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Rikers Island is the centerpiece of the New York City Department of Corrections a sprawling prison city of concrete and steel with housing for than 16000 inmates Early in 1995 it was also the temporary home of legendary rapper and actor Tupac Shakur incarcerated for a crime he swore he did not commit And it was there that Angela Ardis acting on a late night wager among her friends and coworkers sent a letter along with a photo and her phone number To her utter delight and amazement Angela's phone rang a short while later Tupac Shakur was on the line Over the next several months Angela and Tupac shared a near daily exchange of letters poems and phone calls and their the relationship quickly grew into something neither of them could quite define a kinship of souls that touched each in unexpected ways Those original poems and letters many of them written after Tupac's transfer from Rikers to Dannemora State Prison are presented here along with the increasingly passionate and personal phone calls that touched on every subject imaginable Far from the media spotlight Tupac was by turns playful sensual and serious offering sharp observations on prison music and the uncertainties of life His letters to Angela reflect how he felt about being shot five times and left for dead one terrible night in New York in 1994 and his heartfelt verse encapsulates his dreams for the future a future that would be so tragically cut short just over eighteen months after their correspondence began Tupac Shakur was shot on September 7th 1996 and died a week later from his injuries His murder remains unsolved an ending as enigmatic as his life But while Tupac may be gone his words live on here giving every fan a rare glimpse inside the mind and unbroken spirit of a passionate and unpredictable musical icon Angela Ardis is an author screenwriter actress and model

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