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Take A Wonderfully Crazed Excursion Into The Demented Heart Of A Tropical Paradise A World Of Cargo Cults, Cannibals, Mad Scientists, Ninjas, And Talking Fruit Bats Our Bumbling Hero Is Tucker Case, A Hopeless Geek Trapped In A Cool Guy S Body, Who Makes A Living As A Pilot For The Mary Jean Cosmetics Corporation But When He Demolishes His Boss S Pink Plane During A Drunken Airborne Liaison, Tuck Must Run For His Life From Mary Jean S Goons Now There S Only One Employment Opportunity Left For Him Piloting Shady Secret Missions For An Unscrupulous Medical Missionary And A Sexy Blond High Priestess On The Remotest Of Micronesian Hells Here Is A Brazen, Ingenious, Irreverent, And Wickedly Funny Novel From A Modern Master Of The Outrageous

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    Island of the Sequined Love Nun by Christopher Moore tells the story of Tucker Case, a ne er do well corporate pilot who, after a hilarious allusion to Shakespeare, winds up in a chaotic Moore created bad trip in Micronesia Somewhere along the way we meet reformed cannibals, a transvestite Filipino navigator, some wacky Pacific Ocean cargo cults, and the ghost of a WWII fighter pilot Not one of his best novels, all the same, Christopher Moore novels join the ranks of pizza and sex where a good unit is great and a bad unit is still pretty good Beth Curtis is one of his most fun characters and I wish he would find a way to bring her back to another novel somehow Moore fans will recognize the origin of Roberto the fruit bat.

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    Christopher Moore is a popular writer and satirist in the vein of Terry Pratchett and Kurt Vonnegut with titles like Lamb The Gospel According to Biff, Christ s Childhood Pal You Suck A Love Story and many Moore how could I resist Island of the Sequined Love Nun was actually my first foray into his work, but what got me than anything else, even than Moore s popularity and humor, was the title itself It says it all And after having read it, it s actually an extremely fitting title.Tucker Case skates by in life, nearly everything has been handed to him, not the least of which is his job flying a pink jet for the Mary Jean Cosmetics Corporation, which he almost immediately crasheswhile drunkenly fooling around with a girl he didn t know was a prostitute With an intro like that, how can you resist Tucker is essentially imprisoned as Mary Jean attempts to salvage the situation for her company Having lost his license to fly, his options are limited and thus begins the meat of our story as Tuck is contacted by a less than reputable employer claiming to be doing missionary service One of the first things I noticed was that Moore is not afraid to be outrageous and he does so often There are jokes about cannibals, religions, transexuals, you name it He pushes the boundaries and even does so a bit too far for this self admitted prude Then again, I didn t not laugh either.Tucker Case comedically bumbles around the place, just accepting life as it s handed to him, but the problem is you either love him or hate him, and I found myself leaning toward the latter He bugged me from the start and he does eventually develop redeeming qualities, but it was almost too late for me That s why I couldn t say I absolutely loved this book, it was just decent A big part of how I measure how much I am liking an audiobook is how much I look forward to my morning drive or how much I skive off, to use a British term, whatever I m doing to listen and while it wasn t painful, it also wasn t my favorite in fact it pales in comparison to the book I m currently listening to, which I ll be done with shortly In the end, Island of the Sequined Love Nun was a good introduction to Christopher Moore While I didn t absolutely love it, I will definitely come back for I held back I m looking forward to reading some of his popular works in the near future.3 out of 5 Stars Recommended with Reservations Note I got a new reviewing gig with, so I m trying to get things down that I ll have to include on the blog post By Christopher Moore Read by Oliver WymanPublisher HarperAudio UNABRIDGED 11 hours, 39 minutes 10 CD sPublished 2004Themes exotic island humor commercial jet cannibal cargo cult

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    I have read and really enjoyed quite a few of Moore s books, but this wasn t one of them It just didn t do it for me I didn t find it funny or quirky or even interesting I didn t care what happened to any of the characters, and honestly, it just felt too try hard to be all of the things that one expects from Moore Kimi, the male cross dressing prostitute with a pet bat named Roberto Rodrigo something like that , was the only character I actually liked at all, and that was only because he was the only character that actually seemed to EXIST on his own All of the other characters in this story were just game pieces for the zany to happen to But even so, Kimi wasn t enough to make me want to pick up this book again It s been days since I picked this up last, and the fact that I m not quite sure how many days says a lot about my lack of interest so onto the Abandoned shelf it goes.

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    Okay I like humor Some people tell me, based on my looks, it s darn good I like humor, cause I sure need a sense of it I like funny movies, funny stories, dirty jokes what I don t see a whole lot of, are funny books I mean, laugh out loud funny books ISLAND OF THE SEQUINED LOVE NUN is a witty exception I had read Christopher Moore before Coyote Blue , and while I enjoyed his work, his humor was just a tad too quirky and for me, that s saying something But with this book, I had a good time from the moment I started reading, right up until I finished the last page Moore has a great gift of getting inside the heads of his characters, making them react to stuff they don t want to react to, and putting them in situations they don t want to be in.and he pulls it off with supreme comedic flair I won t go into the plot there are already hundreds of reviews here doing that , but suffice it to say Tucker Case is one likeable, funny bad boy His adventures or, accurately, misadventures make for a delightful read a read augmented by the supernatural a Moore staple , good and evil, and some compelling moments But I m thinking too much and once again, for me that s saying something ISLAND OF THE SEQUINED LOVE NUN is a darn funny book Not only that, it s a good book, a very good book, brilliantly written I m definitely looking forward to reading of this author s work.

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    Meet cannibal Pacific islanders who really believe in the Cargo Cult religion,worship a real life Sky Princess,who gives them Hollywood magazines and coffee.Meet her colleague, who is also worshiped as the Sorcerer, who harvests organs from the cannibals.Follow the wild adventures of an American pilot, a cross dressing Filipino navigator and a multi lingual fruit bat as they land on the island of the Sequined Love Nun They don t know it yet, but they will attempt to save all the islanders.A fast paced, fun adventure Parental Guidance Recommended Enjoy

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    This book reminded me of Meet the Parents, a movie that I stopped watching after the main character s name was revealed to be Gaylord Focker his first name has gay in it and his last name sounds like fucker That is hilarious So when Moore presented the character Zoophilia Gold, I knew that the book could safely be added to my trade in pile.Granted, my simple lady mind is ill equipped to recognize and appreciate humor In the 30 or so pages before Zoophilia s entrance, nothing struck me as funny, though clearly it was meant to Hey, the jerk main character Tuck flies a pink jet Pink And he s a dude How wacky And then he crashes it while initiating Meadow, a prostitute, into the mile high club, getting his junk impaled on shrapnel in the process Most of the subsequent jokes were about his injured dick Will he recover before he comes across his next prostitute Speaking of sexually objectified women characters, the ratio in the first few chapters was quite high Meadow introduces herself to Tuck by smooshing her chest into his shoulder Then there s a nameless priestess wearing nothing but fishnets, heels, and a lot of makeup who touches herself to a news report about Tuck s crash Mary Jean, cosmetics mogul and Tuck s boss, is not sexualized but instead fills the role of the aggressive, hypocritical business executive Once again, it s nothing but the same two tired options sexxxy or megabitch or dead, in Zoophilia s case, which according to SVU is the best of all Way to move outside that dichotomy, Moore, you iconoclast Yeah, humor is definitely a subjective thing To me, goofy unrealistic names and nutty situations can t stand on their own as humor they re lazy substitutes for actual comedy that s created from the interactions of established, believable characters and from events observed in a new light Shoving in cartoony ass cannibals and slapstick bodily harm isn t going to make a story funny just because it contains those elements I m sure I m missing out on a lot of fart and boob jokes by not finishing the book, but I ll probably survive.

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    I m pretty sure it s impossible not to enjoy Christopher Moore s books His awesome imagination creates these terrifically preposterous scenarios and his killer combo of wit and humor turn every story into such a fun read About the only author to consistently have me laugh out loud during reading Tucker Case is a disgraced pilot with a quite literally Shakespearean Hamletian to be specific past and a revoked license When he gets an offer he simply can t refuse to be a private pilot for a small island with a cargo cult this is explained in the novel, very interesting , he sets off on a wild, improbable, bizarre and very excellent adventure With a cast of characters as wacky as the plot, tropical scenery and plenty of suspense and thriller elements to turn or attempt to Tuck into a hero of one of his spy paperbacks, there is enough action, magic and spectacular escapades for anyone to enjoy Moreover, Christopher Moore has actually done some first hand research on the oceanic island culture, which is most impressive, although he urges the reader to take most of what he writes as a make believe Either way, this was tons of fun Highly recommended.

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    Does Christopher Moore know how to write a bad novel Does he even know how to write an average novel While Island of The Sequined Love Nun is not the equal of Lamb and A Dirty Job, it is still a total delight with Moore s cast of insane characters and tightly woven if outlandish plots And of course It is frigging hilarious Cargo Cults, talking bats, stripper bimbo masquerading as goddess, pink Lear jets, transvestites All the sort of things that no one but Moore could tie together in a funny totally satisfying novel Four and a half stars.

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    Since reading Dream Park by Larry Niven as a young lad, I ve always had an interest in Cargo Cult stories This was a lot of fun, but not as engaging as I m used to from a Christopher Moore book I didn t connect with a lot of the characters like I usually do with his stories I enjoyed it, but can I safely say I ll remember it a month from now

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    When you read the first chapter of this book you will say to yourself, what the He Only not in a bad way I could not stop reading and actually had read halfway through by the end of the day It is about a washed up pilot who is an alchoholic and is asked to fly a jet for a Mary Kay type person Needless to say, the jet is bright pink The opening chapter sums the main character up pretty much in a nut shell, his luck with flying, booze and women It only gets better from there I hope I didn t give too much away just read it already.