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Her Brooding Bodyguard Christmas Has Always Been The Loneliest Time Of Year For Heiress Sera Blaise So, After A PR Disaster, Escaping To A Desert Paradise Seems Like The Perfect Solution Until She Meets Her Brooding Bodyguard, Brad Kruger, Whose Delicious Presence Is Far Distracting Than Reassuring Brad Learned A Long Time Ago To Listen To His Head And Never To His Heart, But Watching Sera Come Alive In The Magic Of The Desert Makes Him Question His One Golden Rule Will This Bodyguard Vow To Love, Honor And Protect

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    Her brooding bodyguard Christmas has always been one of the loneliest times of year for rock star heiress Seraphina Sera Blaise so, after a PR disaster, being set up by her ex to be caught in research lab to help his cause, escaping to a desert paradise seems like the perfect solution Especially since dad s PR people are upset her escapade may affect their new album sales Until she meets her brooding bodyguard, Brad Kruger, whose delicious presence is far distracting than reassuring Brad learned a long time ago to listen to his head and never to his heart, but watching Sera come alive in the magic of the desert makes him question his one golden rule He feels getting close to the child he guarded almost costs the child his life Will this bodyguard vow to love, honor and protect

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    3.5 stars

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    The tension is so thick it could be cut with a knife Readers will get a kick out of the characters banter and keep their fingers crossed for an HEA RT Book Reviews.

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