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Fifteen Year Old Alexander Cold Is About To Join His Fearless Grandmother On The Trip Of A Lifetime An International Geographic Expedition Is Headed To The Dangerous, Remote Wilds Of South America, On A Mission To Document The Legendary Yeti Of The Known As The BeastBut There Are Many Secrets Hidden In The Unexplored Wilderness, As Alex And His New Friend Nadia Soon Discover Drawing On The Strength Of Their Spirit Guides, Both Young People Are Led On A Thrilling And Unforgettable Journey To The Ultimate Discovery Gah I was really disappointed with this little series from Allende I love her books so much, but she did NOT successfully make the transition to writing for younger readers The plots of all three in the series were very interesting and could have been a lot of fun, but the writing was often awkward and forced, especially the magical bits The characters were a little two dimensional, and even the dialogue was strained She had some nifty ideas, but it seemed like she was trying to dumb them down for younger readers, rather than just letting them flow. Alex es un chico norteamericano que por razones fuera de su control, emprender un viaje con su abuela Kate al as, all conocer a Nadia, y juntos tendr n la aventura de sus vidas.Me encanto la historia por varias razones, es una traves a a tierras fant sticas y peligrosas al estilo de Julio Verne, que se desarrolla en las selvas de mi tierra Venezuela, tiene algo de magia y misticismo, y habla de las culturas aut ctonas de mi pa s, si bien es algo inocente en algunos puntos con respecto a los ind genas, no deja por ello de ser un libro juvenil muy bueno, a la altura de varias de las sagas que est n de moda en la actualidad Lo que mas me gusto fue el personaje de Alex y como se desarrollo a trav s de la trama, todas las pruebas que tiene que superar, desde las que le presenta la vida en su hogar,las que le impone la inh spita y salvaje selva amaz nica, y la prueba que lo llevara a ser hombre y mas adelante h roe.Es una excelente historia, de las pocas que he le do que suceden en Venezuela, por eso lo recomiendo a todos, y pronto leer las otras dos partes de la trilog a. Una historia cargada de aventuras y magia en lo m s profundo de la selva amaz nica De alg n modo me lo termin creyendo Para m , todo lo que pas aqu es real No le puse 5 estrellas nomas porque en teor a es un libro juvenil pero la prosa de Allende no lo es Ya me explicar mejor en el canal. Para todos aquellos que critican este libro por ser tan differente a todos los otros libros de Isabel Allende No sean tontos claro que lo es es un libro para Ni os y Jovenes que ni o quiere leer algo sobre la vida desolada de alguien o de la cabeza de una madre que se encuentra en un closet del sotano o de la horrible que es perder a tu hija Enverdad tienen que tomar encuesta a la audiencia a la cual el libro esta dirigida La aventura de un ni o cualquiera como Alex en la Selva ica donde descubre a una tribu magica de Indigenas eso es algo que le va a interesar a un ni o Personalmente a mi me fasino este cuento y es uno de los pocos libros que he disfrutado leer en espa ol, no esta sobre dramatisado como otras historias, y se aprende cositas interesantes sobre el Amoazonas y los Indigenas Le recomendo este libro para ni os con pocas ganas de leer, este libro les puede abrir el apetito. The longer I live, the uninformed I feel Only the young have an explanation for everythingI saw this book lurking in my bookshelf the other day and a sense of nostalgia swept over me as I remembered how this might have been one of the first Young Adult books I ve ever read, all the way back when I wasn t even one myself I picked this up again, wondering how well I remembered things and how I perceived them now In this ian adventure, fifteen year old Alexander Cold is sent out to his grandmother Kate, as his mother is struggling with cancer at home, too weak to look after him Kate is a fearless reporter about to embark on an International Geographic expedition to the dangerous, remote world of the rainforest, on which Alexander now has to join her The mission to document the legendary beast of the turns out to be a hard one, with many hidden secrets and dangers lurking, as Alex and his new friend Nadia soon discover The fact that this has been describes as an ecological romance makes me cringe, as this is definitely neither a flattering nor an accurate way to describe this In fact, part of why I enjoyed reading this was because it wasn t a romance story it s an adventure Isabel Allende created some wonderful characters here the participants of the expedition all got their unique character traits, they re dynamic feels real and believable and I particularly liked how tough the females in this story were They re definitely victims to men who think themselves as authoritarian, but at the same time they re in no way afraid to stand their ground Our main characters are young adults we ve got the 15 year old Alexander and the 13 year old Nadia and both of them felt believable as well They re hitting puberty, where you might feel in charge and in control of everything, but at the same time you re clearly not Still, they re never annoying, but ultimately good natured and brave kids In terms of themes, they were a lot of messages conveyed that I certainly didn t pick up on as a kid Allende explores the contrast between our civilisation and nature as well as the exploitation of native cultures and does both in a elegantly subtle way I feel like elegant is a good word to describe her writing in general, it s vivid, gentle and descriptive and I could so clearly visualise everything that was happening In general, I am absolutely aware that age wise this book is not targeted at me, which makes me put it in a different context and influences my expectations, but it s still an enjoyable tale . 4,25 stars Dutch paperback I have dyslexia Aldo this is a young adult novel for teenagers from 14 years and up, this book is a literair thriller witch only Isabel Allende could put down on to paper A young boy man travels with his grandmother who wants to be called Kate to the Their part of a group travelling for National Georaphic They meet up with Nadia the daughter of the guide of the group Not all attendees of the group have the best intrest for the forest and its inhabitants And Alex and Nadia discover the deep secrets of themselfs and this forest inhabitants Who is friend or are the all enemy s En realidad es un 3,5.Me ha gustado bastante la historia y ese punto m gico que le ha dado la autora.Todo ese tema de los ind genas me interesa mucho y lo he pasado muy mal cada vez que contaban algo sobre c mo los trataban Lo de las epidemias me ha parecido algo dur simo.A ver qu tal continua la trilog a.