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Mail Order Matchmaking Newly Minted Cowboy Creek Sheriff Noah Burgess Doesn T Want A Wife Despite His Friends Insisting That He Needs One So When They Send For A Big City Single Mother To Be His Mail Order Bride, He S Fit To Be Tied Even If Vivacious Grace Longstreet Might Just Be The Only Person Who Can See Past Noah S Scars And Help Him Heal Grace Needs A Husband To Keep Her And Her Twin Daughters Out Of Her Brother In Law S Grasp And She Ll Do Anything Including Taking On Her Cousin S Identity To Find One But As The Attraction Between Grace And The Lawman Sparks Higher, She Begins Hoping For A Real Marriage So She Needs To Tell The Truth Or A Mail Order Match That S Meant To Be Could Crumble

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    A light read, but an interesting one It s third in a series, but each previous occurrence was alluded to quickly and concisely so I wasn t lost for facts I enjoyed a heroine who shows spunk without being abrasive, and pluck without being completely stupid Some of the plot points moved a bit hastily toward the end, but the ending still took time to be satisfying A good read for when you re looking for something lighter.

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    While this may seem like your typical mail order bride story, it s the extra layers in the plot and characters that give it added depth and interest Grace isn t just a socialite on the run from her brother in law, she s a devoted mother with a history of working hard to raise herself from poverty Noah isn t just a grumpy sheriff, he s a former soldier with physical and emotional battle scars that affect his choices and future happiness The town isn t just a friendly community of ranchers and cowboys, it is fighting outlaws and corruption as it grows with the railroad and potential to become the county seat I loved the gruff kindness of Noah as he can t help falling for Grace and becoming endeared to her children He sure puts up a good fight against his feelings and I can t blame Grace for her uncertainty about him They have a romantic chemistry full of sparks and I loved the scenes when they let their guard down and be vulnerable with each other There is a great cast of secondary characters from the first two books in the series and I m looking forward to going back and reading their love stories I received a copy of the book from the publisher all opinions in this review are my own

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    I love these marriage by arrangement books Read this book on Kindle What a beautiful love story for a woman with a woman, her kill dollars And the sheriff.

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    THERE IS AS SPECIAL SOMEONE OUT THERE FOR EVEN YOUI enjoyed this third installment in the Cowboy Creek series, each written by a different author but they all blend together beautifully Noah Burgess was the original founder of Cowboy Creek and due to disfiguring scarring during the war, would rather live as a recluse After the death of the town s sheriff, he has been appointed the job After the war, he was joined by Union soldiers and friends Will and Daniel the town has been thriving But just like any newly formed town, there are plenty of men and a serious lack of women The town has sent for its first bride train and out of those brides, one married Daniel, one is an actress, another a daughter to the new town minister and one who was standoffish and seems to have secrets As the town continues growing, there is a need brides Will and Daniel have decided that Noah needs a wife, and none of the original brides on the train will do, so they devise a plan and have ordered him a mail order bride without his knowledge When she shows up, she brings many secrets with her, including twin daughters They sent for to a woman named Constance and assumed that is who will come Grace Longstreet needs a husband, and someone who will protect her and her daughters but leaving Chicago won t be easy Paying off her cousin, Constance, she takes her place and heads westward to a small town called Cowboy Creek to pose as the expected mail ordered bride What a surprise to find out that the intended groom didn t order her, and he doesn t want to marry Grace and her daughters need for her to marry so she has protection and can be out from under her late husband s family.The plot twist kept the pages turning as mysteries and suspense from the first two stories intertwine with this third one There are secrets that will be discovered, those who have evil intent and plan to destroy What will happen when a truth is uncovered Will it be the end of a relationship or will an understanding be met With this new addition, we meet new people, gain some answers to mysteries and in the process have an inspiration, soul searching story that may help in putting the past behind and moving forward with the future.

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    This is the third book in the Cowboy Creek continuity series I haven t read the first two and had no problem picking up the story in this one Fans of the series will be happy to become reacquainted with the heroes and heroines as well as some reoccurring secondary characters from the other books There s a host of eligible bachelors in this town so I m hoping there are books in the series However, I searched high and low and couldn t find that information so if anyone knows I d love it if you could share the information I m eager to keep up as well as catch up with these stories It s no secret that I adore a disgruntled hero and Noah is disgruntled than most Insert swoon here I just loved the way Grace s little girls had him wrapped around their little fingers And if he s truly honest with himself so does their mother But he s stubborn and proud hence disgruntled so he puts up quite the fight But, oh my, every time he drawled City girl my tummy went all a flutter Every Single Time Grace knows that building a relationship based on deception is doomed to failure She s wary and scared and feeling mighty guilty as the days wear on and they all become entrenched in her lies Add a surprising suspense thread with action and danger to all that romantical angst and you end up with riveting read.

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    Bride by Arrangement by Karen Kirst is our third installment and let me tell you I love love LOVED it We are introduced to new sheriff and town recluse Noah Burgess who s battle scars are than just skin deep He s thrust into the sheriff position due to his predecessor s untimely death and he is not happy about it He wants to be left alone, period this is a boundary that friends Daniel and Will are about to stampede all over by arranging for a mail order bride specifically for him Enter Grace Longstreet a beautiful and brave mother of twin girls, Jane and Abigail, who has assumed her cousin s identity to escape her terrible brother in law Noah seems to fight her at every turn, ashamed of his past and worried about his battle scars, but Grace is undeterred She has to make this work, she has to keep him convinced she is her cousin and get him to marry her to protect the girls Slowly both their walls come down and Noah finds Grace stealing his heart But will she trust him and come clean about her past And can Noah overcome his to bring them into a beautiful future Again, I love love LOVED Bride by Arrangement and, even though I haven t read the fourth novel, I stand by that this one was perfect There was the perfect mix of Beauty and the Beast vibes with Noah s disfigurement and personal guilt plus a side of hidden identities for Grace two of my favorite tropes I think they are tropes I felt so deeply for both Noah and Grace, who hide behind hard exteriors to protect themselves, and as their walls come down you can t help but want to smush them together and say get married already One of my parts was how genuine Noah s affection was for Grace s daughters Abigail and Jane, especially in the scene where he purposefully gets Abigail s name wrong so she ll stick up for herself I also appreciated how deeply affected Grace is by her ruse and how much she wants to confide in Noah Author Karen Kirst does an excellent job of working all of these elements in a way that is fresh, thoughtful and timely She doesn t rush and takes care in truly developing each character s emotions before pulling them together She also did an excellent job of embodying Noah s Civil War horrors and Grace s eventual reaction in a well balanced and believable manner If it isn t clear enough, I gave this novel five out of five stars and would highly recommend it to everyone it s one of my top reads of the year

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    This book pulled me in from the start and I found myself reading long past when I should have gone to bed I simply couldn t put it down Out of all 3 Cowboy Creek books, I would say this one is my favorite There was enough going on outside of the growing relationship between the two main characters that the story didn t drag on and I found myself falling in love with the characters I loved how the pace of the story allowed for the characters traits and personalities to really shine through and we were able to get a very satisfying happily ever after Solid 5 Stars for this one.

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    I thought the book was unnecessarily dramatic in bringing the 2 characters together.

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    I loved this story by Karen Kirst The third story in the Cowboy Creek stories, this is Noah Burgess story Will and Daniel, Noah s friends, surprise him with a mail order bride They found love and happiness and want him to have the same experience, even though he is perfectly content alone He feels his physical scars and the ones nobody can see have damaged him too much to find love But he s never met someone as determined as Grace Grace Longstreet needs to get away from Chicago with her two little girls Her husband has died and her brother in law is making unwanted advances and threatening her She plans it with her cousin to go in her place and marry Noah Can Grace convince Noah to marry her even though she has lied about who she is and he doesn t want a wife Will Noah realize he has fallen in love with Grace before he forces her to leave or marry someone else Between figuring out who has forged the deeds, poisoned the cattle, and deterred the town s growth, the action keeps you turning the page The romance between Grace and Noah will make you think about this story long after you finish the last page.I was given a free copy in exchange for an honest review.

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    According to his friends, Noah will be happy with a Mail Order Bride so they ordered one for him without his knowledge You can imagine Noah s surprise when he returns home to find his surprise bride and her twin daughters Noah believes that his scars from the war, both physical and emotional, make him unworthy of love from anyone other that his two best friends and his pet dog, Wolf Fortunately, the life he settled for wasn t in God s plans for Noah The way that he interacted with Grace and the children showed his true heart It was lovely to watch these characters become a family.This book was an incredible ending to the series Not only were the three books filled with love, there was a touch of intrigue because of the trouble that was plaguing the citizens of the town I had an idea who the trouble makers were and I had my suspicions as to why they were stirring up trouble I really enjoyed how the answers were finally revealed I hope that one day the three authors decide to write about Cowboy Creek because I would love to revisit it and find out how the other characters are doing.