Nobodies Modern American Slave Labor and the Dark Side of

Most Americans are shocked to discover that slavery still exists in the United States Yet 145 years after the Emancipation Proclamation the CIA estimates that 14500 to17000 foreigners are “trafficked” annually into the United States threatened with violence and forced to work against their will Modern people unanimously agree that slavery is abhorrent How then can it be making a reappearance on American soil?Award winning journalist John Bowe examines how outsourcing subcontracting immigration fraud and the relentless pursuit of “everyday low prices” have created an opportunity for modern slavery to regain a toehold in the American economy Bowe uses thorough and often dangerous research exclusive interviews eyewitness accounts and rigorous economic analysis to examine three illegal workplaces where employees are literally or virtually enslaved From rural Florida to Tulsa Oklahoma to the US commonwealth of Saipan in the Western Pacific he documents coercive and forced labor situations that benefit us all as consumers and stockholders fattening the profits of dozens of American food and clothing chains including Wal Mart Kroger McDonald’s Burger King PepsiCo Del Monte Gap Target JCPenney J Crew Polo Ralph Lauren and othersIn this eye opening book set against the everyday American landscape of shopping malls outlet stores and Happy Meals Bowe reveals how humankind’s darker urges remain alive and well lingering in the background of every transaction–and what we can do to overcome them Praise for Nobodies “Investigative immersion reporting at its best Bowe is a master storyteller whose work is finely tuned and fearless”– USA Today “A brilliant and readable tour of the modern heart of darkness Nobodies takes a long hard look at what our democracy is becoming”–Thomas Frank author of What’s the Matter with Kansas?“Bowe dramatizes in gripping detail these stolen lives”– O The Oprah Magazine“The vividness of Bowe’s local stories might make you think twice before reaching for that cheap fruit or pair of discount socks”– Condé Nast PortfolioNAMED ONE OF THE TWENTY BEST BOOKS OF THE YEAR BY THE VILLAGE VOICE

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