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This is a wonderful, very well written children s book with beautiful illustrations The Zoo is a very fun book and it will be interesting and useful for children of different ages Children learn not only a lot of new things about different animals, but children will learn about life and learn to better understand social relationships This book will tell a lot about friendship, mutual understanding and respect I bought The Zoo by Ronald Destra as a gift to my nephew and this book has become one of the most beloved for him I look forward to new books by the author in order to replenish my nephew s library A Beautifully Illustrated Book Essential For Every Child S Library A Day At The Zoo May Seem Like Fun, But Something S Going On, And The Animals Can T Seem To Get Along With Each Other So What Happens When An Argument Breaks Out Between The Lion And The Zebra, The Lynx And The Monkey, The Bear And The Elephant, And All The Other Zoo Animals Read The Story And Find Out In This Amazing Book For Children And Preteens This Incredibly Fun And Witty Book Was Carefully Written By The Experts Of The Genre To Make Reading Fun And Appealing, And It S Perfect For Kids Of All Ages The Story Focuses On The Relationships Created Among The Zoo Animals, And It Raises A Wide Range Of Issues, From Friendship And Temper Management To Captivity And Proper Behavior The Simple And Easy To Understand Text Will Give Children The Opportunity To Have Fun Through Reading And Will Give Parents And Teachers A Starting Point For Discussion And Exchange Of Ideas The Book Will Help Its Readers Understand A Life Lesson On Team Work And Collaboration Towards A Common Goal While Having Fun, As Well As Recognize The Importance Of Temper Control And Getting Along Children And Grown Ups Will Love The Funny Dialogue Just As Much As They Will Love The Beautiful And Colorful Illustrations That Will Make Reading Exciting Than Ever The Text Will Also Give Children The Opportunity To Learn About Wild Animals, Their Names And Eating Habits, As Well As New Vocabulary And Expressions The Zoo Is A Book That Should Be Read By Every Child And Preteens, And Also By Parents And Teachers So Get A Copy Now And Give Your Children The Opportunity To Learn And Grow Through This Story Great book Great book for children, it was fun reading it to my siblings, both were in love with it, and want me to read it to them again and again Let s see how long this entutiasm will last I have several other books by the Destra co authors, and all of them are great, there are many books for kids this days, and it s always hard to find something valuable Imagine if animals could talk the way humans do What would they say to each other The Zoo is a very interesting take on what those conversations would be like The animals in this book are sarcastic, they make jokes about one another and even have a few arguments, just as people do In the end, they resolve their conflicts, and find a way to get along with one another The illustrations are absolutely adorable very bright and colorful This is a fun way to teach children about conflict resolution, and about how to get along with others, who may seem different from them. Ronald Destra is an author that always delivers entertaining and educative children s book The Zoo is such a great animated book that potrays the activities that goes on in the Zoo amidst the animals as the ridicule themselves and also get along with each other Parents shouldn t hesitate to get one for his her child.