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Six Hundred Years Old, The Imperial Merchant Ship Chathrand Is A Massive Floating Outpost Of The Empire Of Arqual And It Is On Its Most Vital Mission Yet To Deliver A Young Woman Whose Marriage Will Seal The Peace Between Arqual And Its Mortal Enemy, The Mzithrin Empire But Thasha, The Young Noblewoman In Question, May Be Bringing Her Swords To The AltarFor The Ship S True Mission Is Not Peace But War A War That Threatens To Rekindle An Ancient Power Long Thought Lost As The Chathrand Navigates Treacherous Waters, Thasha Must Seek Unlikely Allies Including A Magic Cursed Deckhand, A Stowaway Tribe Of Foot High Warriors, And A Singularly Heroic Rat And Enter A Treacherous Web Of Intrigue To Uncover The Secret Of The Legendary Red WolfThe Chathrand Is The Last Of Her Kind Now, Having Survived Countless Battles And Centuries Of Typhoons, It Has Gone Missing This Is Her Story The main problem of this book is telling not showing which affected the pacing of the book a lot Nearly all the interesting parts of the book happened off page and we were later told about them, almost as if the author didn t know how to handle the scene details of action, fighting, organizing a counter conspiracy e.c.t., so he opted for eliminating it all together I was very frustrated, he kept giving me the wrapping while telling me how yummy the chocolate was.The first 130 pages crawled along with exposition and it felt like we were getting the characters profiles It was particularly annoying because, we got everything there was to know about the characters in the beginning, leaving no mystery to uncover, while as the story progressed there were so many great opportunities for the author to introduce those same info, in a way that would feel organic and less boring for the reader For example, when Pazel met Thasha he was asked who he was and where he came from At this point Pazel could have told us about his life before and his Gift but instead we get a reference to what we were already told on chapter 8So for the second time in ten days, he did what he had long sworn never to do he told strangers about his GiftChapter 17 This happened a lot Another thing that proves the writer s inexperience is the fact that he gave away the whole plot through exposition too soon leaving the reader to follow the ignorant main cast as they were blundering about Even the way the main characters learned of the conspiracy is clumsy Instead of having several people have pieces of the puzzle and slowly put it together, he had several characters learn the whole plan form different sources and then somehow get their lines crossed and fail to communicate so that they re all on the same page It was not nicely done.Too many deus ex machina solutions were also used Characters appeared out of nowhere in all kinds of places and were conveniently saved at the last minute It s clear that there s a lot of potential here but the execution needed a lot of work.Surprisingly I was hooked by the characters and I might give the second book a try. This novel does suffer a bit from debut novel syndrome Fortunately, much of what distinguishes this novel as a debut is also the very same that makes it so likeable There is a feverish and impatient quality to the writing that keeps the reader on edge Stylistically, The Red Wolf Conspiracy is as diverse as it gets it s a fantasy paella The novel is crammed with throwaway lines referencing the world and its imagined history I found this quite enjoyable, as it reminded me of the pulps where authors didn t always have the luxury of spending pages and pages on their setting The story skipped around a bit, and at one point fairly went off on such a tangent it felt as if I was in a whole different novel, but there is method to Redick s madness, as it turns out As for the characters their names are so colourful it almost makes up for any other weaknesses As is often the case in genre fiction, the secondary characters are the ones that are most endearing My favourite Neeps Undrabust Towards the end of the book there are so many things happening that it s hard to keep track It can get confusing, what with the multiple plot lines What s , there is a multitude of animal characters in here as well a busy little novel, this It s certainly something different, even though you won t find the story itself totally unfamiliar This is the first novel in a series that, at the time of writing this, comprises four novels, so I expected a fair share of loose ends, but hot dang it sure does end smack dab in the middle of things. Normally I write reading impressions But this time I wrote a review A new experience And I m proud to tell that the review has been post on a blog The Red Wolf Conspiracy is like a gorgeous gown Colorful, beads, frills, buttons, ribbons, feathers, hidden pockets, scented sachets, several layers of cloth Every detail is like a person with her own history, thoughts and plans All bent together by a golden thread whose stich is anything but random So far, we have discovered the surface and the first layer of cloth But fortunately dressmaker Redick is working on the next layers We expect the next delivery soon My full review I generally liked this book, although I am not a fan of fantasy novels that end mid story so you have to wait for the second book.The main character is Pazel, a tarboy ,who gets aboard a mighty ship carrying the daughter of an Ambassador, who is supposed to marry the Prince of their mortal enemies to stop an ongoing war between their people Pazel, has a magical gift of languages, which enables him to speak any language The ancient ship is full of interesting characters, the Ambassador s beautiful wife, an ex slave, a magician who has taken the form of a minx, some small Crawlies who are hated by humans, the ambassador s daughtors valet, a great swordsman, Nagan, the chief spy of the Emperor who is onboard the ship for a secret mission and Rose the captain of the ship There are plots afoot, as Pazel, finds a plenty He befriends the Ambassador s daughter and the crawlies and Neeps a fellow tarboy and their are adventures aplenty as the novel barrels in spits and spurts to the compelling end The first 100 or so pages take a while to unwind, as we learn who Pazel is, but the last 200 pages move along quickly and interestingly enought I liked this novel, but I thought there were issues in the beginning and at the end, there was point where the author summarized important action that was not recounted in the story which could have been.I believe this is the first novel by this author and I expect his technique to be better in the future There s an old trope in children s literature where the child protagonist has identified the villain, and the villains scheme, and no adults will listen to them Rather than helping solve the problem, the adults typically get in the way of resolution by grounding the children, or tipping off the villain, etc This trope works really well in children s literature, but not nearly as well in adult fantasy novels, where it s just annoying Add to that a set of protagonists who are impulsive and not terribly bright, and an opening 100 pages that crawls along with exposition and this is the sort of book I normally would have put down without finishing But since it came highly recommended I forced myself to keep going, and when Redick eventually does get around to the action and intrigue it gets better The plot still feels contrived the danger doesn t feel real because you know some hackneyed plot device will come around to save the character no matter how dire the situation And the book went on about 70 pages too long the closing exposition wasn t much better than the opening exposition There are parts of the book that are quite clever, and the author has potential, although in this his first book it remains just that potential I probably won t bother with the rest in this series, although I could imagine trying a future series from the author One final note The book reminded me a lot of Golden Compass not so much in terms of plot, but in terms of style, pacing, character type, and tone I didn t like Golden Compass at all, and didn t read the rest of that series either although I have friends who absolutely loved it So if that series appealed to you, then this one might be to your liking than it was to mine. What the heck did I just read This could probably be one of the weirdest novels that I ve ever read which is a pretty hard thing to achieve, I ve read a lot of weird books This review is going to be a little odd because I honestly am not sure what this book is about If a teacher made me write a book report on this thing I would fail This book has the following elements and I quote a witch who casts a spell on her children using fruit juice, a ship that is a combination of the Black Pearl and the RMS Titanic, tiny people think The Borrowers , mermaid siren creatures, a mysterious wolf statue, a strange form of colonialism gone awry, sorcerers, talking animals, talking animals that are really sorcerers and live in a magical world hidden in a clock pauses for breath , mindfits, magic books, political coups and arranged marriages And yet I still hated this book The pacing is so ridiculous that it goes by too fast to understand much I know that I probably won t finish this series I m still pretty baffled about it. Red Wolf Conspiracy is debut novelist Robert V S Redick s first installment in The Chathrand Voyage series Pazel Pathkendle is a lonesome tarboy hailing from one of Arqual s many conquered territories After a series of unfortunate events perhaps, Pavel wonders, orchestrated by his mysterious friend Doctor Chadfellow Pavel ends up on The Chathrand, a vast and ancient ship that is the pride of her country The crew s apparent mission is peaceful they are to carry an important Arquali general s daughter overseas to marry a prince of the Mzithrin, Arqual s traditional foe But the ship s secrets run deep, and soon Pazel finds himself battling for than just his own life in the midst of a conspiracy years in the making.A completely new and sparkling worldRedick has created a wonderful and immersive world Animals mysteriously awaken and find themselves with the powers of thought and speech The ixchel, tiny humanoids reminiscent of the Borrowers, scurry about the holds of ships in fear of loathsome humans giants , pursuing their own unfathomable ixchel goals Murths, or sea people, equate language with magic, and murder men for their own survival A long lost, manic god king seeks power over every nation on the planet Alright, so not all of that is completely new Yet Redick s enthusiasm for the world of Alifros is infectious, and each fantastic element is happily well realized and serves a purpose in the plot.Apart from the grandly fantastic, The Red Wolf Conspiracy focuses on Alifros s most vulnerable citizens Pazel never lets anyone forget that his home, Ormael, was invaded by Arqual and that its men were slaughtered Neeps, a sympathetic tarboy, is similarly disenfranchised Thasha, the general s daughter, is being forced into a marriage against her will, while Felthrup is a woken rat and is surely one of the most miserable creatures to ever creep in fiction The Red Wolf Conspiracy is all about the underdog there s no all powerful nobility here.Quick, playful writing and charactersAnd yet this novel is a riot Redick s crisp prose keeps the plot bouncing along despite the twists and turns, and every scene is infused with a dash of good humor no matter how grim things get It reminded me of Tad Williams Memory, Sorrow, and Thorn series although both series share an epic and serious adventure, the authors still manage to keep the tone light hearted and even occasionally funny.The light hearted characters help Every character in The Red Wolf Conspiracy has a ton of heart and is immediately relatable Although, once again, the protagonists are inexperienced kids thrown in over their heads, Pavel and Thasha s individualism makes this tired old trope feel fresh and modern Aside from the typical third person limited perspective, Redick also tosses in several excerpts from Alifros documents, such as the Quartermaster s hidden diary and Captain Rose s letters to his family These excerpts are full of the outrageously inaccurate assumptions that only fictional characters can make, and they often had me laughing out loud even as they advanced the sinister plot.Bit off a bit than he could chewOf course, it becomes difficult balancing this many characters and plot threads, and The Red Wolf Conspiracy unravels a little at the end The last few chapters are a disappointing fizzle compared to the action packed book that came before the villains are unsatisfactorily scary, and the climax relies on a few too many coincidences However, I attribute these flaws to the fact that this is Redick s first published novel He s still mastering the craft with such a fantastic opening and middle , the disappointing fifty or so pages at the end really don t matter If Redick can regain the strength and exuberance he maintained for most of the novel, The Chathrand Voyage will be one of the top fantasy debut series published in the decade.Why should you read this book Life at sea Pirates Tiny people and talking animals You got it This is epic fantasy at its theatrical peak wonderful characters, swashbuckling action, political intrigue, and an enormously rich and developed world Get swept up by The Chathrand, but be prepared for a rocky ending here s hoping the sequel, The Ruling Sea, achieves this story s true potential. 4.5 StarsThis was a very enjoyable novel and a fun read It is a pirate type novel, but not in the swashbuckling typical way Although I liked many of the characters, and Pazel is an interesting main protagonist, this is not a character study This book works by giving us a riptide roaring fun adventure.This book is filled with action, suspense, mystery, a bit of magic, and a whole lot of sea going fun The world is painted vividly and it gives it a great fantastical feel The book takes you away out to sea, and has you pondering for the answers behind the Red Wolf Conspiracy.Even with a few flaws, I absolutely loved reading this book I had fun and could not wait to read Not all novels give you that great escape feel, that this one does so well.I cannot wait to read the next one, and highly recommend this one to fantasy lovers This book would work for the YA crowd as well. The Good Love how this book started right away, the reader is informed through a special notice that the great ship has vanished at sea, along with the 800 souls she was carrying Soulsthe choice of that word in the report had a chilling effect on me Immediately, you re drawn into this mystery and you re flipping to the first page of the first chapter, eager to start the story which would tell you what happened I was also impressed with just how much is in this book There s so much magic and different races and different creatures in this book Everyone seems to have an element of fantasy surrounding them, like Pazel the tarboy who has been blessed burdened with a gift curse that allows him learn and understand any language after only being exposed to them for a short time But this power, however, also frequently gives him debilitating fits that interferes with his job aboard the decks Then there are the Ixchel, a race of tiny people that sailors often consider nothing than pests because their tendency to stow away aboard ships There are also the Flikkermen, Murths like mermaids , and a race of gigantic, enormously strong humanoids called the Augrong, among others Not to mention the presence of special animals that are awakened with self awareness and the power of intellectual thought and speech The book is a trove of new and interesting ideas for people who love fantasy fiction.The So So There is such thing as too much of a good thing The plus of having so much going on in this book can also be seen as a minus There are a lot of ambitious ideas in this ambitious story set in an ambitious fantasy world, and sometimes it can all get just a little too overwhelming The first few chapters were done really well, telling a sequence of events through the eyes of several characters, with each point of view picking things up right after where the last one left off Unfortunately, it also made me feel so disoriented that I had to go back and read through them again just to make sure I didn t miss anything At this point, there were still a lot of things I didn t understand, but I just made do with telling myself to trust the author, that hopefully there will come a time when everything will be made clear.Ultimately, everything was explained, which was good, but I still thought it was a lot in the intro to heap upon your reader so quickly The Not So Good This is of a personal preference, really, but I just don t think maritime fantasy is for me Reading about great ships and pirates and the ocean and sailing and all that puts me in mind of historical fiction, and so I had a really hard time bringing myself back to the fact I m actually reading a fantasy It s just really weird No matter how long I d been reading this, there was always a moment of discombobulation and confusion when I picked up the book again to continue where I left off.Unfortunately, it really kept me from being immersed in this book and enjoying it fully That said, those who love maritime settings and stories about ships would probably really love this But even though that aspect wasn t exactly my cup of tea, I do have to say I was completely enchanted by the book s fantasy elements.