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Kate, Cecie, Ginger and Fig were sorority sisters in the 60 s Thirty years later, the group gathers again for a week at Ginger s place at Nag s Head to get caught up and reminisce about old times All is not as it seems I m sure I read this back in the 90 s when it first came out I read several of her books about that time So I added it to my Goodreads list without read dates or review Recently, I found a second hand copy and thought I d read it to be able to post my thoughts The first two thirds of the book are the background information from the college years, with current experiences of Kate who is the narrator It is only the last third which is the actual reunion week in Nag s Head I m giving this 3 stars because I enjoyed the majority of it Yes, it s chick lit, but it was a diversion from heavier things I was reading at the same time My problem with this was the ending I can t decide if the whole book was building to that climax or if the author got to a point and didn t know how to finish it off and this is what she came up with. I am a fan of Anne Rivers Siddons and have been steadily moving through her arsenal of twenty four books, often times wondering which book to read next When a friend recommended Outer Banks, I bought it sight unseen, thinking anything Siddons writes will be good Outer Banks is yet again another of Siddons captivating reads Its first person narrative from the voice of a woman, now in her early fifties, as she reflects on the people involved in the most pivotal phase of her life is resplendent with the kind of poignancy we all can relate to It is a story that begins in college, where the narrator comes to a small Southern college and is befriended by a group of girls that leave an indelible mark In the midst of this circle enters Paul Sibley, a slightly older, mysteriously handsome and rather exotic architectural student, who is a standout amidst this staid environment, and who overwhelms the narrator as they enter into a relationship that begins in ecstasy and ends with a wound that never heals But life carries on, with its scars of disillusionment and betrayal, and although the narrator agrees to a reunion with the players involved in what we learn is her life s painful turning point, Outer Banks is a full circle story with an uncanny resolution Populated with singular and fully developed characters in a well rounded group of friends, the reader comes to know each character intimately We know their backgrounds, their motivations, their unique personalities and their hidden fears As the setting, Outer Banks, North Carolina is the location of the vacation home of one in this group of friends It is its own character this vast, desolate beach terrain, where an opulent beach side mansion hovers over the crashing waves in an area that feels like the dark side of the moon It is within these walls that the characters revisit the dynamic set in play thirty years earlier Though time has evolved, their way of relating to each other has not, and deep seated resentments come to the fore in a manner that provides eventual redress This book has an ending I can only describe as utter fantastic, and I use this word in the truest sense of its meaning It verges on gothic in its surreal, dramatic urgency It frightens and shifts and catches the reader unaware I recommend this book for its brilliant story development and because Siddons wrote the kind of characters one never forgets. I thougth this book would be a perfect beach read for my summer vacation in the Outer Banks I kept waiting for it to get better and it never did Perhaps I would have enjoyed itif I d been in a sorority in collegeI m also kind of suprised that this was an option for one of the Modern Fiction choices during my Junior year of high school I m glad I chose to read Pat Conroy that year instead. This book is a stunner I never saw the twists and turns coming It s wonderfully wicked and an engrossing story of friendships, love, jealousy and betrayal. OK, so the writing was good, even better than good but I HATED the plot I particularly HATED the ending It was stupid, I felt manipulated, and it did not even tie up all the loose ends I will never read another book by this author again.I really mean it I actually re read the last chapter to see if I had missed something, some clue, some word, that would have it makesense but nothing, not a shred of comprehension came from it A cheap stupid ending with a heroine who was always weeping So 2 stars for writing style but minus 4 for being ridiculous and totally unbelievable Plus heronie s husband was a frigging saint and she did not appreciate him Shame on her. Anne Rivers Siddons, the author of Outer Banks is comfortable explaining the southern soul, but she also understands the depth of friendships that develop during a young woman s formative years Many of us can remember the deep friendships we formed when away at college for the first time We often look at these friendships with idealism and nostalgia.Kate who is fighting a battle with cancer is asked to attend a reunion with her three closest college friends, Cecie, Ginger and Fig Kate is unsure that she wants to return or see these friends again There was a time when she loved them dearly, but that time is long past and betrayals bridge that gap.Siddons presents a book in which things are not what they seem There are numerous deceptions and undercurrents beneath the surface of the happy reunion Each participate has developed their own agenda and their perception of their happy college life differs vastly.The setting of the outer banks is intriguing and the reader feels the attraction of the sun and ocean Soon the reader also begins to feel the compelling and seductive force of the waves and is effect on the lives of those of the shore dwellers.I highly recommend this book to those who enjoy stories about complex relationships I read this many years ago, and I loved it I would like to re read it some day. Elegant Kate, walking a tightrope over an abyss of lies Cecie, self contained, sensitive and sensible Ginger, the sexy, vibrant, richer than sin heiress and poor, hopeless, brilliant Georgina, nicknamed Fig came together as sorority sisters on a Southern campus in the 1960s Four women bound by rare, blinding and early friendship They spend two idyllic spring breaks at Nag s Head, North Carolina, the isolated strip of barrier islands where grand old weather beaten houses perch defiantly on the edge of rugged cliffs overlooking a storm tossed sea Now, thirty years later, they are coming back back to recapture the magical memories of those early years, to experience again the love, the enthusiasm, the passion, pain and cruel betrayal that shaped these four young girls into vibrant young women and set them off on the courses of their lives.I really enjoyed this book I think that Anne Rivers Siddons is perhaps one of my favorite authors and I give this book an A A definite 5 and a half actually Virginians obsesses about the Outer Banks all summer long telling stories about it, packing for trips, posting pictures I saw this book on the sale rack last summer and grabbed it I ve never been to the Outer Banks but am itching to The book is the story of enigmatic Kate Lee Abrams and her relationship with her 3 college suitemates Their bond was intense and their eventual betrayal was paralyzing Kate tells the tale by weaving intricate stories of her college years and giving us a snapshot into her present life as a 42 year old woman happily married, forever scarred by the tragic death of her 5 year old son, and battling ovarian cancer.What the author did well Kate is a well developed, interesting character Unique Complicated Both as a college student and as a adult There are many layers starting with her father s penchant for fabricating a glamourous lifestyle then his suicide The supporting characters Ginger, Fig, Cecie, and Paul are also spot on These are not your run of the mill, prefabricated college characters The majority of the novel s action occurred during their college years in the 60 s in Alabama I was taken in by the girls relationships and the ways their friendships ebbed and flowed Kate s life is transformed her junior year by her love affair with an alluring, older student, Paul Sibley I enjoyed the portrayal of the intoxicating and reckless passion of the love at that age Weaknesses I wasn t sure what kind of book this was Chick lit Romance It started off strong with an interesting psychological profile of a frustrated college gal Then it ended overly dramatic and all Danielle Steele y The author tripped over her language sometimes She d be rolling along then get tangled in a few sentences or vocabulary that didn t feel congruent with her overall style and tone The ending was off for me interesting but different than I expected based on the rest of the book. They Came Together As Sorority Sisters On A Southern Campus Is The S Elegant Kate, Walking A Tightrope Over An Abyss Of Lies Sensitive, Sensible, Self Contained Cecie Ginger, The Sexy, Vibrant Heiress, Richer Than Sin And Poor, Hopeless, Brilliant FigFour Young Women Bound By Rare, Blinding, Early Friendship They Spend Two Idyllic Spring Breaks At Nag S Head, North Carolina, The Isolated Strip Of Barrier Islands Where Grand Old Weather Beaten Houses Perch Defiantly On The Edge Of A Storm Tossed Sea Now, Thirty Years Later, They Are Coming Back They Are Coming Back To Recapture The Exquisite Magic Of Those Early Years, To Experience Again The Love, Enthusiasm, Passion, Pain, And Cruel Betrayal That Shaped The Four Young Girls Into Women And Set Them All Adrift On The Outer Banks