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I pre ordered this book long before its release date, and was not disappointed I knew the author was a neurologist and public health physician and had, I think, expected a science based text However, it was, in fact, a deeply personal tale a compassionate story paying homage to the other sentient creatures with which we share this planet Nothing ground breaking in terms of research, as far as I could see, but fascinating, heart felt and hugely important. I am an expert in the field of human animal bond and a researcher in the area of animals working in therapeutic contexts This book is reminiscent of many books that have come before it, and in our political climate is fairly conservative in its messaging It is not a particularly relevant text, except as a collection of heartwarming stories It s a pretty apolitical, outdated book that doesn t have a lot to add to contemporary conversations about human animal relationships I may review this book in depth on my blog in a future post on books about animals, at www.booksbeyondbinaries.blog A Leader In The Fields Of Animal Ethics And Neurology, Dr Aysha Akhtar Examines The Rich Human Animal Connection And How Interspecies Empathy Enriches Our Well BeingDeftly Combining Medicine, Social History And Personal Experience, Our Symphony With Animals Is The First Book By A Physician To Show How Deeply The Well Being Of Humans And Animals Are Entwined Interwoven Throughout Is Dr Akhtar S Own Story Of Being A Young Girl Who Was Bullied In School And Sexually Abused By Her Uncle Feeling Abandoned By Humanity, It Was Only When She Met Sylvester, A Dog Who Had Also Been Abused, That She Found Strength For Both Of Them Against The Backdrop Of Her Inspiring Story, Dr Akhtar Asks, What Do We Gain When We Recognize Our Kinship With Animals She Travels Around The Country To Tell The Stories Of A Varied Cast Of Characters Including A Former Mobster, An Industrial Chicken Farmer, A Marine Veteran And Comes Face To Face With A Serial KillerThrough Storytelling That Is Entertaining, Profound, And Touching, Dr Akhtar Reveals What Happens When We Both Break And Forge Bonds With Animals She Demonstrates How Humans Are Neurologically Designed To Empathize With Animals, And How Violence Against Them Goes Against Our Nature In Equal Measure, The Love And Friendship We Give To Other Species Biologically Reverberates Back To Us Humanity S Compassion For Animals Is The Next Step In Our Species Moral Evolution And A Vital Component Of Our Own Health Our Symphony With Animals Is The Definitive Account For Why Our Relationships With Animals Matter Pages Of Color Photographs Our Symphony With Animals Is A Beautiful, Compassionate, And Important Book Dr Akhtar Deftly Weaves Her Personal And Professional Experiences Into The Scientific Story Of How Humans Are Designed To Bond With Animals And The Cost, To Us And To The Rest Of Animate Creation, Of Breaking That Bond Her Wonderful Book Is At Once Intimate And Global, And Its Message Is Crucial Empathy With Our Fellow Animals Is Vital For The Health Of Humans And Non Humans Alike Sy Montgomery, Author Of How To Be A Good Creature This was the most clearly communicated book about animals we love that I ve ever read She touches our heartstrings, yes, but also our intellect I laughed, cried, got angry, then was sad She brings you through the whole gamut of experiences people have relating to animals She wasn t afraid to bare her soul to make her point She was totally honest She really makes me think about and reevaluate my coceptions. This book is gorgeously written It s a love story for all our animal friends I read it in two days and then sent it to my mom, who read it loved it and then she gave it to my dad who read it We all have dogs and we couldn t believe how much this book captured how we feel about animals This author is a neurologist who s written the first book from a doctor s perspective that explores all facets of our relationships with animals and how that affects us There is so much packed into this one book, I wouldn t know what to praise first I think this phrase from her last chapter captures it best We can free ourselves to recognize that humans and animals largely share the same struggle the need for safety, comfort and a gentle hand The good news is that the solution to our struggles is the same Empathy for animals is the natural, inevitable extension of our empathy for each other. Sometimes you get something in your mind about what a book is going to be like then you have to throw that out as you get into it Our Symphony with Animals was one of those for me Knowing that the author is certified in neurology and preventive medicine made me expect a book that was primarily scientific in nature While sound science is here throughout the pages, the book is also deeply personal and compassionate Akhtar share stories of abuse she herself endured as a young girl and what she witnessed and learned through a dog of her childhood as well as many other people s stories, stories of the criminally insane being transformed by their relationships with animals, of youngsters opening their eyes to the true worth of farmed animals, and of full grown adults ditching their original retirement plans once they were awakened to a reality they had previously been unaware of Put all of this together and you have a powerfully smart and compassionate book that s well worth the journey. Our Symphony with Animals is a scholarly, yet interesting, and readable book about our relationships with animals, both good and bad The author holds nothing back and part of the book is difficult to read if you really care about animals Intertwined with the factual and real world information about how animals play a big part in our lives Is the story of the author s abuse and the abuse of her beloved dog at the hands of another Animals enrich our lives and it is our duty to enrich their s and overcoming our own horror stories seems to be the main theme of this book It is a well written, thought provoking book full of facts and lessons that we could all stand to learn Thank you to NetGalley for an advance copy, I am glad I read this book. This is a beautiful book that ALL should read, but animal lovers especially will enjoy this book The bonds we share, and how our lives are intertwined with both domestic and wild animals. I read a LOT for work Specifically, I read a LOT about animals scientific journals, anecdotes, social media posts, daily news briefs, books, manuscripts, and so on It s part of my job I got a copy of Our Symphony with Animals as a standard practice I know Dr Akhtar to be a solid writer and thought it d be of interest for my audience.This is the message I sent Dr Akhtar immediately following turning the last page of the book I just spent the last four hours reading your book and I have cried and laughed and smiled and sighed and had teary eyes and openly wept and now I m ordering pizza and I m going to eat the whole thing If you love animals, if you have lived through mental health issues or abuse, if you want to increase empathy for the world or yourself, if you simply want to see the world be a better place read this book now I am so grateful Dr Akhtar shared her story and journey with this book, and cannot wait for my friends to read it so we can chat about it. Emotionally flaying, insightful, disarming, re affirming That, to begin, describes what we have here A magnificent work of how we that is, humans connect with animals, how our empathy affects how we interact with anything non human, how our rationalizations blind us to empathy hidden within and the resulting hypocrisies , words on stark connections between animal abuse and violent offenses, supportive chapters regarding the homeless and their pets, and progressions in obtaining legal ground in defending all animals not just domesticated ones Dr Akhtar s story starts out with an unexpected twist, but hang on She ll take you on a journey that probes some of the deepest parts of our connection with animals great and small, one that leads to hanging out with a blind pig at a sanctuary in one instance, and sitting across from a serial killer in another Absent here is a series of observations equating to a bunch of animal rights lovers high fiving each other and poo pooing on anyone craving a hamburger this is a fascinating and often uncomfortable examination of our perception of animals and how they fit into society, for better or worse Akhtar aims to proclaim that, deep down, we re not as okay with the current arrangement of animal treatment as we say we are You probably feel it often, tugging at your heart and banging around in your head That insert animal here deserves better The quick pass by a dog on a chain in the yard A cat hunkering against a building, trying to keep out of sight Call it a call to arms if you like it may also just be an eye opener The author s here to validate those feelings It s a bulldozer of a book Many thanks to NetGalley and Pegasus Books for the advance read.