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I love to read clean romance I don t want the details, I much prefer scenes to fade to black and have the door close Entangled s Bliss line always closes the door but the problem with this line of book is that you never know how much lead up and foreplay you will get before the door closes Some of their titles are squeaky clean and others push the limits They are cute, quirky, quick reads that usually have an enjoyable story line so I keep reading these titles hoping the next one will be one I love.Loved Bites pushed the limits There was a lot of innuendo, roaming hands and foreplay described It didn t cross the line into their Red Hot Bliss line of books but it hadcontent than the previous books of Ophelia s that I have read and loved The entire book took place over the course of littlethan 24 hours Within 24 hours of actually meeting the main characters are sleeping together That s not a lot of time for anythingthan lust and desire to develop which is probably what turned me off and lowered my overall opinion of the book.I really liked the shark elements of the story and was interested in the little mystery as to what was going on and what secrets were being kept hidden I ve read several of Ophelia s books and she manages to hook me and keep me reading every time.If you read typical romance this will be mild to you and you will probably wonder what my issue is If you are a squeaky clean reader this one is probably not for you.3starssRating 3 Stars Worth readingContent insta love which feltlike insta lust the whole book takes place in littlethan 24 hours , lots of innuendo, no actual sex scene but lots of lead up to it, sexual tension, foreplay and some language.Source Netgalley A very enjoyable read A great start to a new series which I look forward to reading,Loved the character s and both points of view loved there chemistry and there romance from the very start whatcould we ask for in a romance read Thank you to Ophelia London for writting such a lovely book and new series Also thank you to bliss for letting me read this ARC 4 1 2 stars.You already know I Ophelia London, so I was crazy excited when I saw this new series from her, and ya ll it s so sweet and cute I loved these characters I don t think I ve read a book with a marine biologist before but dang Jeff was the perfect mix of sexy and nerdy and gah Sharona geez, I cannot say her name without singing m m m my sharona in my head every single time , anyway, Sharona was sassy and spontaneous, and I really liked her, too.Just the right amount of fluff with plenty of swoon, Love Bites is a promising start to the new Sugar City series, and I can t wait forYou ll like this one Forreviews and bookish talk, visit our blog at Pretty Sassy Cool Super fun and fluffy, exactly what I was looking for Loved the dual POV Sharona and Jeff are both stubborn and snarky and I really liked seeing each character through the other s eyes There was a lot of UST, which is my favorite, and some hot kisses All in all, a quick read that definitely had me wantingI ll be reading all of the books in this series Huge thanks to Entangled Publishing and NetGalley for providing the arc in exchange for an honest review This is a story of 2 people once bitten and twice shy, so to speak Sharona and Jeff both have been burned and are skittish with relationships They are both passionate about what they do which is that Sharona is an accountant who has passion in what she does and genuinely wants to help people Jeff is a Discovery Channel shark man with passion for learningabout sharks He comes complete with real life shark bite scars.When Sharona drops her tomato juice laden drink on Jeff while in the airplane to Australia, she is mortified When she does it again on land by accident again , she is humiliated Then she finds herself kissing him first at the hotel they both happen to be at and then she almost makes it to his room but tells him she will be right back She then gets cold feet and never returns So when she sees that he is the same man who she is here for auditing the next morning again she is mortified She owes him an explanation Jeff is trying to get back his trackers for his research project Sharona only hears that they harpoon tags in the sharks She learns later that he has found a way to put on the tracker without physically penetrating the shark This is his secret for now he isn t ready to share it with the world He also isn t ready for the overwhelming chemistry that Sharona and he share.While learning about sharks, Sharona finds that there is little information about some of the sharks mating rituals They give what he called love bites They are very rough and physical and scars are left from it So in a moment of passion on the ship, she gives him a love bite.Then at the end of the day trip and returning to shore, Jeff believes something a reporter said about Sharona and sends her on her way without even asking if what he heard was true Sharona and Jeff are left heartbroken So if you want to know how that misunderstanding gets fixed you will have to read it yourself.The only thing that I didn t like was that it took a while for me to get into the book.Now, if you will excuse me, I am going to give my husband a love bite This was a wonderful novella I liked Jeff and Sharona so much It was a short lovable and sexy story without any love making scenes apart from the hot kisses.I loved the love bite on Jeff s neck it showed possessiveness and lust though I m not a fun of love bites.It was an amazing read. First and foremost, Shark Week just finished but I m still dealing with my shark obsession and this book goes perfectly with that Second, I love Bliss Imprint books and I m in desperate need of a break from emotional, angst filled reads Also, I love books where people hook up thinking they ll never see each other again and then end up having to work together There is a hot guy with an accent, shouldn t that be enough to draw you into this book No Well how about little bit of danger and excitement, sharks deep seas Jeff and Sharona fall for each other very quickly but it s done the right way, so that it s not completely roll your eyes unbelievable A hero that isof a relationship kind of guy, than a one night stand kind of guy, Jeff is super swoonworthy Sharona is strong and sweet, just how I like my heroines Their chemistry was perfect and this book had just the right amount of heat without being naughty I just wish that it was a full length novel because I wasn t ready to stop reading about them This is the first book I ve read from this author but I liked it so much I ve already one clicked on Falling for Her Soldier I received an ARC from the author publisher in exchange for an honest review Falling In Love Is Like Swimming With Sharks Sharona Blaire Is Only In Australia For A Business Audit, But She S Determined To Make The Most Of Her One Free Night So When She Spills Her Drink On A Handsome Stranger And They End Up Flirting, She Does Something Completely Out Of Character She Kisses Him But The Prospect Of Taking It Further Totally Freaks Her Out Almost As Much As Discovering The Next Morning That The Man She S Auditing Is The Sexy, Tanned Stranger She Left With Zero Explanation An Audit During His Crew S Most Important Expedition Yet Is A Complication Marine Biologist Jeff Cruz Doesn T Need Especially When The Auditor Is The Gorgeous, Fascinating Woman From The Night Before Out At Sea With Nowhere To Run, He S Forced To Admit Sharona Draws Him In Like A Shark To Blood But Jeff S One Passion Is His Job, And Nothing Not Even Love Will Get Its Hooks In Him Cute I literally read that in like 30, 40 minutes Very short read. Another GREAT fun afternoon read this past weekend for me I ll start by saying that my favorite part of this book was the dual POV Somehow, for me, these types of books areenjoyable because there s zero guessing about anything You know what s in everyone s head The story was sexy and fun and a page turner Once again, I look forward toof this series and author Thank you NetGalley Entangled Publishing, LLC for providing me with an ARC in exchange for an honest review