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Marriage Millionaire Banker Marcus Canning Has Decided It S Time To Become A Father And A HusbandPenniless Lucy Is Facing Crippling Debts Alone Having Kicked Out Her Cheating, Stealing Ex HusbandWedded Lucy Knows She S Been Chosen By Marcus For Convenience But She S Always Loved Him And She Can T Resist His Passionate LovemakingSex That S All It Is For Marcus Until He Discovers His Wife Is Being Blackmailed By Another Man

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    Heroine has been in love with the hero since he took over her trust when she was a teenager She married a scoundrel when she realized it was hopeless with the hero The story opens after her divorce, which has left her business on the verge of bankruptcy Heroine has too much to drink and ends up in bed with hero Hero decides he liked the sex and they should marry Heroine agrees and then spends the rest of the story tied up in knots because her ex husband and his slave trafficking partner try to blackmail her into letting them use her business as a front They threaten to kill the hero if she doesn t do as they ask.Heroine asks for a divorce and that s when hero realizes he loves her She faints at a family function when her cousin tells her the slave trafficker is going to prison Heroine then tells hero about the blackmail scheme Also, she s pregnant HEAHeroine was annoyingly incompetent And she told ridiculous lies And she had no judgement about people Hopefully the hero will protect her from herself, but I don t know if that is possible.

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    Our hero Marcus is a banker who is now 35 years old so he decides it is time for him to marry and have children Our heroine Lucy divorced her cheater husband but she is kind of miserable because her company is drowning in debt Plus she has always been in love with Marcus but she married her asshole husband instead Now that she is free Marcus proposes a marriage of convenience Even though her marriage to Marcus is a dream come true she is hiding a secret from him that could ruin everything I m such a huge fan of Penny s work She knew how to write emotional super romantic love stories with lovable heroines and alpha heroes

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    Rating 4 1 2 starsLucy, ah Lucy A 2stoopid2live heroine who does one smart thing Fall for a truly nice guy who doesn t understand love At first A wounded sort who has guarded his emotions for years thanks to childhood tragedy I really liked Marcus Carring At first, he seemed cold, judgmental, analytical and stiff Then he grew on me Quite a bit.Thankfully the angels watch over babies, fools, and dumb heroines Good luck and a well placed family have helped Lucy Though she has a good heart, poor thing has zero commonsense Her business sense kept her afloat when she managed things on her own in the epilogue All in all, this was a really good read and got emotional at the end Penny Jordan s style has become spare Sometimes the scenes jumped too much forward, and I felt as if I lost parts of the story and had to rely on dialogue The sex scenes have become modern in how they are handled masturbation, sex in unusual places Lucy is forced to grow up and Marcus is healed by her love I could see this marriage working out with the support and affection of their combined families, all standing around approvingly.Warnings OM ex husband , no cheating Sex, unprotected heroine seems kind of dumb about the use of contraceptives, and the hero has his own agenda which she never questions.

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    The start was very promising with a ditsy quirky h with a beguiling sense of humor, and a cold boorish H who holds the purse stings of her inheritance and who has been aware of her crush and ignores it and her So then she goes into an aggressive post crush antagonism towards him and refuses to listen to his advice and marries some useless guy who cheats on her personally and financially, which only increases the H s disdain for her According to him You re out of touch, Lucy The tipsy, thirty something, Bridget Jones type female is over The in thing now is the committed working mother with two children and a husband and if you don t believe me take a look at your own friends Carly and Julia are both married now, and both mothers He hits it with the Bridget Jones allegory btw.Somehow they end up having hot and explicit sex after she throws herself at him in a champagnish stupor and he decides she would do as a wife and mother in his plans of a practical loveless marriage.More of silly behavior from her, which by now is not as funny Some outlandish eastern European villains, blackmail via doctored porn ermm..ewww follow She thinks of leaving him in order to protect him but of course he is now in lurv that weird squeezy feel in the chest region which you cant identify.All in all an enjoyable book set in very upper crust, very pommy settings with a definitive chick lit feel What I particularly dint like and in all other such narrative is when after a sex session there is no follow up of their intimate moments, interaction Rather we are taken straight into some next day scenario This happened every single time and this is not how I like my romances I need to know the follow up even if the H gives the h a cold shoulder but I need to know and judge him them on it So despite a good h H couple and their interesting believable romance, there is still a cold feel to it and the sex scenes.

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    This is the final book of the Jet Set Wives Trilogy by Penny Jordan and the story of Lucy Blayne and Marcus Canning.Lucy is trying to recover from the divorce of her cheating husband that has left her debt and is also being blackmailed Of course he does not want Marcus, her trustee, to find out about it She has always been in love with him but he has never shown any feelings for her After spending a night of passion, things change for both of them.Marcus decides it s time to get married and be a father, therefore he proposes to Lucy who he deems is just the right woman She of course agrees because She loves him naturally I was not crazy the mc s Marcus was so controlling, taking over everything and never giving Lucy a chance to go against him Of course Lucy could have been a bit smarter but instead just went along with the whole charade She was so gullible beyond belief.Of course, in the end Marcus realizes how much he loves Lucy and what a twit he had been I just wished there was a bit about Lucy s business and her two partners who have since found their billionaires and their HEA The series started off so welland then kind of meandered along.The great thing about Penny Jordan is that she just knew how to write romance with charm and lots and lots of drama.

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    This is different from the typical Harlequin in that it s not the hero doing the blackmailing No, some slimy villain receives that honor And unlike many of Penny Jordan s heroes, Marcus, the red hot sexy hero, goes against type by being less than smitten In fact, he doesn t initially return Lucy s feelings at all but is irritated I only wish he had been gracious in the way he handled her crush view spoiler Marcus was determined not to love because as a young child he saw how love negatively influenced his father hide spoiler

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    Not a bad one and usually I prefer Penny Jordan s older novels I liked the characters and the basic storyline, though I wish the hero had loved her the whole time, or at least had a reaction to her that was than irritation at her crush on him The amount of coffee the heroine drank was ridiculous and distracting not sure what the point of all that coffee was and it wasn t just to give the characters something to do she d drink it by herself in her hotel room Also, characters in romance novels take an astonishing number of showers is it really necessary to shower both before and after dinner I guess that has a point though how else can the hero walk in on the heroine undressed without her hearing All that aside, this one was readable.

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    I ll come right out and say it I m a huge Penny Jordan fan and a lot of her novels possess a real charm, particularly considering the rigidity of the Mills and Boon formula she was working within However, this is not one of those Most of her female characters are vulnerable and sweet and reassuringly normal not so Lucy a girl, who in the very first chapter, is revealed to be gullible and a little bit stupid Sadly, this revelation regarding her character is proven consistently throughout the novel First off, Lucy marries utterly the wrong bloke a man who denigrates and defrauds her of her successful business just to prevent herself having a crush on Marcus the merchant banker and her trust fund holder Second, thanks to her Tim Nice But Dim upper class oik of a cousin, she then gets involved with some distinctly dodgy Eastern European businessman, and lies to Marcus and her solicitor about this Thirdly, she decides to divorce Marcus to prevent him being hurt when said dodgy Eastern European Businessman tries to blackmail her, instead of, as any normal person would do, going to the police and letting them deal with it It is fortunate for our halfwit heroine that the Rozzers are already onto Mr Dodgy and all they ever needed to arrest and deport him and all his dodgy mates was a bit evidence Evidence which would have been readily available if Mrs Dozy had gone to the police in the first place.With such a dimwit leading the action, it s hard to feel any real sympathy for any of her internal agonisings You almost don t want her to conceive Marcus s much longed for child in case the baby turns out as brainless as its mother I know, I know, there s an argument for eugenics there, which I would never normally advocate, but she really is extremely thick In contrast to Jordan s normal male leads, who tend to be a bit harsh and distant, Marcus is actually the stronger character in this book Although, he too must be a sandwich short of a picnic to carry on with Lucy and fall in love with her, no matter how much erotica they get up to in the bedroom bathroom And there s a LOT of nooky going on in this book It s definitely the most explicit Jordan novel I ve encountered to date, although I must admit, I prefer her earlier stuff All that modern age stuff about having a quick shag and Marcus packing her contraceptive pills for her just isn t really all that romantic I mean, come on, I know authors need to move with the times, but a romance which isn t romantic It isn t even really particularly well written Consider the line The receptionist smiled as she handed Marcus two key cards, and a very young and a very handsome young Majorcan appeared from out of nowhere to assist them You ve already told us he s young we don t need to know it twice There s a distinct lack of polish to this book which makes it fall way short of Jordan s usual standard romantic fare All in all, it left me longing for the novels of the early 90s when the heroine donned a casual lemon flying suit post shower and worried about losing her job in the typing pool because she s fallen in love with the boss Poor.

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    Surprisingly this was a bit better than the first book I read it since I really wanted to find out whatever happened the the embezzling scum of a husband Lucy, heroine of this story, had.When the story opens, they are divorced So good for Lucy However, as it turns out, she is a dumb heroine She s been in love with the H, her trustee, all along but since she couldn t have him, she had to pick from the bottom of the barrel Anyway, now she is divorced and in financial trouble she gets to marry the H.The H himself is quite decent He doesn t pretend to love the heroine, he is marrying her since he has decided he needs a wife and wants to pick someone from his social circle, and anyway the h needs protecting from her bad choices He gradually falls in love with her though he doesn t realize it.The heroine is still stupid Still makes bad decisions, gets in trouble with her ex and a criminal Instead of telling her husband the H, she keeps it to herself and decides to protect him by ending their marriage.All gets resolved in the end, but not by her useless efforts.

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    I love this author and have since I first read one of her Harlequin Mills and Boon novels many years ago I picked this one as a vacation holiday read for the trip, and I m glad I did It was a light, quick read and just what I was looking for at the time It s sad that there will be no new books from Penny Jordan.