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Pierce Ambrose That Was The Name Of The Man I D Been Sent To Kill The Man I D Failed To Kill I Have One Day Left To Make Good On My Contract Before The Thugs Holding My Sister And Her Son Start Sending Me Pieces Of ThemPierce Ambrose A Man With A Secret I Didn T Uncover Until It Was Too Late To Turn Back, Too Late To Give Up On Trying To Kill HimNow, If I Want To See My Sister And Nephew Again, I Have To Try One Last TimeMy Name Is Mac Brennan, And This Time, I M Playing For Keeps Book Cursed ASIN BBKPWY Is On Sale For Only Book Burned ASIN BDLINUO Is On Preorder For Only Snarky ActionMac remembers a little about his previous life However, he is still clueless about the big picture The story action rolls rapidly from one peril to the next as Mac and his beautiful werewolf girlfriend Ricky disintegrate, shoot or slash the really bad guys Mac must kill Pierce Ambrose by the end of the night or a demon will torture and kill his kidnapped sister and nephew Fortunately Pierce is dirtbag alpha werewolf who gets off on subordinating beautiful female werewolves to his will He tries this with Ricky which sets Mac on a murderous rampage The ending leaves Mac up in the air I like the smartass humor in the story and Mac trying to find a moral compass I look forward to the next book. Mac is a man on a mission, a very strange one.Equal parts crazy, funny and exciting, I found this a great read A strange kind of hero, Mac s back story is revealed a little , to show us how he has managed to get himself into the world of vamps, werewolves and zombies Not to mention the demons, they re the strangest ones of all I would happily recommend this book to everyone I know. Pretty much pure action and motion and snark with little to no character development but it s good popcorn reading I m sure I ll read the rest but they aren t exactly rushing to the top of my list Fun read though. Fast Paced BadasseryBook two of Mac Brennan s life as a Cursed is fun than the first The story takes place on the second day after our hero wakes up in a dumpster with demon fueled magical abilities Think supernatural 007. have to say i am enjoying these booksand loving mac a bit each timeso much action in these books wow..well worth a read if you are into magic, zombies, werewolves and things that go bang in the night Sooo fun I love the sarcasm, the fast pace and the variety of characters Mac Brennen is a good soul in a devil s deal and I freakin love him Another good taleAgain very much enjoyed look forward toNext one in series , very well writtenFast paced and full of Twists and turns BetterI actually enjoyed this one better than the last Perhaps I m getting used to the writing style and Mac Mac still has a lot of internal dialogue but there is a lot of action and suspense to keep me occupied I am also enjoying the relationship that Mac has with Ricky There are still a lot of unanswered questions though. Marked is the second book in The Thrice Cursed Mage series Mac Brennan is back, just as full of sarcasm and wisecracks as ever Fast passed action from start to finish