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This was a seriously weird book, but I kind of liked it anyway My main issue with it was not the weirdness but the ending, where the characters find out that most of their problems have been easily resolved without their involvement while they were off doing other things It s a very short book, and adding an end which let some of the earlier plotlines play out a little longer wouldn t have made it unbearably long Nonetheless, I still enjoyed it up until that point. The book has charm than the second, and a coherent plot, I ll give it that Though again, some things develop far too quickly Jakkin discovers the escape route, returns, and they immediately kidnap some dragons and leave They rescue, by the way, the female hatchling and only one of the imprisoned female dragons, though there s than one.Again, the bad guys are somewhat cartoonishly evil While Jakkin winds up pitying their sad, brutish existence, there is no kind Man Not Man who shares extra rations, or helps out, or shows tenderness, or any positive emotion The sexism in Austarian society is even worse among these cave dwellers.The book fails to discuss adequately why mineral alkaline water disrupts the telepathy Jakkin and Akki now share with the dragons and the cave dwellers by wrapping themselves in Heart s Blood s dead body to survive the cold which happens at the end of book 2 as though she were a Taunton Akki is better developed but only somewhat Magically everything seems to have been forgiven at the end, and two someones who should have died seem to have survived I am hopeful that the large gap between the publishing of books 3 and 4 means an improvement in quality. Jakkin Und Akki Haben Zwar Ihre Verfolger Absch Tteln K Nnen, Doch Schon Bald Drohen Neue Gefahren In Letzter Minute K Nnen Sie Sich In Einen Schachteingang Retten, Der Zu Einem Weit Verzweigten H Hlensystem Geh Rt W Hrend Herzbluts Drachenkinder Verzweifelt Auf Sie Warten, Geraten Jakkin Und Akki In Den Endlos Tiefen Felsg Ngen Des Gebirges In Die Gewalt Der H Hlenmenschen Die Situation Scheint Nahezu Ausweglos Read this series then only 3 books when I was a kid back in middle school I absolutely loved every page I plan on going back through this series eventually, especially since there s a new book as of 2009 we ll see if I enjoy it as much as an adult. Jakkin and Akki go from one danger to another Fleeing from both the Wardens and the Rebels, they make their way into the system of caves in the Astarian mountains There, they make a sinister discoveryI have mixed feelings about this series The writing is fairly utilitarian, but the plot moves quickly, so once I get caught up in the story, I find them quick and engrossing reads There s not a lot of depth to the characters, and I could use a bit explanation of how certain elements of the telepathic sendings work Still, not a bad way to spend a little time, especially if you are fond of dragons. Meh, I m giving up on this halfway through I just don t care enough to finish it The main characters have adopted some wild baby dragons that they re sort of raising while they re trying to escape capture from the authorities They go underground stumble upon some isolated humans who have formed a completely different society This should be a fun, cool, series with some interesting world building, but somehow Yolen has just botched this I ve really enjoyed some of her other books, which is why it s so surprising that I don t like these If I d started here, I never would have picked up any of her other works I would recommend these works written by her Foiled graphic novel seriesMapping the Bones a retelling of Hansel Gretel in Nazi occupied PolandThe Emerald Circus a series of short stories poems. Pit Dragon Chronicles, book 3.Jakkin and Akki are presumed dead, but thanks to the sacrifice of Heart s Blood, a mother dragon, they can now survive the cold of the wilderness and communicate with dragons by sending mental images When a helicopter flies over the cave where they are living with Heart s Blood s five hatchlings, they push further on into the wild, desperately seeking safety They discover a cave entrance that leads deep into the bowels of the earth Once below ground, they lose touch with their dragon companions and stumble across a giant pile of dragon bones What monster is capable of killing so many dragons Unfortunately, it s not long before they find out. This is the third of four books in the Pit Dragon Trilogy It picks up immediately after book two and most likely wouldn t make a lot of sense without the context of the other two This book was published in 1987, five years after the first book in the series The next and currently last book wasn t published until 2009 There s not much to say about the plot that wouldn t give away the first two books, so I ll just say that it does a good job of moving the story forward without retreading much ground.I would recommend it to people who enjoyed the first two books in the series. Disappointing The plot felt rushed and choppy, never seemed to find a rhythm or establish what direction the story was trying to take, and left any number of loose threads dangling For instance, the possibility of the view spoiler Cave men, armed with their metal, hide spoiler The main characters Akki and Jakkin, living in the mountains with Heart s Blood s offspring, discover a secret no one else on the planet appears to know It s an obvious homage to The Time Machine and yet it works pretty well Yolen has sorted out how her surprise could be the way it is and what the ramifications are More of the story follows Jakkin than Akki, which is kind of a shame since Akki probably has a lot that could be told about her Akki still contributes a lot, though, and they make a pretty good pair.