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After the death of his ex wife successful sculptor Tim Overleigh trades in his lucrative career for the world of extreme sports but when a caving accident nearly ends his life Tim falls into a self destructive depression On the cusp of madness an old friend convinces him to join a team of men climbing the Godesh ridge in Nepal When this journey of mythical and spiritual discovery rapidly turns deadly as the climbers fall victim to a murderer within their group the remaining survivors begin to wonder if any of them will escape the mountains alive

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    Well that was fun I should have read this book when the weather was warmer as I'm cold enough as it is I had to read half the book under the duvet Tim OverLeigh who is was a sculptor and teacher is offered the trip of a lifetime when he happens to meet Andrew Trumbauer at the Filibuster bar where he's trying to drain his sorrows away He met Trumbauer a few years earlier as he was a friend of Tim's wife Hannah Since the death of his wife which he blames himself for he's been unable to sculpt anything worth a damn lost his talent somehow Anyway Tim has been getting involved in extreme sports skydiving spelunking and white water rafting After a few minutes of conversation between the two Trumbauer asks Tim if he's heard of the Canyon of Souls an ice canyon Nepal in the Himalayas Trumbauer tells Overleigh that it's never been seen nevermind transversed and Trumbauer wants Tim to accompany him on a trip to do what no one else has done before cross the canyon which won't be for a year at least He declinesAnyway months later he receives a ticket to Nepalwhere he is supposed to meet his friend from the past at a lodge in Katmandu This is where he meets other people who have also been invited on the journey up to the Godesh Ridge They are all there for their own reasons or so they think but there is only one reason they are there which some of the group will eventually find out I really liked the book which is told in the first person Tim is a troubled character since the death of his wife he's been on a downward spiral He keeps seeing his dead wife's apparition or thinks he does he's not sure if he's hallucinating or losing his sanity Maybe if he goes on this trip she'll stop bugging him? Although a few years earlier he had an accident in which he nearly died and he believes Hannah was the one to guide him to safety I also liked how it ended some of the revelations caught me off guard especially about one of the characters who came along for the ride There were a few typos throughout no spacing between words spelling errors etcetera but nothing that bothered me too much