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The Unimaginable Crime Of Filicide Takes On The Cast Of Tragic Inevitability In This Haunting True Tale Of Violence, Greed, Revenge, And Death Fusing The Narrative Power Of An Award Winning Novelist And The Detailed Research Of An Experienced Investigator, Darcy O Brien Unfolds The Story Of Dr John Dale Cavaness, The Southern Illinois Physician And Surgeon Who In December Was Charged With The Murder Of His Son Sean Outraged By The Arrest Of The Skilled Medical Practitioner Who Selflessly Attended To Their Needs, The People Of Little Egypt Rose To His Defense In The Trial, However, A Radically Different, Disquieting Portrait Of Dr Cavaness Would Emerge For Throughout The Three Decades That He Enjoyed The Admiration And Respect Of His Community, Cavaness Was Privately Terrorizing His Family, Abusing His Employees, And Making Disastrous Financial Investments As Well As Brawling And Womanizing What Was Not Revealed In The Trial, However, Was That Seven Years Earlier, In A Homicide That Had Never Been Solved, The Body Of Cavaness S Firstborn Son, Mark, Had Been Found Shot Dead In The Woods Of Little Egypt In Addition To A Compelling Chronicle That Uncovers The Truth Behind Two Ghastly Crimes And Lays Bare The Jekyll Hyde Psyche Of Their Perpetrator, Murder In Little Egypt Brings Into Stark Midwestern Light The Hidden, Gothic Underside Of An America Bred On Violence And Bathed In Blood Stunning Material, Nobel Prize Winner Seamus Heaney A Meticulous Account An Implicit Indictment Of A Culture That Condones And Encourages Violent Behavior In Men The New York Times Book Review Nearly finished Wow what a treasure I discovered and had not realised it would be so good it has been sitting on my true crime book shelf for many years.Very very well written Update This is how to write a great true crime book I do not understand why this author is not famous although I did know him from a great book The Hillside Stranglers Just learned he died in 1998 so no books by this author I still have to get a copy of The Power to Hurt.I did not read the description of this book so I did not know what would happen He kept me on my toes from page 1 till the end.Highly recommend to everyone. Great real life murder story, if any story about real murder can be great This one is particularly vile, because it tells of a father killing his sons. True Crime Commemoration 36Setting 1984 Saline County, IL only Harlan County in KY has violent crime statistically of rural counties This is the story of a greedy, drunken, selfish, womanizing doctor of a small country county in the southern point of Illinois who shot two of his four sons after buying insurance policies on their lives What s amazing is that no matter how sodden and worthless this man became the majority of his townsfolk still worshiped him He was guilty as sin and they were still looking for ways to show he was framed Dale Cavaness killed because he was ashamed of how these two sons were growing up one was an alcoholic, the other was directionless and constantly butted heads with his father He may have even seen too much of himself in these two young men It wouldn t surprise me He was also in debt up to his eyeballs and needed to find large amounts of cash fast Their one mistake was trusting that their father had their best interests in mind. One of the best true crime books I ve ever read How did I never come across this book before It was published in 1989 and I only found the title by happenstance recently while reading an essay on true crime and female readers by Laura Browder The deep historical and cultural background of Little Egypt southern Illinois and the portrait of the incredibly insular atmosphere in which the story of a father s crimes against his family takes place are a real stand out in this book The story of the Cavaness family unfolds from the 1940s through the 1980s and you would hardly know that anything else is happening in the world in that period Sure, there s WWII, a mention or two of Vietnam, and the drug culture of the 60s and 70s, but the area and the people inhabiting it are so isolated from the rest of the world that St Louis, not DC, might as well be their capital This is an excellent book that gives us far than the picture of a family that, despite its relative prosperity, was doomed to violent fragmentation almost from its beginning. In December 1984 Dr John Dale Cavaness was charged with the murder of his son Sean The community was outraged and rose to his defense What they didn t know was that for years he had terrorized his family and his employees He made disastrous financial investments and was a womanizer No one spoke out because everyone was afraid of him.Seven years earlier Cavaness first son was found dead of homicide in the woods of Little Egypt That murder has never been officially solved but many believe Cavaness is responsible for it This is the story of what happens when greed is greater than the love a man has for his children.Meticulously researched and compelling written this is a fascinating account of the history of the area in Southern Illinois known as Little Egypt and the life of Dr Cavaness and his family and how he was able to hide his predilections for power and money from almost everyone I recommend this to true crime fans. I had to keep reminding myself that this was a true story It read like a novel A page turner of the highest order. This is a chilling true crime story that will horrify and perhaps leave you convinced that there are people walking amongst us, appearing to be completely normal, who are the embodiment of evil.The story follows the life of a country physician, much beloved by his patients and community His personal life however is punctuated by violence towards his family, alcohol abuse, shady financial dealings, and insurance fraud He is very abusive to his wife and sons, and ultimately is charged with murdering one of his sons, with strong suspicions of having murdered another one years before His cold calculations included that they were worth to him dead, given the insurance money he could, and did, collect at their deaths This is a great read with the story deftly told by the author It kept me up, reading late into the night, needing to know the conclusion I highly recommend this dark tale for those who like the true crime genre, or just appreciate good writing and exploring the extremes of human cruelty. Shocking, nerve shattering and completely worth it all, Murder in Little Egypt is an absolutely unforgettable true crime novel with a lot of both history and mystery behind it. I enjoy a good practical joke, as long as i m not the victim So what i should probably say is i enjoy reading hearing about a good practical joke The star of this book, Doctor Dale Cavaness, is such a joker He s into the usual stuff stamping on your new watch, switching x rays, telling people they re pregnant with twins when they re not Just your usual, good ole practical jokes The above examples are some of his lesser offensive acts, the the book progresses the evil he gets making him one of the most horrible bastards I ve ever read about I m surprised he didn t kill people.The book is no great masterpiece and is pretty average If it wasn t for the fascinating antagonist it d probably be a 2 star rating UPDATE downgraded to 2 stars Some of the true crime books I ve read now pale in comparison against One of Your Own The Life and Death of Myra Hindley