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Didn t connect with anything related to the plot, characters, or writing style Nothing made sense to me A beautiful love story A couple of run ins with a woman, a film producer, a dancer, a marriage and true love A great storyline They are sharing an irresistible and undeniable attraction but there are huge obstacles in their way Her dream is within reach but is this dream enough for her The confusion, the emotional turmoil and the fear is overwhelming Their relationship was tested to the max on than one occasion She is afraid of losing everything Has she the guts to stand up to her friends and colleagues Can she overcome her fear Sometimes taking a risk pays off and everything happens for a reason The characters are attractive, smart and well developed and the story moved forward quickly This is a beautiful love story and I enjoyed it very much Another great story by this author. sweet love story 1.5 stars Why did I even finish it There was no emotional connection between any of the characters involved, it s all just lust. Sweet romance Quick read, has some grammatical errors, but not an abundance of them. Brandt and Summer are clearly Meant to Be, and seeing them realise this as the story unfolds in an engaging, humorous and lovely way makes for an awesome summer read Their love story is one that involves overcoming a lot of obstacles, but the happiness that they feel in the end, makes it all worth it. Awesome read I loved how easy their chemistry was. Brandt Is About To Walk Down The Aisle With Her Girlfriend, When An Unexpected Chain Of Events Turns Her World Upside Down, Causing Her To Question The Last Three Years Of Her Life A Chance Encounter Sparks A Mix Of Rage And Excitement That She Has Never Felt Before Summer Is Living Life And Following Her Dreams, All The While, Harboring A Huge Secret That Could Ruin Her Career She Believes That Some Things Are Better Kept In The Dark, Until She Has Her Third Run In With A Woman She Had Hoped To Never See Again, And Gives Into TemptationBrandt And Summer Start Believing Everything Happens For A Reason As They Learn The True Meaning Of Meant To Be NiceI really liked the pace of this one The characters and storyline were great I would Definitely recommend this book. A beautiful sappy love story.