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A Chilling Catalog Of The Men And Women Who Have Paid The Ultimate Price For Their Crimes The Death Penalty Is One Of The Most Hotly Contested And Longest Standing Issues In American Politics, And No Place Is Symbolic Of That Debate Than Texas Since The Reinstatement Of The Death Penalty In , Texas Has Put Than Prisoners To Death, Far Than Any Other State Texas Death Row Puts Faces To Those Condemned Men And Women, With Stark Details On Their Crimes, Sentencing, Last Meals, And Last Words Definitive And Objective, Texas Death Row Will Provide Ample Fuel For Readers On Both Sides Of The Death Penalty Debate

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    Don t mess with TexasNo plot, no surprises, no suspense just interesting information.It is no surprise that Death Row inmates are opposed to the death penalty They believe they should be forgiven for their little mistake Bleeding hearts believe we should warehouse these people, but they don t offer any suggestions on how to do it.To me, it s a matter of law Kill a person during the commission of another crime kidnapping, rape, robbery death penalty Kill a law enforcement person death penalty What s so hard to understand God told Adam and Eve, eat from any tree in the Garden except that one If you eat from that one, no second chances, you will die So where did they go To the forbidden tree People haven t changed that much.16

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    Very interesting read covering the crimes committed, last words, meals and I find it very interesting how many of these career criminals actually find, or profess to have found, God in their last days I m very certain that when it would come time for me to make the long walk, I d be finding peace in God as well.

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    I am fascinated by this book The way it is presented, with unembellished stats, makes it creepier and cooler There isn t any commentary or judgement Just what they did, when they were executed, and what they ate.

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    catalogue of last words and last meals best bathroom reader of all time.

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    I found this a very interesting read, as someone who has a morbid curiosity I was at all times disgusted by the crimes these individuals had committed and at times it blew me away at the horror at some of the crimes human beings are capable of committing against one another for very small reasons at times I am very surprised how many of the individuals actually find or profess to find a God in their years being in prison.

    At times I found the length of this book quite tedious and repetitive, but the information given is very precise without any unnecessary added information to take away from the point of the book.

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    I bought this a while ago, being fascinated with Law and the American Justice System as well as having a morbid curiosity, I picked this up in Smiths It was extremely interesting, thought I was no doubt disgusted at many of the stories I was surprised at some of the stories and some really blew me away in absolute horror at what human beings are capable of I wouldn t read it whilst walking alone in the dark, bad bad move, I was bad enough in broad day light in my back yard Word of warning folks A terrible, interesting read for those who enjoy reading about Death Row and what it encompasses.Very short review but this book wasn t much of a story.

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    This was pretty disturbing even just having it sat on my coffee table unnerved me I tried dipping into it, had to stop and then would try again mainly out of sheer morbid fascination, which is the real reason most people would read this I m sure The book was lent to me by someone, and needless to say I very quickly gave it back

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    I found this book really interesting and even my boyfriend who isnt a major book reader enjoyed it, however my boyfriend said that reading the list of last meals made him hungry

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    One of my all time favourite true crime books Such a fascinating book where each criminal has their own page which shows their mugshot everything else about them from age of execution, previous employment, what their crime was in detail their final meal what their final words if any were I m reading it again now for probably the 12th time

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    WOW what a weird book It s weird what it s about, it s weird that someone wrote a book on the subject and it s weird that I read it.I found the lists of last requests to be very very sad They scream about lives of no eduction, deprivation, discrimination, protest and courage.That the jails would restrict what can be asked for but not the quantities seems petty and mean.