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Lady Bronwen, Proud Inheritor Of The Ancient Ways Of The Britons, Had Lost All She Held Dear She Had Been Widowed In War, Then Robbed Of The Ancestral Home That Was Her Birthright And Now Her Last Hope Was A Stranger One With Whom She D Shared A Single Tender KissThe Foreign Knight Jacques Le Brun Begged Her To Let Him Defend Her Honor Nay, Her Very Life But He Owed Fealty To The Hated French Who Had Conquered Her Country, England, And To The New Faith They Brought With Them Could Bronwen Place Her Trust In The Pure, Untainted Love She Saw Shining In This Man S Eyes And Follow Him To A New World

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    Reading the blurb on the back of the book, I expected this to be a quick, sappy, fluffy Christian romance novel It was not that at all though it was most certainly Christian without rubbing your face in religion Sure, there were romantic parts, but they were woven throughout the book, and were never really a true focus until the ending chapters The main portion of the book was filled with excitement and adventure the tale of a knight and a lady, set in 10th century England, around the time Henry II became king I had a hard time putting this one down For anyone that loves history, please check this one out It read like a Thomas Costain novel than a sappy romance Really, really enjoyed this one and will be checking out by the author.

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    I found that I actually enjoyed all the mushy scenes Felt bad for the hero always getting rejected But despite the flaws of a first novel, I did like it Also, it was unique in trying to get inside the head of a premodern noblewoman whose first duty is to her heritage, not her heart There was a good sense of disparate groups Briton, Viking, Saxon, Norman learning to all live together and except the reality of post conquest England.

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    Clean romance set in medieval England containing a smart brave heroine and an attractive chivalrous hero What s not to like

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    Cute story

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    This book was a strange one Love at first sight followed by long periods of no contact Characters for claiming they had suffered for months thinking of the other, but as a reader, we did not get to participate in any of that The scenes shared by the main characters were eagerly anticipated and often satisfactory, but the main character s reluctance to enter into the relationship was puzzling, and I struggled to understand the strength of her resistance I enjoyed reading about the time period, but found myself frustrated and confused by the romance Perhaps if I read it again, I would have a better understanding.There was also a bit much in the religious area, a bit focus on the main character s conversion to Christianity than I cared for.

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    IT WAS AMAZING it was a bit cheesy, with the guy spouting his feelings every time they were alone, guy, a little subtly never hurt not that i minded that much it was so ROMANTIC there were than enough kissing scenes which were so romantic the one thing i dont like was that there wasnt enough of the guy s point of view, and they spent too many long periods of time apart but you know what they say Absence makes the heart grow fonder.

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    Okay, I hated the feeling of being strung along with the male protagonist when the female protagonist kept refusing him And I honestly don t think that some of the things that happened in the story would have been plausible in that time period But whatever, she writes well, especially since this was her first book.

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    I ve basically always loved CP s work, so I got this with total confidence that I would love it I was surprised, then to find it a little cheesy By the time I got to the end and saw in the note from the author that it was her first novel, I felt vindicated in my opinion It isn t bad But it isn t good, and CP has definitely become a better writer with time.

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    I liked the story, but I think that it s a little hard to believe how many times the male protagonist coincidentally arrives Also, I got a little lost regarding the passing of time There were a few instances where I thought a week or two had passed when in reality many months had gone by Other than this, I very much enjoyed this historical romance