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Bestselling Author Jimmy Buffett Is Back At Last With His First New Novel In A Decade It S Not On Any Chart, But The Tropical Island Of Cayo Loco Is The Perfect Place To Run Away From All Your Problems If You Re Looking For A License To Chill, Come Along As Cowboy Tully Mars Takes His Pony To The Shore On An Unforgettable Caribbean Adventure As Colorful And Wonderfully Bizarre As Cocktail Hour At Your Favorite Expatriate BarFrom A Lovely Sunset Sail In Punta Margarita To A Wild Spring Break Foam Party In San Pedro, Tully Encounters An Assortment Of Treasure Hunters, Rock Stars, Sailors, Seaplane Pilots, Pirates, And Even A Ghost Or TwoWaking From A Ganja Buzz On The Beach In Tulum, Tully Can T Believe His Eyes When AFoot Schooner Emerges Out Of The Ocean Mist At Its Helm Is Cleopatra Highbourne, The EccentricYear Old Sea Captain Who Will Take Him To A Lighthouse On A Salty Piece Of Land That Will Change His Life ForeverOnce Again, Master Storyteller Jimmy Buffett Weaves A Mesmerizing Tale That Combines Both Humor And Emotional Reflection After All, One Man S Cathedral Is Another Man S Fishing Hole And In Jimmy Buffett S World, Paradise Is Just A State Of Mind

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    everyone s submissions are far too serious and overly reflective for me so, this is my attempt to rebel jimmy buffett drunken debauchery, cheeseburgers and flip flops flood your thoughts, yes preposterous to actually consider the jimbo a bona fide author he s no vonnegut twain does circles around him i m sure but i challenge you to read his lyrics what s , open up this book it s not a masterpiece rather, it documents the life of a wayward wanna be cowboy sailor who cares right but, amid this highly connected, satellite driven society, how often are you invited to that one particular harbor read it hate it love it judge me harshly for submitting this review i have a small attention span here in cyberspace and probably won t submit than one review so i figured i had to make it good.

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    A Wyoming makes his way to The Caribbean after getting fired from his job Bumming around, he gets a job restoring a lighthouse Strange things start to happen.About what one would expect from a book by Jimmy Buffet Light, but entertaining.

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    Surprisingly at least to me , Jimmy Buffett is quite the storyteller I didn t expect a celebrity novelist to be quite so entertaining, or so good at crafting a genuinely interesting tale Granted, Buffett s songs are stories in themselves and he has written quite a few novels in his day, but still I didn t expect much from this book I picked it up because my dad said it was alright and I wanted something to read that wasn t academic So I was quite pleased to find that I really enjoyed it It wasn t fine literature, of course, but it was similar to and as good as any Carl Hiaasen novel So if you like Hiaasen, or Tim Dorsey, you ll like Buffett This was a quirky and downright lovable story.

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    You know that any Floridian with a sailboat will have a copy of Buffett s 4 CD collection titled Boats, Beaches, Bars and Ballads aboard The music is the perfect accompaniment to the glorious wind, waves and water of the Florida Keys and the Caribbean Like his music, his books take you there like few others can do Frankly, I don t know how this one snuck by me as I have read and enjoyed all his others Probably got backed up in my reading or was waiting for paperback release or kindle price drop.At any rate, better late than never and my patience was rewarded with a great tale featuring some great characters, places and stories Why only 4 stars instead of 5 Well, it could have used a bit of a trim, frankly, and the long epistles from his friend got to be a bit annoying, I still have trouble picturing lugging a horse around on a boat but I think it was the coincidences and connections that were a bit of a stretch, Still, great escapist literature in every sense of the word.

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    When Montana cowboy Tully Mars looks to run away from his problems, a boat headed for the Caribbean seems like the perfect place to start his life over The consummate cowboy, Tully brings his horse with him to the tropical island of Cayo Loco to get lost Instead, he not only finds himself, but a quirky gang of expatriate friends who not only have his interest, but have his back But it is the 101 year old Cleopatra Highbourne at the helm of her 142 foot long schooner who will change Tully s life forever assuming his past doesn t catch up with him first.In the world of music, Jimmy Buffett requires no introduction However, A Salty Piece of Land isn t a song, it is a novel and the standards are much different But someone forgot mention to Jimmy that this was something different All he does is go out and write a funny, entertaining, insightful story about one man Tully Mars trying to get a fresh start in life and find some peace and happiness Buffett creates a compelling character at the center of his story, who is all too human and prone to random acts of foolishness But at his center, he is a kind person who looks out for those around him This is Buffett s biggest writing strength creating compelling, interesting characters From the rock star to the seaplane pilot, the treasure hunter to the quirky bad guys, everyone in this story jumps off of the page as a unique personality Nobody is dull.That s not to say A Salty Piece of Land is perfect The plot doesn t always make sense There are several coincidences that leave you going uh huh, sure The story really could have done with some editing, too There are sizable chunks of the beefy 480 page novel that slow down to a crawl If Buffett could have tightened it up by about 100 pages, it might have been a real page turner Instead, at times I weathered page after page of scene setting or internal monologue to get to the next amusing section The quality of the writing isn t Tolstoy There is a pedestrian sameness to it at least until you get to the dialog That is where Buffett hits his stride and each character finds their individual voices A Salty Piece of Land isn t great writing, but it is good, fun storytelling I have to make a confession that my enjoyment of this novel may have been fueled by it being the antidote to the bleakness of the previous novel I read, The Road, by Cormac McCarthy Whether because of this or in spite of this, I have to admit that I had fun reading a book that didn t take itself too seriously It s not writing that will have me begging for of the same, but it was a nice diversion.

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    The same airy feel as any Buffett book There is always a good long get to know ya with the charactors, but they are generally charactors you like so no harm in that.

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    Jimmy Buffett is great at writing clever and catchy songs, but this book could really do with some editing It was far too long It felt like every time Tully met a new character they immediately needed to tell him their entire backstory 20 pages or write him a ridiculously long letter telling him their exploits and the backstory of every person they met AAaaaaaahhhhh When will something actually happen to Tully besides fishing and talking and driving and talking and sailing and talking Maybe if I was interested in sailing or fishing or wild spring break parties or lighthouses I might have enjoyed this book, but I am not so this thing sucked the life out of me I only finished it to check off 2 boxes for my 2019 reading challenge a book written by a musician and a book with salty, sweet, bitter or sour in the title Check Check Thankfully, moving on.Content lots of language and spring break shenanigans Also, the title was in Comic Sans I should have known to avoid this one

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    There are some books that are written on a higher level of technical grace and conformity This is not one of those books This book is written simply, but the story is one that grips your heart and imagination, and hits you right in the god I need to go there gland I have traveled to all of the places in the book that are real and can vouch for the fact that everything is accurate Jimmy Buffett has an ability to take the real world, including the grime, and make it something you yearn for This book is something to take with you to college for when you re homesick To keep in the car for traffic To bring with you to work so you can survive your lunch break.You will cry, and you will dream This book has characters as vivid as any Buffett song and as realistic as only those who have heard that central american tune can attest Read it, love it, but don t judge it as a work of classical fiction This is a feel good book that can turn any situation, and latitude or attitude, into a good vibration.

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    In Power of the Myth , Joseph Campbell said, People say that what we re all seeking is a meaning for life Jimmy Buffett s characters share that trait They are everyday people who walk their own path in spite of themselves, make friends along the way and eventually accomplish worthy goals maybe not GREAT ones, but worthy ones Fictionally, they are rewarded, but it wasn t what they were looking for when they began their journey.In this book Buffett has explained to us how to live life As my friend Katrinia puts down as a signature on her emails Life should NOT be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in an attractive and well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, chocolate in one hand, martini in the other, body thoroughly used up, totally worn out and screaming WOO HOO what a ride He succeeds with this book.

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    I learned that Jimmy Buffett is a much better singer songwriter than he is an author Oh, my I wonder if Homer Hickam knows that Buffett sort of borrowed some of his stuff from The Ambassador s Son I wonder if he cares I wonder if it matters, because I doubt they have many overlapping readers I wasn t going to put anything into goodreads about this book, but then I saw that the average rating for the book was 3.54, and I decided that couldn t be allowed to stand without my putting in my 2 cents, so here they are poor book, poorly written, and not worth your time Woof Sorry, Mr Buffett.