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Riley And Alice, Two Sisters Now In Their Twenties, And As Fiercely Different As They Are Loyal, Have Spent Every Summer At Their Parents Modest Beach House On New York S Fire Island Each Year, They Return To The House And Community They Have Known Since They Were Children And To Paul, The Boy Next Door But This Summer Marks A Season Of Change Budding Love And Sexual Interest, An Illness, And A Deep Secret Force All Three To Confront The Increasing Complexities Of Their Lives And Friendships

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    The characters in this book all annoyed the crap out of me I love you I hate you I love you And hate you It s a thin line between love and hate, yes It s also a thin line between me reading this and barfing They all deserved each other, which was the saving grace of it all.

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    I m only halfway through with this but I already have some thoughts 1 If this had come out while I was in high school, I would have LOVED it You would have seen me clutching it all moony eyed for days So when the reviews say that this is for the fans of the traveling pants series who are all grown up now no, I don t think so I think it s for the young ladies who are just getting into the traveling pants I like to think that I m still in touch enough with my 16 year old self that I still like the same books, but now I like to be impressed a little I also like to be made to laugh, and that s not happening here either.2 It s a slow, quiet love story It almost seems to me like Brashares could have put this in a different time turn of the century, something Wharton esque, and the love story aspect would have come out splendidly Because the characters are so tortured It still works now, I m just not used to seeing so much torture in the present day 3 Several times I ve caught myself rereading a particular sentence over and over, and I think, what a lovely sentence With all the lovely sentences in there, I can t figure out why I m not impressed with the writing 4 Maybe because she insists on justifying her characters so much Everything they do is agonized over and defended.5 And they ask so many questions Every time we go into Paul s head, he is asking a zillion questions, but he usually winds up answering them in the next paragraph He is a quick learner, that Paul.6 Having finished it, I don t really feel like adding any to thismeh.

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    Alice is an annoying girl who spends the entire book whining about her childhood friend Paul Does he love me No he doesn t love me Wait DOES HE LOVE ME No I don t think he loves me.Paul is an annoying guy who spends the entire book angsting about Alice I don t love Alice I CAN T love Alice Wait I think I DO love Alice But does she love me NO, THIS CAN NEVER BE THIS SHOULD NEVER BE.Then they get together and spend the entire middle of the book having sex in various locations His bed, her bed, the kitchen floor, the beach, a chairThen there s Riley, Alice s sister, who runs around going I AM BETTER THAN MY BODY She s never been sick in her life until one day she comes down with strep throat and yells I AM BETTER THAN STREP THROAT But the doctors make her take pills And she s like I AM BETTER THAN PILLS And the doctors are like Riley You need to take these pills And you need to take the entire bottle or we will force feed them to you So she takes the pills but as SOON as she s feeling better, she throws the remainder of the pills away and jumps in the ocean And then she gets rheumatic heart disease And the doctors are like this is what happens when you don t take the entire bottle of pills, you idiot But Riley doesn t care because SHE IS BETTER THAN RHEUMATIC HEART DISEASE And then she dies And her family gets all weepy but I m pretty sure the doctors all just rolled their eyes because Riley was such an arrogant prick And on her grave stone it probably said I AM BETTER THAN DEATH.That s the entire book Your eyes WILL fall out of your head if you read it So don t.

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    I cannot stop raving about this book To me, this book is a gem that holds a special place in my heart, because it is very perspective, raw with emotions, and just the right book I ve been looking for.I am officially in love with the very mature way Ann Brashares explains her story The plot, to me, is very simple, the way I like it nothing overly dramatic, everything falls in place naturally I love how the author knows each character perfectly we can t just imagine how they look, but also how they react, how they feel, their preferences, their insights, their feelings, and each is very personal and sensitive in a good way The scenes are vivid, and I like how the beach seems just the right setting for everything in the book Her proses are simply beautiful.Easily the best book I ve read this year and maybe even the previous year I cannot compare this to the Sisterhood series, which I like but not as much I certainly wish the author will write books like this, for mature readers Having said this, I cannot wait for My Name is Memory to come out soon.

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    This might be the hardest review for me to write I hope someone reads it When people ask me what my favorite book is I always say Pride and Prejudice, and that isn t really the truth any The truth is that The Last Summer of You and Me is my favorite It has been for years I love Elizabeth Bennet dearly but Alice is where it s at for me I want to be her She s so kind and gentle and lovely I love the dynamic between the three of them I want to run to Fire Island and find my own Paul I want to hunt crab and see the different kinds of beaches and eat egg sandwiches while the sun comes up I don t know what it is about this particular story Ann Brashares touches me with this one like no one can Her words drip off the page, slashing little pangs in my heart Brashares is divine at describing even the simplest things Take this for example if I were writing, I would say, He felt great distress Does she say this though No She comes up with this His distress and pleasure mixed and married, giving birth to several anxious children Good Lord Woman.This novel feels personal to me in a way that even I don t understand Ann Brashares came for a book signing a few years ago and I turned around a block away from the site because I couldn t handle if she had been rude to me I don t think she would have, but I don t want anything to hinder my love for this novel And now you think I m crazy So, now that I have completely oversold the book, I leave you with my favorite quote She wanted him to see all of her and also none of her She wanted him to be dazzled by the bits and blinded by the whole She wanted him to see her whole and not in pieces She had hopes that were hard to satisfy

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    This is the author s first adult book following her string of Traveling Pants novels for young adults It s about three people two sisters and their next door neighbor and summers spent living the island life Riley s the older sister, outdoors driven to the point where she eshews normal relationships and activities with which others her age are consumed Alice, her amazingly beautiful, selfless and smart younger sister and Paul, the rich, semi tortured as all stereotypical rich kids are boy next door and Riley s best, platonic friend.Here come the spoilers.It s an easy, quick read, no question But also one of the most predictable stories and often frustratingly so The one good thing that can be said about the predictability is that you know what will happen to everyone despite the multiple loose ends at the conclusion of the book you ve predicted all along what s going to happen, so it s a no brainer to fill in the parts the author didn t It s also unbearably stereotypical The character flaws meant to be complex are expected and disappointing, and ultimately don t logically follow through So Paul and Alice fall in love but don t tell Riley for fear of leaving her behind, despite the fact they already have in a sense They make love like monkeys if monkeys make love until the fateful night Riley falls irrecoverably ill, leaving Alice feeling surprise guilty and responsible for Riley s illness Paul surprise is consumed with guilt for the same reason, but also because of a complicated past involving family and money oh the problems of poor rich folk And can you guess who the affair possibly could have been between Oh, the shock of it all One last complaint Alice, so utterly perfect in physical beauty and intelligence and wholesomeness blah blah blah Do ya think if she were 5 2 , 180 and had hairy moles on her ass and nose Paul would ve fallen so desperately in love with her Um, doubtful.Disappointment supreme

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    The Last Summer of You Me , by Ann Brashares the author of The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants series is an adult novel which tells the story of three friends siblings Paul, Riley, and Alice Each is in their early twenties, and like the generation they belong to, they re still on the cusp between childhood and adulthood, trying to figure out who they are and their relationships with each other and the rest of the world Riley is especially immature at twenty five she still makes a career out of being a lifeguard and has yet to enter into any sort of romantic relationship But she s always been the leader, encouraging her sister Alice and her best friend Paul to cling to childhood traditions and to reject the pretentiousness of adult pleasures Because they love her they agree, but everything becomes complicated when Paul and Alice fall in love Guilt compels them to keep their relationship hidden from Riley However, when Riley becomes seriously ill the strength of their love is tested, and the bonds both of family and friendship are put into question The idea of love is always easier than the practice of it Brashares states this towards the end of her story, and by the time she does so, it s almost unnecessary The entire novel is a beautiful, lyrical testament to the complexities of all sorts of love, yet never is the reader made to feel manipulated nor pandered to Instead, the characters, their thoughts, and their relationships are built up and described so lovingly, that the book and its subject matter become one and the same like the summer it describes, this novel is at once beautiful and fleeting It s impossible to put down, but at the same time you ll want to cling to it, to draw it out and not let it end After you do, you ll promise yourself you won t forget the way it made you feel, even though you know that unfortunately you will, all too soon That s okay Unlike summers, books can be relived, over and over and over This is one you ll want to visit again for sure.

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    After reading this book, I m just wondering why didn t I read this before It has been really long since a book had obsessed me to the point I can t stop reading it, and I can t stop thinking about it It s the story of two sisters, Riley and Alice and Riley s best friend, Paul, they have known each other since years 3 years after their last meeting in their beach house, they re all grown up and some relationships have changed But then something terrible happens.I only put 4 stars, because I thought something lacked But overall, it was a great read and I would recommend it This is exactly my point of view I thought this book was a fantastic summer read It starts a bit slow, but it slowly drew me in until I was obsessed with reading it If I couldn t be reading it, I would think about it I even dreamed about it once I thought it was going to be about a love triangle between the two sisters Riley and Alice and their childhood friend Paul , but it isn t It s a story of how this threesome starts to grow up and deal with wanting different things and dealing with adult experiences, with having to leave childhood behind Now in their twenties, you would have thought that this transition would have already started, but the three seemed to create a Neverland esque world where adulthood and even adolencence is shunned in favor of a chosen innocence Add a serious illness into the mix, and things start to get complicated and heartbreaking.

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    Eh Definitely a light and easy read I found her writing style somewhat annoying I feel like she was trying too hard to be philosophical or sound intelligent She s big on using contrasts Over and over She would write things like She didn t know if he needed or less of her Maybe neither Maybe both Maybe it s always both It got tiresome I also had trouble feeling for the characters Probably because I thought how they handled the situation was completely not believable and totally unrealistic.

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    Quite a disappointment for me, as I ve really enjoyed Brasheare s Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants series Or at least the two that I ve read I have a high tolerance for frequently trod tropes if a I really like the characters for whatever reason and 2 the writing is engaging and surprising Unfortunately, the main characters make me want to hit them over the head with very large bricks over and over again and I felt that I could see the plot turns coming several chapters ahead of time To be fair to the book, I finished it and did so quickly in a couple of hours but I felt manipulated and a little soiled afterwards And I continue to be miffed that it wasn t better precisely because I had high expectation based on her prior efforts.