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She Hunts The Realm S Most Dangerous GameHer Fees Are ExorbitantShe S Worth Every Coin She ReceivesOr Is She Magiere Has Earned A Reputation As The Most Formidable Vampire Slayer In The Land Villagers Far And Wide Welcome Her With Both Awe And Disdain Grateful To Her For Ridding Their Towns Of The Undead Menace, But Finding Themselves Made Poorer For Their Salvation Magiere Knows She S Dealing With Simple Folk, Who Only Wish To Have Their Superstitions Silenced, And Sees Nothing Wrong With Exploiting Them For ProfitNow, Tired Of The Game, Magiere And Her Partner, The Half Elf Leesil, Are Ready To Hang Up Their Weapons And Settle Down In A Place They Can Finally Call Home But Their Newfound Peace Will Not Last For Magiere Has Come To The Attention Of A Trio Of Powerful And Dangerous Vampires Who Know Her True Identity And Fear The Birthright That Flows Through Her Veins And They Will Stop At Nothing To Keep Magiere From Fulfilling Her Destiny

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    This isn t great literature It doesn t claim to be It s pure, unadulterated, open, and proud, brain candy I enjoyed it.There were a few times that it got too drawn outby the last confrontation I was than ready for it to finish up Andit hit another one of my pet peeves , the vampires are somewhat twisted from traditional vampsbut not too much or badly done At least the vamps here aren t cute, cuddly, lonely, romantic, blood suckers and they don t sparkle Also to actually have a Dhampir you have to re write the legend a bit I mean after all a vampire is physically, a dead body Confession time, while I haven t used the word dhampir in my writing, I have used a version of the idea, not handled this way, or a dhampir in this book s sense , but a version of it So, I ve seen worse ways of handling it than was done here, and I suppose better LOL.Over all I enjoyed this book and plan to run the next book in the series down For fantasy fans, for horror fans even for vampire fans, this will probably be a good read Recommended Update I originally wrote this review in 2010, then went out and bought the rest of the series I have yet to read them So many books so little time , is a true saying.

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    Two con artists adventurers try to settle down to life in a town, but unbeknown to it holds a lair of vampires Oh yeah, and everybody has a mysterious past that haunts them as it forces them into confrontation.Actually I liked this book than I expected The authors seem to care about the characters, including the bad guys, and that is a rare gift in fantasy writing.On the other hand, the writers have a number of minor weaknesses Sentences are awkward, descriptions are bumbled, a mysterious enigmatic stranger appears about 73 exaggeration times with mysterious enigmatic advice, both good and bad guys regularly suffer mortal wounds and miraculously recover to fight the very next day, etc.P.S The front cover blurb describes this as a mix of Lord of the Rings because it has an elf and Buffy the Vampire Slayer because vampires are killed when in fact this book is nothing like either of those This superficial thoughtlessness bugs me Might as well call midget wrestling like Lord of the Rings because, hey, it has dwarfs and they fight in a ring.

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    Before I launch into my review, I just gotta ask, why do people always have to make stew in fantasy novels How about goulash Pasta Chicken and dumplings Half elves cannot live on stew alone Also, stew is not travel food It s called stew because it has to STEW for a few hours before you eat it No one would say Gee, we ve been walking all damn day, let s wait a few hours for our stew to simmer before we can eat Brief recap Magiere which I couldn t figure out how to pronounce, so I started calling her Maggie in my head , and Leesil I knew a girl in high school named Leisel, and it was hard to disassociate the two at first, I kept imagining this half elf playing trumpet in advanced jazz band run a scam killing vampires for remote villages Maggie is the hunter and Leesil plays the vampire, she kills him, absconds with the village s money and they scram This is all going fine until they run into a real vampire, and their magic dog goes berserk on the thing Through the power of teamwork, they kill it.Turns out our girl Maggie s been hiding money away and bought a tavern in a seaside town called Miiska I hate when characters and towns names are too close Our Heroes all move there and turns out there are vampires there too These vampires have bought the corrupt.guy who s name I can t remember, and he keeps the heat off of them while they terrorize the town and kill people That s the set up for the conflict I liked this book, enough to give it 3 stars, but I felt it could have been better done Though there were a lot of internalized struggles and whatnot going on for both Maggie and Leesil, I don t feel like they developed They still felt shallow, even Brendan the blacksmithhell, particularly Brenden the blacksmith There were a lot of tropes throughout stew, tunics, the kindly old couple, the protagonist with the hidden secret, the other protagonist with the hidden secret, etc I wish they would have reigned in the cultural color they provided, and the world ended up being a mix of Russian elements and Standard Fantasy Medieval Europe, complete with people running taverns and making stew The names got a little unwieldy In what land would people named Beth rae, Brendan, Leesil and Magiere all coexist You definitely learn the most about Leesil, and he was my favorite character out of the book On the other hand, there are inventive things present, like how the vampires operate don t want to give too much away , Chap the dog, the character Welstiel Massing, of who s motives you can t be clear I will read the next book, because I feel that the authors have sprinkled enough throughout the first one for some really interesting developments The Fae were name dropped, the two different paths for vampires, Ratboy s developments, Chap s origins, all of these can make for some interesting reading.Overall, the good outweighed the bad for me, and I m glad I picked it up I m in a surly mood this morning and that explains my complaining.

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    The Hendees husband and wife team pair up to writethis Buffy meets Lord of the Rings series that is very addictive The series is not finished yet, which is the downside, but the good news is that they have 4 books out, enough to get on a roll The series is about ahalf vampire, half human woman who starts out as a thief but finds out she has special talents Pretty fun and fast read Individual titles are Dhampir Thief of Lives Sister of the Dead Traitor to the Blood

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    Ahhhh A little bit conflicted about this one Overall, I liked it enough to want to read the sequels.What I liked and didn t like The Plot Basically, it s a book about one fake vampire hunter, one fake vampire and one magic dog who end up hunting vampires for real Although the plot is rather predictable, there were quite a few surprises for me I really liked the fact that the main characters start up as crooks, cheating villagers out of their money by pretending to vanquish imaginary vampires, only to save up and legally open their own tavern somewhere peaceful and quiet It was quite refreshing to see characters who want to settle down and lead a normal and less eventful life Second, I really enjoyed the presence of elves in the story Books that include different cultures and races are my favorite If you are afraid of getting a Dungeons and Dragons copycats, no worries It was the first time ever that I cared equally about the villains too We do get to experience some of the story from their point of view and I honestly didn t know who to root for even in the end A really pleasant surprise and excellent characterization Our main heroine is a Dhampir half human, half vampire That was actually the one thing that turned me off when I was considering whether to read the book a couple of years ago I ve read enough Paranormal Fantasies with Dhampirs to be repelled for life So, once again, I was pleasantly surprised not to find any Mary Sues on sight The ending The final battle was definitely something you don t see in many fantasy books view spoiler I loved the fact that our heroes decided to seek help from the villagers and prepare a trap for the vampires, instead of charging on by themselves again hide spoiler

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    Leesil and Magiere have a pretty good con game going on he pretends to be a vampire, she pretends to slay him, and thus they bilk innocent villagers out of their hard earned cash But Magiere has tired of this life, and when she decides to buy an inn and retire, a mysterious old man shows up insisting that she is a dhampir, or half vampire, half human, and the perfect vampire hunter Thus begins one of the interesting vampire series I have read lately Barb and J.C Hendee s The Noble Dead The Hendees have created an imaginary world with a pre modern, Eastern European feel, which only grows complex as the series goes on Even impressive than their world building, however, is the care with which they have crafted their characters, who have realistic strengths and flaws, and whose backstories are gradually revealed throughout the series The vampires, though clearly villains, are not two dimensional caricatures, and even Chap, the dog, has a backstory of his own There s plenty of action here, which doesn t get in the way of character development, and the first book does a nice job of balancing tied up loose ends with the hint of things to come I recommend this book and this whole series for those looking for a new take on imaginary world fantasy, or a different kind of vampire tale.

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    I liked the premise of this book and I liked the first few chapters until I realized it was all a scam I kept waiting for something supernatural to happen with Magiere and Leesil Their adventures are rather boring but they turned out to be interesting characters nonetheless.The move to respectibility was a good start but the new town had real vampires and the town expected the vampire hunter to take care of the problem and so did I Somewhere around page 200 the action heated up and Magiere finally, finally started to act like a hunter I understand that this is the first book in the series and must build the world and characters so I ll try book two and hope it has action.

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    A pretty good new series A bit of a downer Sword sorcery setting with a half vamp as a hero Kind of an interesting world Certainly not a must read but if you come across a copy, you won t be wasting your time The other books in the series are even a little better Her writing improves, I think.

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    Tr s bonne surprise M lange de Fantasy avec un grand F et de vampire criture fluide et super agr able Histoire tr s tr s sympa Avec une superbe trame sous jacente.Perso accrocheurs et m me les m chants.

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