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A Little Fake Relationship Never Hurt Anyone Kate Massie Has Big Dreams They Just Haven T Worked Out Yet In The Meantime, She Spends Her Days Clerking For A Judge And Her Nights Fantasizing About Her Tall, Dark, And Sexy Gym Crush So When She Runs Into Him One Night, She S Shocked To Realize He Was Her Shy, Nerdy Junior Prom Date But That Isn T Where The Surprises EndJames Abell Needs A Date To His Sister S Wedding So When Kate Agrees, He S Relieved Until One Little Lie Turns Their Wedding Date Into A Full Blown Fake Relationship Only It Doesn T Feel Fake Not The Toe Curling Kisses And Definitely Not The Electricity Neither Of Them Is Looking For Something Real But They Just Might Fall For Their Own Little White Lie

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    This book was just what I needed What a fabulous feel good, sexy romance that I just got lost in, and finished in one fabulous sitting Kate runs into James at the gym and doesn t recognise him as the young shy guy who took her to junior prom He has changed Now a buff sexy hunk, Kate has trouble holding herself together in his presence When a mutual friend sets them up on a fake date for James sisters wedding, James and Kate must pretend to be a couple But how long can they keep pretending What a wonderful little escape this book was It was sweet, sexy, funny and lovely Yes, the story has been done before, but that didn t matter at all because I still loved it The characters were great, they all had quite a bit of depth, the romance was sweet, and the hot moments were pretty hot I loved all the secondary characters also, especially all of James family I really liked Kate too Would I recommend The Wedding Date Absolutely for anyone who is over 18 and who wants a cute romantic escape I laughed, I swooned, I loved it Many thanks to the author Kelly Eadon and the publisher via Xpresso Book Tours for a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.For reviews check out my booksbabiesbeing

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    Thank you to FOREVER GRAND CENTRAL PUBLISHING and Netgalley for providing a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.3.5 starsThe Wedding Date was a sweet, enjoyable read I ve said it dozens of times Contemporary Romance is hit or miss for me But sometimes I think it s all about the timing, and this was a light read right on the heels of a heavier one for me It was the perfect time to pick up this book Having said that, I did have a few issues First of all, any time you see something along the lines to I don t cry I don t ever cry, you can pretty much take it to the bank that there s an emotional breakdown with lots of tears on the way This story was no different Kate never cried, but tears pricked her eyes or she choked them back dozens of times And James and Kate both had aversions to relationships, which we were told over and over and over and over again I liked them, I just thought they lacked depth and I could have done without the constant reminders that their goals didn t include relationships right now What I liked about this story was that James s family was crazy, but they all had good hearts His mother was domineering and abrupt, but there was no doubt her motivation was love of her family His brother might occasionally have too much to drink and have bit too much fun, but everyone took it in good stride Also, James wasn t afraid of the dance floor Not only could he dance, but he liked it It was nice to see a hero so open to enjoying himself The Wedding Date had its ups and downs, but it was a fun story overall I ll be interested to read about Kate s roommate This review was originally posted at Badass Book Reviews.

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    Kate had her whole life planned out and even though she never was in a long term relationship especially since all the guys she seemed to date were jerks That was until her life was thrown into a tailspin after completing Law school as her internship which had hopefully pathed the way for a good job ended up not existing as the company s funding and intern position were cut Now she has moved back to her hometown and working as a clerk for a judge with the lookout of maybe one day a dream job Her days are split between the office and the gym her one outlet There happens to be a new cute guy at the gym which is a bonus As luck would turn out it is James Abell , a guy who Kate actually went with as a date to his junior prom when his original date cancelled James likes Kate but is unsure how to proceed , but he is in luck as his sister is getting married and he needs a date to the wedding Soon James and Kate end up in a fake relationship scenario, but the time he spends with her the closer they get and the lines of reality and fantasy become blurred especially so that James s family love Kate and seeing as her parents died when she was younger she misses that parental feeling What will happen though when at the wedding , Kate and James discovers the truth about his ex Will this put a dent in their fake relationship especially now that there really are true feelings in place Often a lot of contemporary romance books are so so and they all can blend into one , but The Wedding Date was fast paced and I really loved the character of Kate which made The Wedding Date one of those 5 starred sweet romance reads as in terms of a romance , that s what this book is and the author hasn t had to use sex to spice it up Simply The Wedding Date is one of those lovely sweet reads that you can relax and feel wrapped up in a warm blanket and a cup of tea with all the feels.

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    I received a complimentary copy for review blog tour purposes What if I promise never to make you cry Contemporary romance has been my go to genre for so long So when I saw an opening for a blog tour this book, you betcha I clicked the button faster than you could say wassup.Anyway, I adored this book so much It was a sweet and humorous read What really sold me with this book is how the characters were built, they were well developed.Kate is a driven and strong woman She has the characteristics that could attract men and James is no exception James, on the other hand, was very caring and considerate, not to mention charming It was fun to follow their relationship grow and develop.The other supporting characters were a hilarious addition to this unconventional set up, especially whenever they re all together.Overall, I really liked this book I think this is a great book It doesn t have the most original plot line but it was written in a fun and unique way that rivals the other But there s just one character that I really don t understand This one s humorous with a touch of other emotions blended in.Did I like the ending Yes Is it a page turner Yes, very much so.Will I re read it again Of course.

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    I received an ARC of this book from Xpresso Book Tours in exchange for an honest review and as part of the book s blog tour promotions.If you follow my blog, then you know that I love erotic romances and dark erotica I love those intense stories that really grip your heart and tear you to pieces I don t always like tearjerkers, but I do love a good desparate, hopeless story However, there are still days that I long for the uncomplicated, light hearted feeling that contemporary romance novels provide.The Wedding Date is just the right book to give me my fix of fun, easy romance It s yet another faux relationship trope, but this trope is just a hit all the time it really doesn t matter to me how many similar books I ve already read I think my favorite character in the book is the hero Tere was just a good amount of depth to him That being said, the heroine was also a very enjoyable character to read.I haven t read anything from this author before, but I definitely enjoyed this book, so I m pretty sure I will be checking her out again in the future.

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    I like those moments when men have the aha about their women, his chest swelled She was one of the strongest people he knew If he could do this relationship thing with anybody, it was her OK If she wanted to know, he d tell her and trust her with the truth I enjoyed this book I liked James.

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    Kelly Eadon s debut, The Wedding Date, is an exceptional sweet and smart contemporary romance read It s well written with a hero and heroine that are charming and slightly flawed Though the premise isn t unique, the characters and story line are There s plenty to anticipate and just enough angst to keep your attention It starts 10 years after their lone date, a high school prom, things are about to get complicated Kate is my favorite type of heroines She s strong yet vulnerable and faces adversity head on Where I would have cracked, Kate thrives Her no nonsense approach is risky and smart, and she doesn t second guess herself It s this confidence that attracts James.This was just like trying a complicated court case You never knew exactly what was going to happen until it happened, All you could do was prepare and keep your composure.Eadon writes a charming and considerate man in James He had me from the go Due to some well intentioned meddling, he s put in an awkward position with Kate What I love about James is that he doesn t lose sight of what he wants with Kate and their chemistry is evident in their interactions However, his life is complicated by an ex who just can t let go of him But where I would usually find myself hating on this character, the ex, Brooke s situation made me sympathetic Although it may be a case of too little too late, their history is long and the upstanding man he is handles this with thoughtfulness.I loved watching these two fall for each other I felt like I got Kate and James and my faith in them was well earned As well, there s a great cast of secondary characters as Kates friends James family add a genuineness to their growing involvement Eadon takes a sticky situation and shapes it so that it showcase her characters The Wedding Date is a perfect read when you need a smart pick me up, feel good story.4 5 Stars and my recommendation I was gifted a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review

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    3.5 starsThe Wedding Date was a fun and enjoyable read.I enjoyed the storyline, it was well written with great characters that you could easily connect with I found both Kate and James engaging, fun, and they made it easy for me to fall in love with Kate and James had great chemistry and loved how this wasn t a case of instalove, sure they were attracted to each other from the get go but the deeper, longer lasting feelings took time to develop which I appreciated This is Kelly Eadon s debut novel, I was impressed with her writing and her characters Looking forward to reading from this talented author Purchase Links B N Google iTunes Kobo BN Ibooks Google Kobo Links Website Facebook Twitter GoodReads Website Facebook Twitter GoodReads Thank you to Tasty Book Tours the publisher for the advance copy in exchange for my honest thoughts.

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    Of course when I read the blurb for this I said yup definitely have to read this and right away I fell in love with this story The wedding date was cute, charming and adorably funny I m going to start off with the characters They were lovable, funny, and their personalities came out in each and every page I really liked James and Kate and how they both liked one another but yet they weren t so certain about a relationship between them I loved how we got dual povs and learned what made these two tick They had great chemistry but they also had many laughs which kept me laughing I even liked the secondary characters I m telling you I couldn t find one person in this story that I didn t like Kate had great friends and James had an awesome family I was a little uncertain about James ex but overall I liked the way Eadon had it turn out Even though the plot wasn t that original, I did like that the story just took off and that James and Kate actually knew each other from high school which gave it of a realistic feel for there white lie The writing was fast paced and not once did I actually want to put this story down or start another one It flowed really well and no major conflict really happened I wouldn t want a major conflict for this book but maybe of a medium size one But overall I was pretty happy with the finished story I m not sure if this will be a standalone book or if Eadon will end up turning this into a series or not but I can tell you I will definitely be keeping an eye out for upcoming books from her.

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    This book was everything I was looking for it being Kate and James had sizzle worthy chemistry, the families were hilarious and I loved the personality of Kate She s smart, relatable and not one to back down from a challenge.Although these types of books can be predictable, this one still kept me wanting to quickly find out how the happily ever after was going to work out I was still surprised at points to see where the story was going to take me and I had to laugh at the wedding shenanigans that James dealt with This was just the book I needed and I will certainly read by this author.Warning Contains some sexual references.Who should read it Folks looking for a nice rom com style read Please note I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review courtesy of Xpresso Book Tours.See all my reviews and at or Read2Distract