises, Yet Seems Drawn TowardAdrift In A Sea Of Self Destruction, Travis Struggles Between What Makes The Pain Disappear, And What The Surfer Really Wants The Ocean, The Girl, And The Union Of His FamilyWith A Touch Of Hawaiian Culture, Liquid Comfort Is A Stirring Tale Of Surf, Addiction, Determination And Unconditional Love Hang On For A Gnarly Ride There Are Many Forms Of Comfort Some Will Drown You Others Will Keep You Afloat This a great read just fell in love with it Very few good fiction books about surfing around, so I wrote one I literally could not put this book down The characters tore at and captured my heart and I felt so attached to them.Travis, injured by a shark attack while surfing lost an arm and struggled to make a comeback emotionally He wallowed in self pity and was a bitter and broken man His bother Devin who was his idol was far from the role model of an older brother While Travis was recovering both emotionally and physically, Devin was not there for him and he had his own demons to contend with Alcohol and substance abuse plagued his life and his guilt not being there for Travis only fueled his addiction Thrown into the mix was their father, Carl who did all he could as a single father who had lost his beloved wife to cancer.Both boys seemed to have bad luck thrown their way and could not face the fact that there was a problem Deep down they knew , but seemed to mask everything with denial, alcohol and drugs.Poor Carl, stuck in the middle was at his wit s end with his boys He loved them with everything he had, yet it wasn t enough it seemed to help them overcome their bad habits He was helpless.Travis, with only one arm longed to get back in the water and back on his board but was dead ass afraid Afraid of failing afraid to admit that is what he wanted, afraid to let anyone into his life Only through a co worker, Shayla did he muster the courage to get back up and face his fears Shayla and Travis had an immediate attraction, but Travis was too hard headed to realize what a great girl she was and just how much he needed her in his messed up life She was the only thing that would bring him back to the old Travis.Devin was the ultimate screw up in the family His constant need for cocaine nearly destroyed the family Guilt ridden that Travis had lost his arm, he just couldn t be the older brother he knew he needed to be.Each son was wrapped up in their own emotional turmoil and their father bore the brunt of all this Unconditional love was all Carl could give, even at the expense of being physically abused by Devin while he was high.This book is a good lesson in life, confronting your demons, and getting back up again after being knocked down.Life throws curve balls your way and this book shows how people can overcome adversities with the help of family and friends People CAN recover and become renewed Broken hearts can be mended life does go on This is a must read and you ll come away a better person after reading this book I only hope Cheryl writes a sequel, because the story of Travis, Shayla, Devin and Carl is NOT over A good read would recommend