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The Deadly Confidante Chronicles The Chilling Case Of Robin Lee Row, A Woman Accused Of Setting Her House On Fire And Causing The Death Of Her Husband And Two Young Children It Also Tells The Agonizing Story Of Joan McHugh, Robin S Friend, Who Wrestled With Issues Of Trust, Loyalty And The Value Of Friendship In The Face Of Incriminating Evidence The Deadly Confidante Is The Culmination Of Years Of Tireless Research The Author Skillfully Compiled Reports, Court Records, Police Interviews And In Depth Research In Retelling The Story Was Robin Lee Row A Compassionate Mother Or Was She A Cold And Calculating Killer A Provocative, Must Read True Crime Story With An Unforgettable Outcome This criminal is in the Women s prison here in Pocatello. Creepy, I cant beleive someone could be so crazy and evil..