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Been a while since I read this I remember it being one of the first adult science fiction books I ever read My copy issomewhere around here, and I still have it I read it overand overand over again For old time s sake, I may give it another go. The Latest Installment In The Locus Bestselling Wizard Series From The Author Of The Wizard Of Th Street Catseye Gomez, The Savvy, Magical, Talking Stray Cat From The Wizard Of Sante Fe Returns In His Own Rocky Mountain Mystery Involving A Beautiful, Ambitious Broadcaster This one is good mainly because of the characters, sadly the mystery seemed to be a prop for them But very enjoyable reading nonetheless and I enjoyed the environmental sensibilities the worldbuilding was based on. LOVE LOVE LOVE this book I like the wisecracking attitude of Gomez, and how Leventhal doesn t do things the way everyone else does This is the book that clued me into Micky Spillane and had me skulking about the suburbs in my beloved trench coat and fedora as an outcast teen with penchant for long walks in the rain To the book store of course interesting future fantasy with hardboiled cat detective I ve had this in my TBR pile for ages and finally had a chance to get around to reading it While I appreciated the Mickey Spillane stylings, and felt the worldbuilding was very well done, the book kind of fell flat for me It felt a bit dated I d love to see a current treatment I think it would be a much leaner story with a quicker pace As is, it got a little bogged down in Catseye s data dumps on the current state of thaumaturgy and social norms All very interesting stuff, but I would have rather seen it play out organically in the story or be cut I can empathize with an author wanting to show off his shiny new creation, but if it doesn t directly serve the story, it has to go. A cat little I mean A CUTE little mystery in a modern fantasy setting even if it is set in the future I never read any of the Wizard of Fourth Street novels, so I am missing much of the bigger picture, perhaps, but it wasn t very exciting it was almost a Cozy.